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Action: Where you pay a premium for the luxury of overpriced labor and bad customer service.

I needed a new furnace and A/C and went with Action after getting multiple bids not because they were the cheapest, but because I thought they were the best value. About a year after my five year “labor and parts” warranty was up, my furnace started making strange sounds. I was left with a bill of almost $500 for one hour of labor. Four months after that, it started making strange sounds again. Thinking it was the new part that would still be under a part and labor warranty, I called action again. Different problem, and another almost $500 for labor. Since it was the technician who billed us, I called action to make sure the charge was correct. The manager returned my call, assured me I was billed correctly, but offered me a service package. A service package also came with our original purchase and I was told they have made improvements since my experience. I wish I would have documented exactly what happened, but it went something like this. They call to schedule an appointment. I have an open schedule so I let them pick what would work best for them. Appointment made, and I am home during the entire time slot. At the end of the time slot, they assure me my appointment is priority and can still make it out that day. They never show up, then call to reschedule a few weeks out only to repeat the exact same thing. I was home all day to accommodate them before they actually showed up on the 4th or 5th appointment. After the first 2 missed appointments, I questioned even scheduling again to which I was assured my booking was priority. Frustrating to say the least. I wrote a letter describing my previous deplorable experience with a service package and requested the value of it refunded to me instead. That letter included my address and new phone number as well as my old number so the manager could look up my account. I never got a reply. Please don’t be deceived by their offers of warranties, service packages, or promises of being priority. They come at a premium they are not worth paying for. I give Action 2 stars because their technicians are actually really great, they just don’t know how to run a business yet.


John E.

John came to our house, on appointment, to repair outside wiring. We were most pleased with his professionalism as he detected the problem without wasting time. He will be returning to make final repairs at a later date.


Great Service

When Scott saw a problem he had Matt come give a second opinion. They were very truthful and gave me my options. They spent the time to make sure I understood everything.


Jimi with action was awesome!

Jimi was so great he serviced three furnaces for me very quickly and was early to our appointment. He is very personable which made for a great appointment! The price was great and I would call them again.


Got Ripped Off on Hose Bibb Repair

I had Action come out to my house to repair a leaking hose bibb on the front of my house. Wanted to get it done before cold weather so it wouldn't freeze. Tech came out and said I had a bad water pressure regulator. I told him to go ahead and fix it. He got a new regulator and rebuilt the hose bibb. He then set the pressure regulator psi so low I couldn't fill the washer. I called back and they sent a different plumber who said the pressure regulator was bad. He got a new one. He set the pressure properly and left. After a couple of weeks I noticed the hose bibb was leaking again. I called and they sent a plumber out to check it. He said it was supposed to drain water because it was an anti-siphon valve. He was very condescending and left me feeling like I didn't know anything. Well, today I had a professional plumber come out and take the faucet apart and show me that there were no new parts on it. He was shocked when I told them I was charged $792.00. He then went ahead and fixed it with all new parts and charged me $121.00 and that included a trip charge. He even gave me a little discount for being ripped of by this company. They almost sold me a new furnace last week but luckily I got another bid and decided to go with the other company. They did a great job and I'm so glad I went with them instead. In short stay away from this company they will rip you off. By the way, they told me my furnace was dangerous, too, as some other reviewers report. Stay far, far away from this company!!!!


only as good a s an esitmate

We had these guys come out, they gave us a quote with three options. however, it was a poorly written quote that did not separate the 3 options too clearly to know what each option consisted of and the actual cost for the options. When we inquired about a clarification that could not give one. I would advise if you get a quote from these guys with different options have them write it on separate quotes and make sure they specify what exactly they plan too do!!!!


Water Heater Replacement

When I have plumbing needs, I call Action for the job. And I ask for Jason Palmer , Jason has been out to my home about 3 or 4 times now and I must say, his work is like art. Jason cares about his work, he's a Perfectionist. Jason is the only plumbing I will use , I feel that Jason is the Master plumber of then All. I will only use ACTION, they are the BEST.


