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Andre S.


Provided by YP.com

This urgent care is really good and kids friendly. My Four years old showed me some red sores on his face and first I was unsure about what it was. When it was not healing on its own after 4 days I thought of taking him to an urgent care and found this walk-in clinic nearby to my residence. It was 6.30 pm we drove from Skokie and reached within 10 minutes via Austin Ave. A nurse came to attend us and after taking the vital she informed about my child being infected by Impentago. We met doctor Hatem and he examined my child carefully. He confirmed that my son had in fact, Impentago. He was very thorough and careful in answering everything I wanted to know. Finally, he ended up with a prescription of antibiotics and a list of pharmacies that could help get me medicine immediately.

Overall my experience was satisfactory and I would recommend this urgent care service to anyone.

James C.


Provided by YP.com

Definitely the best urgent care I have ever been for a flu shot. Thanks to their wonderful staffs for the most pain free shots I have received. I was referred to this walk-in clinic by my friend and was headed on last week. Their clinic is really worth appreciating for the clean and spotless interiors. As I walked in , the receptionist lady greeted me and asked to fill some paper works. No sooner I had completed it a nurse ushered me to a room where I received the shot. There was no any unnecessary waste of time and their staff handled everything very attentively. I was charged $15 for flu shot vaccination and it was a flat rate for everyone regardless if you have insurance or not, that I think quite reasonable.

David C.


Provided by YP.com

I arrived at 9 am in the morning in this walk in clinic and my wait time was less than 10 minutes. They had an efficient and functional layout and it was so clean that your germophobe will stay out of the way. The receptionist, nurse and medical assistant were very attentive and friendly. After completion of the pre-screening process I met doctor Humaira. She had the amazing bedside manner, she listened to me carefully and asked several questions, took her time to respond to my concerns about treatment and explained everything frankly. She ended up prescribing her recommended course of treatment. They filled the prescription on site and I left with all I needed to get relief from sickness. Now I am on the way of my healing and really feel good about this urgent care after knowing competency and effectiveness of their medical staff.

Jonathan L.


Provided by YP.com

Though this walk-in clinic was located on my way to the office I had never been there. This time thought of checking this out due to an unbearable ear ache and stopped before I went to work. Check-in was super easy and barely waited for 10 minutes in the waiting room. Surprised when I was called back to be seen so quickly as the waiting room was full of patients. It was clean and spotless being worthy of calling a doctor’s office. Doctor Humaira was very professional and did everything she could to help me. She went deep into the problem and found a solution to help reduce the pain. She explained me everything along the way of her treatment and finally ended up with a prescription which they filled on the spot. Their staffs are very helpful and had me out of there within 30 minutes and I was on my way to work quickly. Its really a good establishment and anyone should check this out for any urgent care issue.

Alan J.


Provided by YP.com

I am glad for having been to this walk-in clinic for twice. This time I came for a cyst and had the same experience as it was in my previous visit. The front desk people were professional and very nice. I didn’t have to fill any paperwork since my record had already been there in the system. After five minutes wait, I was able to meet doctor Tabassum Amir. He was super nice and very attentive. He was skilled to make the process easier for me and explained what he was doing as he went along. After it was all over he prescribed some medications. They filled the prescription and I was on my way to home. Their service is excellent and had every facility on site. I was in and out of their clinic within 30 minutes. After three days of my visit they called me to know how I was doing after using the prescribed medicines, that I really feel nice of them.

Neil T.


Provided by YP.com

This urgent care is really nice and their staffs are awesome. A hurt in my back made my way to this walk-in clinic. I slipped from the stairs and hurt my back. This urgent care was located in my neighboring area and I headed to. As soon as I walked in, the lady at the reception greeted us and ask to complete the light paper works. After spending almost 10 minutes at waiting room a nurse came and she brought me back to another room where my vitals were taken. Physician came in right away and he wanted to get an x-ray. It was a good thing that they have x-ray facility on site. Luckily I didn’t have any serious injury but it was a strain of the muscles. Doctor Amir was able to help me out and he ended up prescribing some medication.

Overall my experience was good. Care and tenderness of their staffs were really awesome. I would definitely come back and recommend this place to anyone.

