Southeast Veterinary Neurology is South Florida's leader in neurology, neurosurgery and diagnostic imaging. This is accomplished by providing progressive, thorough and thoughtful medical care for our patients, delivering compassionate service to our pet-owning clients, and consistently and tirelessly providing humble expertise to the veterinary community of South Florida. We specialize in diseases of the brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles including seizures, paralysis, neck or back pain, difficulty walking/dragging the back legs, balance problems and others. We use the highest-quality MRI and CT available to dogs and cats in South Florida.
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Niels P.


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After a disappointing experience elsewhere I contacted SEV to get an MRI done of my dog Layla.

The staff here absolutely rock!! The phone is answered every time, when they say that they will call back they do, when they promise the report for the next afternoon they actually get it out first thing in the morning and call you to let you know.

Seems to go without saying that they were really sweet with Layla too, even if she did go in shaking like a leaf. Thank you all, great job!

Mariasantiesteban R.


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Doctor Nick De Pompa & Staff

We'd like to thank you Dr. De Pompa and all of the staff at SE Neurology Veterinary Specialist for their kindness, professionalism and dedication to their four legged son . We'd especially like to thank them for their care of Baby our Canine Terrier. The difficult time we were experiencing and desperation we saw him in suddenly fall and was complaining of pain on father's day, we immediately visited his regular vet and they treated him until we started researching what his preliminary diagnosis was (IVDD) and what specialist in our area Miami Florida specialized in Neurological Conditions. We immediate found SE Vetenirary Neurology group with Dr. NICK DE POMPA

May God Bless them all in all that they do and Dr. Pompa for being so dedicated.

Sincerely, Ric and Nelida Maria and Family

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Thanks Dr.Freeman

Hazel's great care

I honestly can't say enough good things about Southeast Veterinary Neurology . I had to take my three year old dog to them on a Monday 2/11/13 because the Pet emergency had diagnosed her with a spine problem and told me if I didn't have surgery done the problem would get painfully worst for her. I took her to Southeast Veterinary Neurology and Dr. Freeman did an MRI on her and highly recommended surgery. We ended up having to do emergency surgery on her spinal cord because her back legs had become paralyzed. She called me at work and carefully explained everything about the procedure. After surgery, she called me to check in and explain how the surgery had went. She had to stay with them for a couple of days following surgery, but we visited and realized that her staff was just as awesome as she was. They constantly complemented how great my pet was and it was obvious to us that they treated her as part of their work family. When I was able to take her home with me, they made sure that we knew what was needed to nurse her back to her happy playful self. They also called to check in on me and my dog's progress. Whenever we visited their office It felt like the entire staff stopped what they were doing to come greet us and walk our dog out with so much care. I could tell that they genuinely loved my dog and I knew that they were taking the best possible care of her.

While the price is expensive, it is 100% worth it. I always felt like they were looking out for my dog's best interests. They encouraged me to stop in or call whenever I wanted/needed help or information. Allison was BEYOND phenomenal and was so informative. The front desk staff, Michelle in particular, were so friendly and warm and made me feel welcome every time I called or came in.

I know that it's traumatic to take your pet into an emergency clinic and even harder to receive news that you weren't expecting and/or dreading. However, everyone on this staff made sure I was informed along every step of the way. I'm so grateful that we were referred there because I know that my dog was in the best care possible. Thank you to all the doctors and staff at Southeast Veterinary Neurology. You have been amazing!



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My 11 year old dachshund, Kirby, lost the use of her front legs and began to lose movement in her back legs. I sought the advise of the president of the Dachshund Rescue of South Florida who works with Dr. Wong frequently with down dachshunds. She told me to immediately take her to him and that age did not matter as long as she was healthy. Dr. Wong evaluated Kirby, recommended an MRI to confirm his suspicion of slipped disks and also confirmed that she would be a good candidate for surgery if her labs were normal. Dr. Wong's work with the Dachshund Rescue of South Florida and the success he has had with those patients brought confidence in my decision to leave Kirby's health in his hands. He is a wonderful vet specialist and his staff is also very cooperative and caring. I picked up Kirby 3 days after surgery and she was walking again. I highly recommend a visit to Dr. Wong at Southeast Veterinary Neurology at the slightest signs of back/neck injury.