Furnace Replacement

I have a service agreement with Action and I was having my furnace serviced by Matt one of the HVAC experts. He was very professional and honest with me. He showed me that my furnace had cracks in the heat exchanger. He quoted two different options. One to replace the heat exchangers and one for the replacement of the furnace all together. The furnace replacement was the cheaper option and decided to go with that. One day later and they are coming to,or row morning to install the new furnace. I will personally go with Action for future needs based on the professionalism displayed by Matt and how it seemed like he cared more about taking care of my family then just trying to sell me a product.Thanks Matt,Casey



I am proud to say I am a employee of Action! Selling a product or service should be experienced first hand. ACTION sent Jake G. who did the duct cleaning for both of our properties. Derrick P. removed a swamp cooler, and has assisted on the work at our new location. Brent P. came in on electrical totally upgraded our electrical system. Along with Justin B. coming in to to evaluate our home. Dan C, Austin, Matt, and other helpers installed our new efficient Furnace, A/C, and humidifier. Ashley was awesome in keeping me updated with the visits. Words cannot say how nice it is to have such professional tech's in our home, and everything is just like we were hoping, and working GREAT! Thank you Jim & Bonnie, Randy, and Steve for having such a AWESOME crew. Fitzpatrick's / Barker


They suck

They were 4 hours late. I told them they were fired before they even had a chance to give me a bid.


Rate & Review

Cory took his time & did a fantastic job. He also mentioned a problem that should be fixed as soon as possible.


Horrible company!

My water heater went out around Thursday (10/16), we didn't realize it was a pilot light issue until Saturday night (10/18). I tried to call the company whose sticker was on the water heater, but they didn't answer their phone, so I called Action Plumbing and Heating because I'd heard their commercials and thought they'd be good. I called them Sunday morning, talked to a Mary and she took down my info and said they'd call me with an ETA when someone could come out that day. I never got a call and so on Monday I called them, spoke to a Nicole, and she told me Mary took down my phone number wrong and since they couldn't get a hold of me they cancelled my appointment! She said she would make a new appointment for Tuesday (10/21) between 11-2 (I told them I needed someone before 5 since my husband leaves for class then, but works from home before that), they took down my husbands info since he'd be the one there and they'd need to call him with the status updates. 11:30 they called to confirm we still wanted them to come and said they'd have someone call 30 minutes before they arrive. 1:19 still no call or person! 1:40 they called and said we are next and that they will call again when someone is on their way. 4:47 called and said they are on their way (gotta give them credit for calling, but everything else gets an F-!!) 5:20 hubby has left for class and now I get to deal with them and the guy shows up. I show him our water heater and he doesn't even look at our pilot light or inspect the unit. He tells me right off that it's an old unit and should be replaced (how the hell do you know that when you haven't even touched it?!). I told him it was expected since a few of our neighbors had to replace theirs. He tells me he can replace it for $1400!! I told him that was above the budget my husband and I agreed upon (because we thought anything over $1000 was ridiculous and joked about that!). He said that gave us a great warranty and be top of the line. I told him we found some online for under $300 and he said that was for a version like what we already had and wouldn't last very long. I told him we only needed something for like 5 years since that's the longest we plan on being here and he finally looked at the unit and said since everything is up to code and he could use it all he could take it down to $1100. I told him that was still above our price range and that my grandma got hers replaced for about $600. He said that doesn't seem possible with a plumber. I told him I'd like to get a second opinion. He said he could give us financing for $30 a month. I told him the end result is still over what we wanted to spend and that I'd still like a second opinion. He finally got the hint and left. What a waste of time this company is and I'm so irritated at their lack of professionalism! I will NEVER use them again and I'm definitely letting everyone I know and the internet about my awful experience. Given what I've read it won't be news to this company!!!


Tune-up Maintenance

Action Plumbing installed a new water heater, furnace and air conditioning unit in my old home this year. My previous furnace and water heater went out one day apart. All of my new equipment is working well and I am pleased. Larry B. from Action Plumbing came out today for a tuneup type check before winter. He came on time, was courteous, friendly, and knew what he was doing. He recommended that I only cover the top of my new A/C equipment during the winter as covering the full unit could cause retention of moisture and lead to rust. I really appreciated this added information as I had been planning to fully cover my new A/C unit as I had my prior swamp cooler.



DO NOT CALL THESE GUYS IF YOU HAVE A PLUMBING PROBLEM! We paid them $605 to unplug the sewer line at my deceased father-in-laws home in Farmington, Utah. They ran a snake down the line and reported that it was plugged with roots and needed to be replaced at a cost of $6,115. They left the house telling us not to use the bathroom until they replaced the line. We called another plumber to get a second estimate to replace the sewer line. He advised us that 90% of the older homes in the Salt Lake Valley had root problems. He said it was a common problem and that our sewer line did not need to be replaced. He ran an auger down the line, cut out the roots and treated the system with root killer. He charged us $225 and we were back in service in less than an hour. In summary we paid Action Plumbing $605 for nothing but bad advice and the experience of spending 3-days driving to the gas station down the road to use the bathroom until the second plumber could do the work that action should have done to begin with.CAUTION: They will not honor their 100% customer satisfaction guarantee either.