Tina J.


Provided by YP.com

I am very pleased with the care I got from this walk in clinic. I was suffering a common cold and cough for three days and thought of visiting this clinic because of its proximity. It was a Saturday morning and I headed to the urgent care without any appointment. It took me only 10 minutes to reach there. The lady at the reception greeted me and I checked in after filling the paperworks. I had not waited there for more than 10 min's to be called into the examining room to see the doctor. I met doctor Humaira, a very nice and gentle lady. She took her time to listen to me and provide all the information I was looking for and recommended me to go for a lab test. The lab guy was good and skilled at his job. From the receptionist to the doctor and the person who took my insurance details, Everyone here was so helpful and they knew their jobs very well. It’s really a good place to take care of all your health needs.

Laura G.


Provided by YP.com

I took my mother here who was suffering joint pain. This place is really nice. From the receptionist at the front desk to the man who did her x-ray, everyone was very kind and professional. We arrived by 8.30 in the morning and they had just opened the clinic. After filling the paperworks we were able to see the doctor without any wait. Doctor Amer was really amazing and his bedside manner made my mother feel at ease. He took his time to listen to her very patiently. They were able to have her hip x-ray. The x-ray technician, who was very good at his job, took his time to make it perfect. Later I was informed that she is suffering osteoporosis. Doctor Amer prescribed some medication to ease her pain and advised us to get help of an orthopedics specialist since she may need a surgery. Anyway, I am happy to know the problem with her and she is now on the process of getting a new doctor. The care and compassion we got from this walk-in clinic was really impressive. For any urgent care matter I highly recommend this place.

Simon E.


Provided by YP.com

I went in to this walk in clinic feeling pretty bad. My condition was miserable with flu like symptoms and chronic diarrhea and headed over without any appointment on a Friday evening. The lady at the reception was nice and helpful. As I entered, there were two more patients waiting for their turn. The waiting room seems like VIP room. It was spotless and comfy leather cushions with cable TV and nice pictures on the wall were extremely good. After almost five minutes later, a nurse came and took me to see the doctor. I met doctor Hatem and he was a super friendly doctor. Before coming out with a solution he took every detail of my symptoms. Then suggested some test and the nurse did everything carefully as he instructed. My diarrhea was caused by a viral infection and doctor Hatem ended up prescribing a set of medication. He asked me for a follow up if my trouble doesn’t clear up within two days after using those medications. I filled the prescription and drove off from their clinic. Fortunately, I was on my way of recovery and called after two days to speak with the doctor. Had a nice experience and their service is much appreciated!

Scarlett A.


Provided by YP.com

Unfortunately, I got a deep cut on my finger and it was bleeding. I made my way to this urgent care as it was important to stop the bleeding as soon as possible. I arrived by 9.30 a.m in the morning. The receptionist was friendly and she got me in after filling the paper works. It didn’t take much time in the waiting room and I was called to see the doctor. The nurse who ushered me to the doctor asked some questions about the wound I had. I met Dr. Amir and he was one of the wonderful person I had ever met. His bedside manner made me fill ease at instant. He was skilled and careful to make the process easier for me. I had a couple of stitches that he applied expertly and prescribed a tetanus shot. The nurse administered the shot and I was sent back on my way. I was amazed with their way of treating people with such efficiency. It took less than half an hour for me to come out of their clinic. I’ll definitely be using their service in the future.

Sara B.


Provided by YP.com

Last Sunday I came to this urgent care with a broken bone in my foot. Their clinic seemed busier on that day as number patients were waiting. Probably because their regular doctor’s offices were closed on Sunday. After filling the formalities I got checked in and they put me in the waiting room. It was clean and had facilities like T.V or magazines , comfy cushions for the waiting patients. I waited nearly 10 minutes before I was taken to another room to see the doctor. I met Doctor Hatem and he was very kind. He examined my foot and the nurse present there wrote down everything he was explaining to her. He wanted to have an x-ray and I needed to wait for another 10 minutes for the x-ray since there were patients ahead of me. Finally, it was done and their digital x-ray facilities were very good. The x-ray tech gave me a CD of my x-ray. Indeed, I had broken a bone. The doctor came and explained me it would be better if I visit to an orthopedics right away. He issued some pain medication and the nurse gently put a splint on my foot. It was good to keep my foot safe until I was able to make an appointment with the orthopedist.

