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Tutt01 C.


Provided by YP.com


I WAS a patient for some time and I can say without reservation Tulsa Pain Consultants is guilty of gross abuse of patients rights and do not adequately control chronic pain conditions or observe patient rights for effective treatement or pain management - Dr. Andrew Revelis is among the worst. Tulsa Pain doctors take Fridays off to play golf or vacation however there are always emergencies or medication errors in this type of practice and their patients are forced to endure horrific pain for several days until a doctor is available. Some office staff and physicians assistants are OK however the entire scope of this practice is dysfunctional and patients are primarily underserved and their chronic pain treated like an embarrasment to the medical professionals at Tulsa Pain that is more about the doctors enriching themselves not patient care. The only doctors that should refer their patients to Tulsa Pain Consultants are "friends" of the doctors at Tulsa Pain and however even they should be ashamed of their lack of ethics because Tulsa Pain is reckless about caring for those with chronic pain conditions. Oklahoma being among the worst states in the country for those without a voice vs those with money I am not surprised at all by the states' high suicide rate and horrendous treatement of anyone outside the circle of money and power.

Julie D.


Provided by YPmobile

These Dr.s if you want to call them that the other thing they do in is give injections I guess that gets them more money. My pain Dr joined them and I saw him once. They had me scheduled me for a injection,but I declined the 2nd visit. Their goal per Dr Reed was to take me off my meds and told my Dr which has been practicing medicine longer than he was born. It's no wonder my Dr didn't stay there very long,I could see the writing on the wall. I've been in 2 terrible wrecks the last being last summer,and this Dr Reed was telling him what to do and why he hadn't seen me yet. If this is any how they run their office,and the other so called Dr.s that practice there,they are all clueless. I even called prior to my appointment to make sure they didn't have me down for any procedure,and they said NO. Then I get there for my prescriptions this blonde came in my room and told me when and how they do things. This was with the door closed and this Dr came in and introduced himself and starts to go on about he had hand picked these girls,and he had heard every word. Superman he thought he was and I proceeded to tell him how and what she said in the manner in which she talked to me. All I could do after that was cry when I explained the stress I was under at the time, all he could say wasn't was I reason I was upset. The audacity of this man was unbelievable. I highly recommend finding another Dr,the good ones are hard to find.

Ramos-sherlock H.


Provided by YP.com

Something is going on at this place, sad to say they are slowing trying to get rid of their patients, don’t know if it has anything to do with the opioid epidemic or the business itself. I know I am not the only one that’s complained about this place recently. They are trying to get rid of patients someway or another, sad to see this place going down hill. I heard of others being told they tested positive for substances when it was not the case, they are also trying to create another market by pushing suboxone type meds and creating another market. Patients are being cut off completely of their pain medications and don’t even care to wean them off as it should be done. The days when doctors cared for their patients are long gone, at least st this place, it shows they only care about their money maker epidural shots and procedures.



Provided by YP.com

DO NOT GO TO TULSA PAIN CONSULTANTS. If I could give them ZERO stars, I would. It is only about making money for the doctors and they do NOT care about a person's well being. They are not open to alternative methods of pain control (even though they currently have a doctor on staff who does do acupuncture and she is very good, the bureaucracy has set her up to fail as many of the therapies she would like to be able to do, they currently do not allow her to do them). The office staff is either rude or barely polite and the doctors are also rude. I like people being "to the point", but I know it can be done with sensitivity. They also do not spend more than literally two minutes talking to you when you come in for followup. I don't think asking for 10 minutes is too much.

Because I only required minimal medication and talked about alternative therapies to relieve pain and because I have my own acupunturist, I was asked to find another doctor, which I was happy to do and had actually been looking for a way to sever my "care" there. They love to give injections and other therapies that are high cost and I didn't want that.

Christine P.


Provided by YP.com

Due to Misty's abusive behavior, I suffered the first "Flashback" I'd had in 34 years. She shouted at me, and it was as though my Mother, who was Bipolar was sitting in front of me. I am diagnosed with PSTD. I told her that and explained why. (Rape at 10 years by four teens; Sexual abuse from father; Bipolar Mother; Death of Husband due to Misdiagnosis of Doctor;) My psychiatrist is furious. This person has no business working with people who are distressed in any manner. "She yelled "A lot of people are worse off than you." Certainly that is true. I have a PhD in psychology and am a caring person. I helped 1000's of Tulsa women return to school and get out of abusive relationships. I received the Mayor's Pinnacle Award in 1993 for Outstanding Contribution to the Betterment of Women. I think one person who is worse off than I am is Misty. She has a serious anger problem, and an obvious hatred of anyone better educated or more successful. I'm filing complaint with AMA & Medical Board.

Bryan R.


Provided by YP.com

Please find somewhere else to treat your pain. Dr Revelis was my Dr for over 10+ years. I've seen Revelis on average less than once per year. I have been satisfied seeing his physicians assistants every three months over the years. I had a bad accident at work several years ago which ended in a double discectomy with two six inch titanium rods, six screws a wire cage around my spine and a dislocated left shoulder. I take 60mg morphine, 40mg methadone and 4mg of Tinzanidine daily. My new nurse practitioner told me on 2/2/18 my meds would be cut in half immediately because of federal guidelines. I asked to be weaned down slowly? Nope. I was told to come back in one month. Needless to say I was upset. I called a couple of days later to fill my prescriptions and was informed that Revelis had released me from the program because of alcohol in my urinalysis. Problem is I don't drink. I'm looking for a new pain Doctor.