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Dr. Wong is an extremely knowl...

Dr. Wong is an extremely knowledgeable and compassionate healer. He took the time to fully and carefully examine our dog (Remy), to explain the diagnostic procedures, and later to monitor Remy's treatment and prognosis. Before ending each visit to his office, he gave us a documenting paper covering all that we had discussed verbally. We found his office staff to be very friendly, open to questions, and helpful in answers. I highly recommend Dr. Wong and Southeast Veterinary Neurology for excellent treatment.

Linda Sands and Remy (our Standard Poodle)



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Doctor Wong saved our dog Abbi...

Doctor Wong saved our dog Abbie's life.

About a month ago she could barely move and was constantly crying out in pain. Our vet's diagnosed her with a slipped disk as being the most likely cause and referred us to Dr. Wong.

After X-rays and an MRI confirmed the diagnosis Dr. Wong performed surgery on Abbie to fix the problem. The day after surgery she looked better than she has in a month. Within 2 days you could not even tell that she had ever been in any pain whatsoever.

Every time we dealt with Dr. Wong or his staff they were extremely professional and courteous and you can tell that they are all in the business for the right reasons. They are obviously all animal lovers and took absolutely fantastic care of Abbie.

They also answered all of my questions without making me feel like an idiot even if they were stupid questions.

I never had a problem getting ahold of Dr. Wong and he took quite a bit of time during the diagnosis and pre-surgical consultation to explain exactly what was wrong with Abbie and how he was going to fix it.

He even spent about 20 to 30 minutes going over the MRI in detail with me and showing me exactly what was going on with Abby.

My family cannot thank Dr. Wong and the staff enough for what they've given back to our family.



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Dr. Wong is an amazing doctor!...

Dr. Wong is an amazing doctor! He possesses the perfect blend of compassion and professionalism. We walked into his office expecting the worst, but praying for a miracle. Dr. Wong took the time to carefully explain his diagnosis, all of our options and our pet's prognosis. Dr. Wong completed a 4-hour brain surgery, removed three tumors from our pet's brain, and gave us the miracle we prayed for. Dr. Wong and his staff made a difficult situation less stressful. Everyone took the time to answer our questions and offer us support. If you need a neurologist for your pet, Dr. Wong is the doctor to see.



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Dr. Wong is the must have neur...

Dr. Wong is the must have neurologist when a member of your furry family is in need! Being new residents of Florida it was a tremendous relief when we were referred to Dr. Wong for the care of our 7 year old beagle Miss Daisy Mae who suffered a slip disk. Having been through a ruptured disk with our very first beagle many years ago and having an amazing neurosurgeon take care of her, we knew we needed and wanted someone of Dr. Wong’s reputation and caliber and board certified in the field of neurosurgery. From my first emergency call to him early that Thursday morning through her subsequent surgery, hospital stay and home recuperation he was consistent in phoning us with daily updates and follow-up later when she returned home. Dr. Wong was wonderful with Daisy, he got down on the floor at her level, sat with her and examined her. He was gentle, calming and patient with her and with me when I had questions and/or concerns. Dr. Wong explained his findings and prognosis and our options in a clear and concise way in a setting that was not rushed or pressured. We were able to come to a clear-cut plan for surgery and recuperation. Dr. Wong did an amazing job with our girl and while she is still living with a few temporary restrictions she shows that she is more than ready to be out exploring and chasing after scents. Thank you Dr. Wong and your wonderful staff for giving our girl back to us for many more years to come. Sam and Debbie, The B-Girls Miss Daisy Mae and Cleo and Tallulah Belle their furry feline sister.



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Took my dog to her regular vet...

Took my dog to her regular vet. on Monday because since Sunday morning her back legs would not support her. This doctor had been treating her with medication for possible irritable bowel syndrome. He took xrays and prescribed more medication in addition to giving her a cortisone shot. By Monday night she was not eating nor moving. Tuesday things got even worse so I took her to Dr. Wong. After examining her, he diagosed her problem as toxicity to the medication the first vet had her on. Within 24 hours she was able to walk on her own and 2 days later she is completely back to normal. I cannot recommend this doctor highly enough. If your dog is experiencing any neurological problem, rush to Dr. Wong and and know that your pet will get the best possible care immediately. Kudos to Dr. Wong and his entire staff, especially the extremely kind and caring receptionist, Lisa.

