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Olusegun O.


Provided by YP.com

Great company to work with.
Staffs are fantastic and knowledgeable .
They provide exceptional services.
Thank you Allied.

Daniel C.


Provided by YP.com

Natalie, has always been a pleasure to work with. She has the utmost integrity, professionalism and cheer which makes doing business with her very pleasant. I highly recommend her and Allied Home Warranty.

Mayte E.


Provided by YP.com

I am extremely satisfied with Allied Home Warranty; their customer service is great and I love working with them.

Betty M.


Provided by YP.com

Allied Home Warranty is an excellent warranty to be associated with. Our Company has been a contractor for 10 years Plus. There are several Special Employees in which I endear. There is one in particular, his name is Jeremy Jones. He has every quality of an employee that every company would want. He's extremely polite, always eager to help, no matter how complicated the claim may be. He's never rushed, always thorough in any situation. I also detect he has extremely high morals and principles. I would highly recommend him to any place of Business. WHAT A GEM! He is definitely a 10 STAR.

Jim & Betty McCrary

Caribbean Blue Pool Co.

Dallas, Tx.

Walter A.


Provided by YP.com

I have worked with Jessica and Audrey on a few things over the past few months and they are always so attentive. I highly recommend Allied for your home warranty needs

Mili C.


Provided by YP.com

I could have gotten home insurance anywhere, but the smiling face of Nikki greeting me as a friend and not a stranger made it easy to choose Allied. Thanks for your help advice and making me feel appreciated.

Lorraine C.


Provided by YP.com

My a/c had we out and the supervisor Nikki was so helpful. She made me feel at ease about the whole situation . My issue got fixed asap

Kimberly H.


Provided by YP.com

Terrible. My AC stopped working. I received my own estimates for around $1000 and was told I had to replace the whole outside unit. I then called Allied who sent someone out who also confirmed that you couldn't just replace the one broken part, you had to replace the whole outside unit but they were going to charge $2000. The kicker...Allied said they would only pay $700 to replace the one broken piece because the rest is a "modification". Nevermind that both repair people said it's not even possible to only replace the one piece.

Allied is a scam.

Sam J.


Provided by YP.com

Please file complaints against Allied Home Warranty with the state agency that licenses them, the Texas Real Estate Commission. I filed an open records request for past complaints and found thst sometimes Allied settled with people that filed complaints with the TREC. Search for "texas real estate commission residential service program" and click the link for complaints. Allied is required by law to respond to these complaints.

Allied Home Warranty's "One-page contract" provides a one sentence clause that says Allied determines what is and is not covered. Period. Want to take a guess on which claims are not covered? The expensive ones. Allied and their contractor NRG are owned by the same company. The NRG plumber said I needed new pipes and that Allied wouldn't cover it, but NRG would do it for $8,400. He said Allied would "condemn" my plumbing and perform no more repairs. The house had been inspected by a licensed home inspector less than two months earlier and no problems with the pipes were found.

A complaint to to BBB was a waste of time. They said they don't intervene in company policies and would not even forward my complaint to Allied. Do a search for "bbb pay for ratings"

Alberto M.


Provided by YP.com

Allied Home warranty. A total rip off. I am so dissapointed about this company, after paying them our monthly upgraded membership for 2 years this is how they treat their customers, can't believe they are still in business. Buyer be aware, do not do business with this company, they sound good at the beginning but wait until you really need them "...that is not cover under our plan, for that is $270.00" . All they do is charge you for a service call ($60.00) then they charge you when the repair man comes to your house for anything that is not covered (like cleaning the AC pipes, another $271.00), they also charge you x3.17 times more than a regular local guy to attemp to fix the problem. By the way, their technician are not well trained, they lack in knowledge and expertise, all they want to do is up charge you.

This is what happened to me. My AC was accumulating water more than normal so I placed a service call. Tran, the repair man from NRG said he needs to add a vent pipe to be able to flush it because the pipes were too long. To add a simple vent pipe after placing a $60.00 service call was $270.00.

After adding the vent pipe, they left and 2 days later, on a Sunday we noticed there was water leaking from the vent pipe they installed because they missed to add a cap on, so water liked into my son's bathroom then it continue to leaked into my laundry room in the first floor!!. When I called them on Monday morning and explained what their AC repair did, I asked them to send me some one immediately to fix their error and this is their quote from Natalie "For someone to come to your house today would be considered an emergency call, that would be "$120.00 service call (plus any repairs)". So I called someone local referred by my neighbor, he was here in my house in 2 hours, and fixed the problem in 22 mins. Total cost: $85.00. By the way, I did not need the vent pipe, he had to close it. it was NOT a code violation. Today I am proud to say that I canceled my membership despite there was a another $25.00 cancellation fee. By the way, this is my 3th time giving them a break but never again.

Hope this helps for those considering going with this company.