I should have read the reviews! I signed up for the $99 deal where I would get my cooler or furnace serviced three times and I thought 33 bucks wouldn't be too bad to get my Swamp Cooler hooked up and serviced by a professional (this is on a rental unit I own).So the tech shows up and is done in about fifteen minutes. I drive by later that night and see water streaming down my roof--obviously he didn't adjust the float. I call and make an appointment to ask him to adjust the float and the same tech comes out, and then calls me and says the float valve is broken and he can replace it for--get this-- $250.00! TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY BUCKS for a valve that costs $9.59 from Lowes.I tell him, no that's a rip off. I can get that float valve for ten bucks. He says, "well, it's expensive for us to drive these nice trucks and there's a lot of overhead we have to cover." He then says, "Tell you what, I'll give you an exclusive friends and family discount and I'll do it for $175.00."At this point I tell him I want my money back. He didn't service the air conditioner. All he did was hook it up.I'm told that I have to talk to his manager. I, of course, told him never mind about fixing the float valve, I'll just do it.So I went and bought the part and fixed it myself in less than twenty minutes for $9.59.By the way--two of my feeder hoses to the pads were clogged (he didn't check to see that all the hoses were running properly) and he didn't replace the cooler pads. Just used last years' pads again that were obviously in bad shape. So it's back to Lowes to get new pads...THEN to top it off.... I tell the manager--I get it, I learned my lesson, I'll eat the 33 dollars since he came out twice, but please refund the other 66 because I won't go through your company again. And I'm told that they can't refund the money, but will give me a 66 dollar credit to be used for other services.So in essence, I paid 99 dollars to a guy to hook up my swamp cooler...kind of. Please learn from my mistake and DO NOT go through this company. They are dishonest and you will NOT get your money's worth.



Hi just wanted to say the the tec. that came to my house was very nice and he came late afternoon on friday, said he needed a part and would be back on saturday and was back the next morning. with the part and fixed the a/c he did his work very well and as fast as posibale he was very knowledgeable of his work and did a great job, I thank him for his help. his name is scott p.Thanks Gina R.



Place a call to Action Plumbing @ 8 am n they sent out a guy. Brent Young show up and came in to look the problem, gave me my option. Brent fixed the the drain so it would flow again n was done by 10:50 am Brent was helpful n did a excellent job. It is hard find great people like this Guy is.



THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I Spoke with Melanie and she was not very helpful so I asked to be transferred to a manager. She transferred me to a manager. She hung up on me before saying that she couldn’t help me. I received a call back from someone five minutes later saying that No one would be coming out to my home. She was also not very helpful. She stated unless I was an emergency they were not going to come out to my home. I had made the appointment two weeks in advance and took work off to make sure I was home for the Technician to come to my home. She said because I wasn’t an emergency no one was going to come out. I said if you were in my situation wouldn’t you be frustrated. I asked to speak to a manager and she said there was no manager in the office and they would call me in 24-48hours. I said I need to talk to someone today. She said not possible and that she could not transfer me to one. I said Melanie transferred me to a manager can I speak with Melanie, should wouldn’t transfer me to Melanie and said there was no manager I could speak with. Very rude over the phone. I had to contact them to realize that a technician was not going to come to my home. I also was upset with how they handled my situation. Instead of working with me they made me feel like I was not important as a customer. I understand people get booked up, but my AC does not work, but I do not constituted as an emergency because I didn’t state it correctly when making the appointment. WILL NEVER RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE AND WILL NEVER USE THEM!!!!!!!!!


Great Plumbing Experience - Brent Young with Action Plumbing & Heating Rocks

Brent Young with Action Plumbing and Heating did an excellent job, was quick and gave great feedback. I called at 8am in the morning and my plumbing problems were fixed by 10:30am. For the work performed the price was fair and he was professional in everything he did.


Best plumbing company in Utah

I�had Action come out to my parents home & Action is absolutely amazing.�I loved the fact�that�Shawn And Kevin �remembered�my parents right away.�they�have good manors, very Polite & Clean and very, very respectful.�No mater where�we go and what different companies�we use for different reasons no one has an employee's�as good as Action. Great Service was provided!!

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