Donald Jones

claimed iconBusiness Response07/28/2011

Mr. Jones, Thank you for your kind words. We are incredibly happy that Isabella is doing so well. I do feel it is important to clarify for the readers that the medications that your regular veterinarian prescribed for Isabella were appropriate and reasonable, and that her reaction to the medication could not have been predicted. I do not want there to be any confusion about that. Again, I am very happy that we were able to find a quick, relatively inexpensive, and easily fixable disease and that she is doing so well. Dr. Wong

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Dr.Wong is awesome

I carried my German Shepard into Dr Wongs office on a Thursday and she walked out of there on her own four days later. He is such a skilled,professional,personable Dr. I would give him more than five stars. The staff was also very nice and informative. There was someone with her 24hrs a day. I am in the medical field so I am very careful about who I trust with my loved ones. Dr.Wong definitely has my trust.



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Review by a very happy mommy w...

Review by a very happy mommy with only positive things to say:

- we were helped swiftly

- once diagnosed the surgery followed immediately after

- Dr. Wong and staff are very caring and with personal attention for the owner and special attention towards the pets

- our pet is progressing exactly according to Dr. Wong's schedule

Should you suspect any neurological problem with your pet, please call Dr. Wong!



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"There are only two ways to li...

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." ~Albert Einstein

My Doxie Oscar is about 7 years old and several weeks ago he starting demonstrating pain while walking and lifting his head. I was referred to Dr. Wong (Southeast Veterinary Neurology). Before I even scheduled an appointment I received a call from Dr. Wong himself and we briefly discussed Oscar's condition. When I finally took Oscar in for an exam with Dr. Wong I realized that his kind an personal approach to our case was unique and one that I had never seen in other Veterinarian's throughout the years. My past experiences have been like a factory or may I say a drive thru. I said to myself this is a Doctor who truly loves and has an extreme passion for his profession. Before I even decided that I would take the surgical approach to saving my dogs life I felt confidence that all would be ok. Oscar finally had his surgery Wednesday, Feb 16th and today he is as if nothing was wrong. I would like to congratulate and thank Dr. Wong for his extensive knowledge and most genuine disposition. You are truly a miracle and a one that I wish there was more of in the world.

We are eternally grateful to you for saving Oscar and now our family stays complete.

The Garcia Family

~ A person who performs good Karma (deeds) is always held in high esteem. ~ Rig Veda



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Dr. Wong gave us our dog back!

About 6 months ago we began to notice that our daschound Bo was not being as active as usual and was having weakness in his legs, we took him to his regular Vet who told us it was most likely his back. We started him on anti-inflamatories and restricted his jumping and running. Unfortunately, Bo deteriorated to the point where he would not walk & cried of pain. We immediately took him to several neuro-surgeons and got several opinions, non of which we were completely happy with until we met Dr. Wong. It has now been 2 weeks after Bo underwent his life changing surgery and I am happy to report that Bo is doing FANTASTIC!!! Bo had a severe disc herniation causing spinal compression, Dr. Wong used the most advanced technology, including high field MRI. We are soooooo happy with Dr. Wong and his office, they treated our Bo as if he was there own. Dr. Wong has truly given Bo a new lease on life. We are so happy to have our happy, loving, energetic dauschound back to his normal self. Thank You Dr. Wong!



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Dr. Wong is the best !!!

One night my Dog came home after a short walk. He screamed in pain and lifted up his right paw. I took my baby to my normal Vet and they took some X-rays. First they thought my baby had a bone fracture. We paid extra and forward the x-rays to a radiologist. The result came back negative on the bone fracture.

Then my vet gave my baby a muscle relaxer shot and things got worst...

My baby started to screaming in pain more often.

During the (painful attack) he would runs in circle and snapping his mouth. During that period I was super stressful and fear for my dog condition.