Provided by YPmobile
Allied and NRG huge conflict of interest

I have been with Allied for 5 years. My AC went down a few weeks ago. They sent out NRG. My system was condemend by the technician. In terms of dealing with a home warrenty that is usually good news. NOT. Ended up getting a whole new system and found out NRG and Allied are the same company. Buyer Beware!

Miss P.


Provided by YP.com

I purchased a home 1/2014 - I was told I should just in case the home needs repair... its an old house. At least I would be covered for ac/appliances/electrical. My installed Microwave went out of order. I called to do a claim early March 2014. I had a tech come out within 2 days. I'm thinking yes. but NO. I went online 2 weeks later to find out my case has been resolved. RESOLVED WITH WHO. No one called me and my microwave is still not fixed. So I call in April to get the status.. I was told someone will get back with me. I still had not heard from anyone. I called on Saturday 5/3/2014 to find out my case was denied. The tech said the microwave had to much grease in it and it was cause by not having the proper maintenance done. OK I just brought this home in 1/2014. It's an older home - that's the reason I purchased they warranty in case I have any malfunctioning issues from the previous owners. How much damage could I do in 3 months when the house is over 25 years old. I requested from a refund and I will find another warranty company. They are full of it and very unprofessional. Did I mention I paid $60 for a tech to come out to tell me yes the microwave needs to be replaced and then for Allied Home Warranty /NRG to tell me they will not fix. I could've used that $60 to go towards a new microwave. Be aware. Don't be surprised when you hear them say... oh that's not covered in your warranty!!! I am filing a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. I'm only giving them a one star because i'm required too.

Jianxing H.


Provided by YP.com
I agree with other reviewer's ...

I agree with other reviewer's conclusion: one star is too much for Allied Home Warranty and NRG. I have Allied Home Warranty with my house purchase. A few days ago I called for A/C repair, Allied Home Warranty does NOT cover A/C inspection fee and repair cost. I have to pay $60 visiting fee + $199 A/C inspection fee before any repair. I am so naive to believe that Allied Home Warranty will cover the A/C repair after inspection. Actually, It NOT ! It only gives me very limited repair credit which can only be redeemed by NRG. The NRG repair cost is $5047 after redeeming the credit. As a comparison, the cost of a second opinion company is $3800. Finally the A/C problem has been fixed by a honest service company charging only $120. Allied Home Warranty and NRG are Cheaters !

Alev B.


Provided by YP.com

They used to be good before they were purchased buy NRG. If you ask them they will tell you but if not they won't. They always send NRG and they are very expensive if you get an independent quote you get a better price. Last summer our AC broke if we used NRG it would cost us $2,800 I found an other company for the same unit he said $1,900. I called them explained them the situation they said they will pay $1,600 besides my $2,800 ask to be cashed out send them the quote and they said no they would not cash out.NRG giving business to NRG kind of forcing you to use their company.

Brett P.


Provided by YP.com

My realtor suggested purchasing a home warranty due to the fact that my home was 20 years old, so we went with Allied Home Warranty. I can honestly say that I called them for 3-4 different warranties and none of them seemed to be covered. What is a home warranty company for? The most recent incident was for my air conditions unit that went out.

They sent out a company called NRG home services, these guys came out the next day, but there was a $60 service charge, only to be told that I would have to replace all of my units (air and heat), and it was only going to cost men $12,000 since I had the warranty. What??? I went ahead and just had them replace the air conditioning fan and everything is back to working order.

Now that it is cold, my pilot light is out on one of my furnaces (the furnace that the technician said was corroding and dangerous), I called the company to ask that they come back out to relight the pilot that their technician turned off, but they said it was going to cost me another $60 because it was not notated that he went into the attic or touched anything. Ugg... I finally cancelled my home warranty after 3 years, because it just don't seem to cover anything... And as for there subcontractors (IE NRG home services), they don't stand by their work. I am so frustrated and still no upstairs heat...



Provided by YP.com

DO NOT USE ALLIED HOME WARRANTY! I signed up for them randomly when buying my house, and they are worthless. All those big amounts they give you for coverage in the "contract" mean nothing. My hot water heater went out just a week ago. A new one is about 500 dollars, my coverage is 650 plus a 60 dollar technician fee. Sounds easy enough right? I pay 60 and I get the heater replaced. WRONG. The funny thing is you can call, and they'll tell you the same thing. "Just pay 60 and you're set". I did that, got her to say it, then said my heater is out and I need a replacement. They sent the crew out and I was quoted 1300 freakin' dollars to replace a water heater. I call back and get the run around, then they start talking about disposal fees and equipment costs. Seriously, go with another company. You cannot do worse than Allied. The next website I'm visiting after posting this review is the BBB. I cannot express to you how much Allied sucks. Use any other company, they couldn't be worse. I need my blood pressure meds. I was gonna put zero stars, but I didn't know if the YP website would just say I didn't rate them. One star is one too many for these clowns.



