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Rox R.


Provided by

Renter beware! They will keep your deposit regardless of how well you clean up the property. There were 4 of house cleaning our place. It was spotless. They charged us for 14 hours of cleaning but could provide no details other than cleaning the fireplace, which we NEVER used! BEWARE!



Provided by

If I could give My House Property Services a negative rating I would. I rented from them for years. My experiences consistently echo what has already been written. The office staff is incompetent. Never followed through with anything they said they were going to. The idea of getting your deposit back is laughable--it's all fiction people!
I've rented my whole life and never had such a horrible experience as what I have had with My House Property Services. Kris Ticnor is out of control and someone needs to stop what she is doing! Start today--by not renting from her.
If you do end up renting from this nightmare of a property management company keep everything they send you, respond to them only through written forms of communication and get a lawyer on retainer. You'll need it.
If you are considering using My House Property Services to manage your property I beg you to reconsider--it will not be looked after, it will only be patched up with shoddy repairs and the people who do rent it will not necessary always be of the highest character...scary scary!

Cassie D.


Provided by YPmobile

Terrible customer service and poor values. Almost had to take them to court due to security deposit dispute. Eventually gave me my money after I threatened to sue and got a lawyer. Predatory business policies. If you live in a myhouse home document everything with photos and written proof. They can and will take advantage of anyone they percieve to be weak (I.e. college students, "poor" people, soft spoken people etc)
I would not recommend this company to my worst enemy

Robin V.


Provided by

You will have to clean EVERYTHING when you move in and then they will charge you to clean it all when you move out. They charged us to clean a stove vent hood that is 20 years old, they charged us to clean WINDOW CASINGS! And they charged us to clean a dishwasher that was so dirty when we moved in we washed dishes by hand. They even charged us to clean an oven we cleaned. Take pictures of everything that is dirty when you move in and note it on your move in report, don't just note damages - note dirt too!!!!

They refused to spray for ants even though Colorado laws states they are responsible for doing so, so we had to pay for an exterminator even though it was a condo.

Torsten L.


Provided by YPmobile

I would give MyHouse Property Services (home of Premier Properties) zero stars if I could. Do not rent from them under any circumstances.

I rented from them for two years while I was a grad student at CSU. I overpaid for a very run-down apartment in one of the sketchier parts of Fort Collins (abandoned buildings, homeless people, etc).

When I moved in, they refused to make repairs to items I had noted on my move in checklist, including holes in the bathroom door, windows that wouldn't open, and a large hole under the kitchen cabinet. They also refused to provide recycling service, despite FoCo regulations.

At one point while I lived there, I had some questions about the lease. I submitted my questions to them in writing (via email), as directed by the lease itself and one of their representatives. In response, the company President called me "passive aggressive" for even asking questions, despite the fact that I had complied with the lease directions to the letter.

I fixed the last thing myself, and when I moved out they tried to charge me for the first two, even though they had been noted on the move-in checklist. In total, they charged me $1,500 in fees when I moved out, mostly for fictitious damage and for cleaning, even though I left the apartment cleaner than it was when I moved in.

When I tried to contact them to resolve this, they were initially rude and unhelpful. They refused to provide itemized receipts (as required by CO law) for the repairs they claim to have made to damage that was nonexistent.

They claimed I had gouged the walls, damaged the doors, and assessed over $200 in fees to allegedly replace 1 square foot of carpet. I provided my move-out videos to them, which proved that their charges were bogus, and they simply stopped responding to my attempts to contact them.

I ended up having to contact CSU Student Legal Services for legal advice. They recommended that I try to contact the company president directly. I did, and she refused to respond to repeated emails and phone calls.

I then contacted the City of Fort Collins mediation services. MyHouse refused to respond to the mediators as well. To this day, I have not received my deposit back, and have initiated a dispute with the BBB.

Do not rent from this company under any circumstances. They take advantage of students and new renters with dubious lease requirements and fictitious move-out charges.

I had a number of friends who had similar experiences. Check out their reviews on Google or BBB for more stories of their dubious and predatory business practices.

Corrie S.