Then my normal vet told me there is nothing they can do and I will have to take my baby to a pet neurologist. And they told me to try Dr. Wong.

My first visit with Dr. Wong, he exam-ed my dog thoroughly. He explained to me that with my baby behavior most likely is slip disk. Normally only MRI will be able to determined. Since my dog would still walk and lifted up his head during the exam. Dr. Wong said we can try to crate rest him for two weeks and if my dog does get better. We might not need to go the expensive route.

After the two weeks crate rest, My baby really did get better. We went back for the 2nd visit and Dr. Wong was very happy with the results. We didn't have to go back since then.

I really think that Dr. Wong is very caring Vet/Neurologist. He explained to me very clearly what my dog might have and my option of treatments. If he is one of those people who only want to make money, he could simply told me to go with MRI/Surgery route in the first place. But no he didn't.

Now that my baby is all better and healthy. I'm really happy that we did choose Dr. Wong.

Thank you very much Dr. Wong.



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Dr. Wong was able to make my baby walk again!

Bandit, my dachshund, was recently worked on by Dr. Wong. After coming home one evening to Bandit in a lot of pain & barely walking I took him to the ER. They set up an appointment with Dr. Wong the next day & spoke very highly of him. From the moment I met Dr. Wong I knew Bandit was in good hands! He explained all the options & what conditions Bandit had. After getting the CT scan results we decided to go with surgery (hemilaminectomy) for his calcified disc herniation. Bandit could not walk and was in excruciating pain the morning I took him to see Dr. Wong and now just a 2.5 weeks after his major surgery, Bandit can walk again! This is a miracle & it is all thanks to Dr. Wong. Bandit was able to run (well for now a little hop) around the backyard & for the first time this morning he hiked his legs to urinate instead of squatting. He is regaining strength again. Also, after having this surgery, he had 13 staples down his back and now you can barely even see a scar! People have told me that have seen Bandit recently, “I need that Dr. for plastic surgery!” Thank you again Dr. Wong. –Rebecca, Mark & Bandit



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Slinky says Thank You!

My little doxie Slinky was recently seen by Dr. Wong. After a small procedure he was diagnosed with a condition known as Polyarthritis. I have to say that before I went to Dr. Wong I was very sad because Slinky was always lethargic and no longer playful. He's been taking his medication for 1 month now and is a completely different dog. He is playful and happy, and I'm so grateful to have my little Slinky back. Dr. Wong and his staff were great and very attentive to Slinky's well being. I highly recommend him and trust him with my eyes closed!



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At the recommendation of our veterinarian we recently took our beagle Tuni to Dr. Wong's office for a consultation. She went through two days of intensive neurological examinations including and MRI with a final diagnosis, which unfortunately ,resulted in a very poor prognosis. Dr. Wong did the MRI at 10 PM, called us with the results at 11:30 PM and the next morning we had an update on her condition before 9 AM.

We want to publicly thank Dr. Wong for his very clear explanations and detailed analysis of the options that we faced with Tuni. He was very sumpathetic, kind, and humane concerning the ultimate results of the different alternatives.

What I would like to underline is his professionalism and personal interest in the case. He took time to talk to us extensively explaining the issues involved. Although we know the prognosis is poor, Tuni is doing remarkably well with the medication prescribed and is almost back to her normal self in a very short period of time.

We will always be grateful to him and his efficient and caring staff for their time and understanding.

Leonardo and Susana Rodriguez



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Kreuger loves Dr. Wong

Dr. Wong did a great job with my Great Dane today. I had no appointment, but he fit me into his schedule with no wait. His bedside manner was absolutely one of the best. He took his time and explained all the various treatment options in layman's terms. He was even so kind as to re-explain everything to my husband on the phone. I will be going back for a follow-up visit, which he was more than willing to work around my work schedule to accomodate me. I would gladly recommend anyone to go to him!!



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Thank you Dr. Wong

Dr. Wong is truly a remarkable and caring veterinary neurologist. He is very thorough and professional in his diagnosis and takes the time to keep you informed. Everyone in his practice makes you feel at home. Dr. Wong has come to fill a much needed void in our community. We are so lucky to have found him!


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