Provided by YP.com

0 stars-Rip off! I unfortunately was not smart enough to do my research online about them before I purchased a home warranty and I was scammed to waste my hard earned money on something I was sure would help me but in the end hindered me beyond belief. I was suspicious about Lone Star because Allied kept insisting to send them to my home and I did not think much of it. Now after reading all the helpful reviews I understand why... They are affiliated and also a horrible scam. Lone Star was sent to my home quite a few times and each and every time they over charged me for sure. The last time they were sent was on a heater issue in which they claimed I needed this and that and my head just hurt with all the nonsense. They attempted to charge me $4000! I canceled the warranty and unfortunately could not get any not a penny back not even the trade call fee from that visit. My wonderful neighbor offered to look at my issue himself and he applauded me for canceling the warranty because he fixed my problem for $140! Yes $140 vs the outrageous $4000 Lone Star and Allied were trying to charge me! You should be ashamed of yourselves Allied and Lone Star! I will be putting away money on the side incase another issue happens but will never trust Allied again. Tthey have left a foul taste in the world of home warranty. To top it off the customer service was bad and worse and worse every time from the representatives stupidity to the managers never available or returning your calls. Mrs Gloria was however helpful and very polite and nice but never did I get a return call from Judi on the issue I had with my dishwasher last year I just kept getting sent to her voicemail box. All I wanted was to get in return the service I was promised when I purchased the home warranty but I struggled anytime I called and needed assistance. People do your research before you do something stupid as me and purchase a home warranty with Allied!



Provided by YPmobile

Let me start off by saying this company is a 100% scam and any good reviews online are obviously written by their employees or by someone they paid. I thought I would be fortunate enough to have warranty, however the "one page contract" is the most deceptive by far. They sell you on the idea that you have $1000 or $1500 per claim, but what they fail to tell you is that its really up to them how much they want to put on their part "up to $1000 or $1500" but trust me it will not be the full amount unless you make a BBB complaint SO ONLY EXPECT THEM TO PUT ABOUT $100, YES $100 OR $200.. I was even told the way they "reimburse" you is they go online and find the CHEAPEST product like the one you have and reimburse that amount, and do not expect it to be matched to your same appliance because conveniently they dont match your exact brand, color, nothing. So lets say you have a $1000 dishwasher and it breaks down, well they go online and find the cheapest dishwasher and reimburse you that amount if they cant fix it. Numerous times did I talk to the so called team lead Chelsey on customer service but she is completely incompetent, and of course managers were not available ever even after several voice mails, not even their general manager Bryan was ever available, so much for caring for their Clients. So all in all, I have to pay $60 for their sister company Lone Star that they force you to use vs any other of their vendors (another convenience where clearly its about the money and not the Client) and of course I get ripped off by their complete misdiagnosis! I actually had my problem fixed for $20 outside the warranty!!!! Instead Lone Star was trying to replace my whole system trying to convince me it was needed. More like Allied and Lone Star need to get there crap together. My warranty has been canceled and I could not be happier. They tried to get me to stay by offering me a bunch of upgrades and crap, but the only manager I did talk to who tried to "retain" me was more incompetent than Chelsey. I believe her name is Cassandra and boy is she bad for business. Giving everything to your upset Client will only make the company lose money. I would have accepted but what is the point if the other problems will not get fixed. I will never have the full amount of $1500 on a claim, I will never be matched my exact appliance and I will have to pay $60 for a sister scammer company, WHAT A JOKE ALLIED! Save your money and just put $5 away a month vs the $30 something they charge you a month and I bet you that you will not regret it in the end. Thank you Allied for taking and taking my monthly draft and only giving me hassle and grievance.



Provided by YP.com

I have a case with the BBB # 9313897 agianst Allied. They do not want to reimburse the cost for some plumbing. I spoke to Chelsea Castor Client Service Team Leader and she stated thet they have no complaint from the BBB. They said that they will do everything to make you happy but that is not true. They try to keep you going from one person to another person until you give up. I feel that Allied is deceiving and not trustworthy. I just don't understand how they can say they will do anything to keep the client happy. My next step will be to take them to small claims court for the whole amount of my repair bill. Sam Lopez



Provided by YP.com
We had the Allied warranty pla...

We had the Allied warranty plan covering our pool. Our heater went out and we made the call to Allied Home Warranty. They sent the pool repair man immediately and he replaced a part in the electrical panel and the blower as they were out of service. The pool repair man mentioned that the blower could not be fixed and that a new blower should has to be installed. They provided immediate replacement and quoted me a very less amount when compared to what I was expecting.. Much of the replacement amount was handled by them. After which I did not face any problem with my pool. Their service was the best. If needing a home warranty plan, I recommend Allied Home Warranty. We got the usual coverage and added the pool option which allowed us to customize the coverage to suit our needs – love this! When we get an ice maker we’ll be adding that on too!

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