Provided by

I wish I could give them 0 stars... My roommates and I moved into a townhome under MyHouse in August of 2012, we are college students but take extreme pride in where we live. I would strongly urge that no one rent from these people, you will be ripped off, treated like an idiot and live in a gross home that is over priced.

If you get anything out of these reviews -- DO NOT RENT FROM MYHOUSE. EVER!

We had the same problem many people are describing here, we could not move in until August 8, and there was no pro rate for those 8 days. The house was a complete mess when we moved in, the kitchen floor (which is stained yellow anyways) was black it was so dirty, the towel rack in the master bathroom was falling off the wall, the toilet seats were rusted, cracked and disgusting, the living room curtains were unusable... we fixed up the entire house and cleaned it more within the first week of living there than it had probably seen since it was built. Also the dryer didn't work (it took several cycles to dry even a small load) and was not fixed until a year and a half of living there.

We always paid our rent on time, we never caused any problems and we kept the house very clean. The house was poorly cared for, despite it being under 5 years old and my roommates and I took better care of it and left it 1000x cleaner and more fixed up then when we were given the keys two years ago. Yet, after moving out this July, MyHouse is charging us $900 for cleaning the house and listed the reasons as "pet urine" and "general house cleaning". We do own a dog, but he never had accidents in the house and we made sure to clean the house spotless before moving out -- we even have our own carpet shampooer.

The staff in the office will treat you like you know absolutely nothing. April, a leasing agent there, was flat out rude to my roommate and I no matter when we dealt with her. I felt like I was being treated as a child in trouble in elementary school would be whenever I met with her. The front desk staff always seemed nice enough, but to get anything actually fixed at your house will take months and months. Our dryer always kind of worked, but took several cycles to dry anything and by the time MyHouse finally decided to pay attention to what we were saying, it was taking over four cycles to dry a load of socks. It was an extreme fire hazard and was greatly increasing the costs of our utilities.

Just because you are a college student and are living in a college town is no reason to be treated this way or ripped off -- DO NOT RENT FROM MYHOUSE. Unless you like being charged tons of money for no good reason.

Dame V.


Provided by YPmobile

For anyone or anyone you know looking to rent, DO NOT rent from MyHouse Properties!

They are an unprofessional company, clearly ran by crooks looking to make money. Not only did we not get to move in on the date we were promised, but the house and yard was filthy, insect and mice ridden, and without the washer/dryer unit stated in the lease. They tried to charge us a full month's rent and took their sweet time fixing and replacing the problems in the house. We also had several nights without heat because no one came out to fix the furnace (they didn't even know where it was) and the dryer vent was SO clogged that it blew the filament in the dryer twice, which ended up having to be replaced.

NOW they are trying to bill us the ENTIRE water/sewage bill from April 2014 to now because they had the whole duplex under one name and didn't bother to rectify that prior to the signing of the lease or sublease on 1/30. We didn't get to move in until August 15th, by the way. The reason? They are renting the duplex out as two properties with only one water meter. So the water isn't even billed by actual usage. This following the error last month of adding $100 to our rent which is not suppose to start until August.

Everytime we have an issue with them, no one knows what is going on and there is always some 'unavoidable circumstance'. Not only that, but they showed the other side of the duplex with no screen door and a trash bag by the stoop. What a disappointing business encounter!

The plus sides are that the staff is generally friendly, even if they are unknowledgeable, and there is no pet deposit.

Christine K.


Provided by

Terrible, they scam away your security deposit so make sure you take a lot of pictures before you move in and after. They charge you a carpet cleaning fee whether you need it or not.

April R.


Provided by

I no longer live in Colorado. But when I did I worked for My House Property Services. I will say that property management is a tough industry. One of the down sides of this industry is that only disgruntled tenants choose to write reviews. The companies that have positive ones usually buy them. Kris would never stoop to this level. As unfortunate as this truth is, My House isn't to fault. This is a fair but firm company. They manage other peoples investments and do so carefully. Please remember there are two sides to every story. If I were to move back to Fort Collins, Kris at My House would be my first trusted call.