I was really impressed how they managed to see patients despite of busier schedule on that day. It took almost one hour for me to check out from their clinic. I had a very nice experience with their professional and courteous staffs.

Hannah B.


Provided by YP.com

What a GREAT experience I had last week! I spend the entire day with a broken toe nail that I banged up rather badly. It happened early in the day and my toe nail needed to get removed. But due to work obligation I limped through the day and headed over to the walk-in clinic by 6 P.M. I went through the paperwork and got into the waiting room. It seemed they were busy on that day as I saw patients were in and out. I should be thankful to Emily, the nurse who was taking care of the waiting patient. She was very helpful and able to get me in and treated asap. My appointment was with Dr. Syed. He was efficient and skilled to make the process easier for me. He had a wonderful bedside manner. I was diagnosed quickly and left their clinic with the prescribed medicines. I was impressed with the way how well they managed to see all the waiting patients. Great care and tenderness. Inside was so immaculate that you could see their face on the floor. I would definitely recommend this urgent care facility.

Alex S.


Provided by YP.com

My mom and I both got sick. While her was a bronchitis infection I suffered some flu like symptoms with aching ear. After spending one sleepless night with her coughing troubles my mom decided to visit the Doctor. I accompanied her to this walk-in clinic. I am so glad we chose this urgent care. Their services were outstanding. From the front desk girl to the nurse who took our vitals were very polite and professional. The nurse took her time getting to know us and given individual attention. Dr. Amir was equally polite and his bedside manner was impressive. First he listened to our concerns and gave a thorough check-up to both of us. Wrote the prescription and gave his word of assurance that everything will be fine soon. After taking the prescribed medicine and paying the bill we were back on our way. Overall, we had a good experience !

And will not hesitate to come here if get sick.

Andrew J.


Provided by YP.com

Unexpectedly, I caught some allergens and it started bothering my eyes. My right eye turned red and was itching along with sticky discharge. Searching for quick relief, I drove to this walk-in clinic with my gf. As I entered their clinic, the smart looking front desk lady greeted me, took my insurance info and I started filling the paper works. After it was over they took me back to another room where a nurse took my vitals signs. Dr. was about to arrive within a few minutes and I was waiting. Though there was good option to watch T.V, my eyes didn’t permit me to do so. Dr. Galal arrived and he took my concern. After a brief examination he found the cause of infection and told me that it could clear up with antibiotics since it was a bacterial infection. He also advised what I should take care of not to spread the infection to other members of my family. His bedside manner was wonderful that made me feel ease with him. Even, He insisted me to give a call for a FREE follow up if it doesn’t clear up within 3 to 5 days. With the prescription of an eyedrop and some antibiotics I ended up paying $30 and drove off from their clinic.

Excepting the 10 minutes waiting for Doctor., everything was nice and perfect. Overall, I was happy and satisfied with their professionalism, care and tenderness.

Jenny N.


Provided by YP.com

After reading the bad reviews I’m not sure what everyone’s issue is, but me and my family members had been a regular visitor to this walk-in clinic. Recently I came here regarding a little urgent matter and got impressed again with their services. I arrived at around 9 A.M in the morning. I was greeted by the front office lady and had to fill the light paperwork. Their staffs were very courteous. I had to wait for may be 10 to 15 minutes before I could see the Doctor. Then a nurse came and she took my vitals. And after almost five minutes later, I saw Doctor Amir. He was very kind and treated me with care and tenderness. I had to give a sample and it was tested on site and in about 15 minutes. I was diagnosed with the problem that I expected. Doctor assured me that it’ll clear up within a few days with the medicine he prescribed. After getting the prescribed medicine I was out of their clinic. Though the wait time was little more, i didn't mind about it. I understand this is an urgent care not emergency..

Karen J.


Provided by YP.com

I brought my mother due to abdominal pain on a Saturday. Usually, she goes to our primary care provider but they don’t have many appointments available during the weekend. On our arrival we were greeted by Liana at the front desk who treated my mother with care and tenderness. After filling the standard paperwork she was taken aback by a super sweet nurse who took her vitals. Then we met the PA Grecia, she was very kind and took time to listen to my mother. Her tenderness really made my mom feel at ease and comfortable.