Kat C.


Provided by YP.com

I had appointment at2:30 got there at 2:00 checked in called me up there verify my info. Sit down said they would call me shortly. My back hurt so bad I waited and waited my husband finally went up to see what the deal was by this time it was after 4:30. Come to find out the woman that verified my info checked me out. I did not know how this would happen. Are they qualified or hired off the street. So glad they care about there patients and there pain.

Melanie C.


Provided by YP.com

The CEO Jamie Forbes is in a relationship with coworker Holly King. If you talk or ask about it you will be fired. If you’re not in their click then you constantly get into trouble.

Diana C.


Provided by YPmobile

I have called the Tulsa office twice. I'm actually looking for a pain management specialist. But after the reception I've had in these two phone calls, I'm going to look else where. The return calls were rude and cold. I have serious doubts weather these people should be in the health care profession. I actually was referred to this facility by a friend. I'm actually appalled at the reception I've recieved by phone. I would be scared to meet these people in person. I've dealt with pain for too many years. I can't imagine having to deal with what these people have to offer.

Private A.


Provided by YP.com

Dr. Adam Wallace is a good doctor, but his nurse Candace is a total you know what. She is lazy, always sounds like she's on strong medications herself, and never gets my medications processed with the doctor on time. Then when you cal and leave messages asking about your past due medications, she gets a huge attitude. She gets mad even if your being as sweet as a rose to her. She hates doing any work I guess. He needs to fire her or give HER A DRUG TEST LIKE HE TESTS ALL HIS PATIENTS. That gal would likely fail the test based off how she slurs her words, can't get things done, and is so rude if you continue request your medication. This is the 4th time in less than 6 months that she has been this way 7 messed up my medications. Candae if you read this let me give you some advice: Learn to treat patients with respect f u want them to be respectful its' a two way street. Don't hurt people who are already hurting by failing to get their scripts signed by the doctor on time, & you better pray you never get injured & depend on bad "nurses" like yourself when u are in severe pain & the nurses could care less like u. Dr Wallace please fire this girl or send her to compassion training. I'm not going to say thank you or be as sweet to her next time while she treats me like trash. Your not a queen or even as good as the rag the queen uses to wash her dogs with.

Charlene B.


Provided by YPmobile

I have severe spine problems and suffer from severe pain. ..not wanting to get out of bed at times led me on a journey to just about every pain Doctor in Tulsa. The majority of them think that to combat pain you should be medicated to the point of being zoned out all the time. Dr. Martucci has given me my life back and has been able through medication and shots let me have a meaningful life again. I thank him every day I am able to get up and enjoy my family again.

Sarah O.


Provided by YPmobile

Yes great service love it

Gary I.


Provided by YP.com

My mother went here for some back pain. They gave her an epidermal injection and it did nothing. They instructed her to call a week later if things got better. They did not. When she called back they told her to wait a month and suck it up. She ended up going elsewhere and getting relief. This bunch is a bunch of scam artists. AVOID! Revelis was the doc.

Randy S.


Provided by YPmobile
Stay far away!!!

Now at advanced pain specialists he won't give you meds unless you do the immune system destroying injections. Only in it for the $$



Provided by YP.com
I have gone to Dr. Giles for a...

I have gone to Dr. Giles for a couple of years and followed him to Tulsa Pain Consultants from his previous location because he is the first doctor that actually looks at medications and if they conflict with something else. I have had chronic conditions since birth and doctors would just throw whatever at me to get me to shut up for a month until some terrible side affect would come up. He is very professional and courteous and respects his patients time-- have never had to wait more than five minutes. His office staff is top notch, as well. I can't rate the Tulsa office, but the Muskogee office can't be beat.

Denise B.


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Provided by YP.com
As the other reviews state, pl...

As the other reviews state, please stay away from these people. They are worse than your neighborhood crack dealers. I came in with minor back pain and never had to take anything more than Tramadol. The first treatment they started me on was one of the most powerful medicines ever made, the Fentanyl patch and morphine. They get you addicted to these drugs so you can never leave them. They make you come in for an appointment for every little thing. They do not care about their patient's well being at all. I am now in extreme pain 24/7 and they will do nothing to work with me to help me out. I can't get in for over a month, and jut have to deal with the constant pain until they can get me in to see someone. As the 20+ reviews have stated on the Internet, stay away from Tulsa pain. Every time I come in for an appointment, I have other patients who complain of the exact same problems as I have had. Stay away unless you want to spend the rest of your life addicted to extreme hardcore narcotics.



Provided by YP.com
Dr. Patel is the Best

I recently had a car wreck and my primary doc sent me to see Dr. Patel at Tulsa Pain Consultants. The whole staff and office was just great--better than any doctor I have been to in Tulsa!

Dr. Patel saw me right away--he addressed my problems and followed up very thoroughly.

Within 4 weeks he had changed my life and I was back to 90% function when I could hardly get out of bed before I saw him.

He is all buisness and does not beat around the bush--you may not like what he tells you but he gives it to you how it is. He goes over all your options and the holds your hand through the decision process.

If you have pain of any sort--I strongly recommend you see Dr. Patel.

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