My mother got her blood drawn and EKG test as ordered by the PA. Ultrasound was done by Peter, who was very helpful in explaining the process. Fortunately, they have all the facilities available on site. A few days later, my mother got a call back with all the results and about the next course of action by Dr. Grecia. Attentiveness of their Dr. and staffs really impressed me. Overall, it was a great care we received and I’ll continue to come back and bring my family back for any urgent care need.

Sara G.


Provided by YP.com

I am glad to share my experience through yelp about this urgent care. Really don’t know how I caught a flu virus and started feeling achy while coughing persistently. By the next day sore throat also started troubling me. I was not in favor of making further delay and immediately rushed to an urgent care. I choose urgent care because it’s located in a few mile distance from my home.

My wait was not very long in their clinic and as I entered the front desk guy asked me to fill the standard paperwork. By the time I finished this I was called by a nurse to take my vitals signs. She also checked my temperature and throat, which she suspected could be a strep. Dr. Hatem then followed and asked briefly about my troubles and symptoms. After a medical examination, he suggested a strep test which was performed by the assistant. Within 20 minutes it was completed and I got sure about the strep infection. Then the doctor prescribed a shot that was administered by the assistant and sent me back with a set of medication.

What I liked about them is they were fast enough and tried to give me the best possible treatment as fast as they could. Their staffs deserve appreciation for professionalism maintained in serving patients.

Henry D.


Provided by YP.com

This was the best Urgent Care I've had in a long time. A food infection turned into a nasty abdominal pain and I wanted to get rid of this as soon as possible. As I got in, I realized one thing that their staffs are super friendly and attentive. The front desk guy was kind enough to bring all those paperwork to my chair I needed to fill for formality. Then a nurse (looks very pretty and gentle) took me to an exam room to take my vitals. I thoroughly explained her what was going on with me.

I approached Dr Humaira and she was caring listened & explained what could be the possible cause of infection. She was sure it was a Salmonella Infection and with the prescribed medicine it’ll go away in three to five days. She prescribed two antibiotics and explained how it would work to make me feel better. It was kind of her when she advised some precautionary steps to prevent Salmonella Infection in the future.

There is no long waiting anywhere, but if you do need to wait the waiting room is very clean and comfortable with cable T.V, magazines etc.

Philip A.


Provided by YP.com

Excellent care and fantastic place! My mom cut her right hand rather badly and needed to stop bleeding as soon as possible. I thought to try this urgent care facility as it was five minutes drive from my home.

We were really impressed! The entire staff from the front desk to the physician were very professional and they did everything to give my mom the best possible care as quickly as they could. First of all I should be thankful to the nurse who was kind enough to help my mom stop bleeding from the wound.

Dr. Jacob was excellent and efficient at making the process as comfortable as possible for my mother. He used a wound care dressing to reduce the risk of infection and start clotting so the wound can heal. Thanks guys..Great service for first time visit.

Aledia W.


Provided by YP.com

I am writing this review on behalf of my ten year old nephew who was little nervous on her birthday. She was miserable due to a sinusitis infection and fever and I wanted to get her some relief. Due to her germophobe it took me two hours to convince her for an urgent care visit. Anyway, we get into their clinic by 2 P.M. After filling some light paper work the front desk guy checked us in. When we were in the waiting room her apprehension was eased as everything there was neat and clean. After a few minutes we got called in by a nurse. She took her vital signs and informed that the Dr. will be arriving soon.

Just after a few minutes Dr Hatem came in. He was very friendly with her. He asked her if she was feeling nervous. After a medical check-up he wrote up the prescription and assured her that she was going to feel better soon. That was what she ended up having. He didn’t forget to wish her birthday.

We left for the local CVS to have the meds he had prescribed and on our way to home.

There was no more waiting and it took hardly more than half an hour to set off from their clinic. We found everything as per our expectation and as far as our experience is concerned, it was very good.

By the next morning my nephew got significant relief from her sinus trouble. The medicine worked out effectively on her.

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