Provided by

Honestly I think tenants being irresponsible and people only going to the trouble to write a review if they have a gripe accounts for the mass of terrible reviews. I hear they're not good about answering phones, but email communication has been excellent. My one service request was answered quickly. I haven't moved out yet so I don't know how much worse they are than other rental companies. They all try to steal your deposit and you have to do a walkthrough with them and take pictures and fight for your deposit. Unfortunately, that's how it is with many landlords. They are also unclear about the utility bills. It'll be a lot one month and almost nothing the next.



Provided by YPmobile
my house

Ok, so I've had worse property managers. Property Technica in Greeley is the worst by far, but My House is a strong competitor! So far as ignoring maintenance requests, charging for utilities that have been paid and for which receipts have been provided, negligence in lawn care and in payment of other utilities provided for in the lease, scheduling of house showings three months into the year lease with 8 hours notice, etc... So we have bad wasps, and they won't kill them. We have an HOA that wasn't even mentioned in the lease that keeps charging us for having dead grass. the sprinkler system is locked and they won't give us the code because it is proprietary, and we are nowhere near the top of the to do list. So $50 extra a month. Also our water/sewer bill does not register as paid in their system so they keep charging us for it even though we have documentation of payments. We called the office to request a meeting about this. They responded with a three day eviction notice. We gave them $500 with the understanding that they would not evict us and go back through the records and inform us of discrepancies. Three weeks later and no word. Bitches. I am calling it.



Provided by YPmobile
MyHouse is the WORST!

It would take me a year to explain why to never rent from MyHouse. I just want to spread the word until Karma takes this place down. Don't even consider them. Seriously.



Provided by

DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY!!!! This is by far the worst company you will find in Fort Collins. Let me explain from the beginning. First, they don't tell you your move in date until the day they want you to move in and just expect you to drop everything and go. Next, they knowingly had us paying utilities for the half address behind our house. We did this for 9 months before we realized that it was way too much money for what we had. The admitted that there was only one bill for the entire property and we were the ones paying for it. They did give us back our money but only after I went in and told them that I would take them to court if it wasn't resolved. When we moved out I cleaned the house so that it was spotless. It was 20 times cleaner than when we moved in and they gave me back $80 from a $1050 deposit and we only lived there for a year. Let me explain that the house was less than 1000 sq ft and would never in a million years take 8 hours to clean in the condition we left it. We were charged for 8 hours of professional cleaning service. DO NOT EXPECT TO GET ANY OF YOUR DEPOSIT BACK!!!! Finally, after not living in the house for 7 months, I received a phone call from Comcast that I had been sent to collections for my bill of $233. Explicitly stated in our lease, My House wrote that the internet and cable would be included in our rent. When we moved in, everything was already set up. I did not call Comcast and set up an account with them because My House had an account with them. Except that My House apparently called and changed their account into my name with my information and phone number in October, 3 months after we had moved out. This company is HORRIBLE!!!! Please run as far as you can in the other direction!!



Provided by

Terrible company, do not rent from these awful people. All they want is to steal your deposit and charge you for things that they have no right charging you for. Best single word to describe them: thieves. When I moved in the lady who showed me the apt told me not to worry about how bad the carpets were, that the woman who lived there before me had 7 animals and after I moved out they were going to replace them anyways. They charged me $300 dollars for extra cleaning of my apt. When I received what I thought was my deposit back, it turned out to be a bill for $53 dollars (on top of the $675 deposit they weren't refunding me). I also had ants the entire time I lived there that they refused to do anything about, even though there is a review on their website (most likely form some employee) stating that she was so thrilled that they took care of her ant problem. I wish there was a way to warn every single person about how horrible this company is but this will have to do. DO NOT RENT FROM THESE THIEVES! THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY! If you are already a current renter: say good bye to your deposit and hopefully you took photos of every inch of your place, they will totally screw you on everything they possibly can. Hope this helps deter anyone from getting involved with My House Property Services.



Provided by
Never answers the phone. Happ...

Never answers the phone. Happy to take your money but not to help; no matter how small the request you either won't get a response or they will tell you it is not their problem. AWFUL PLACE!



Provided by



Provided by

I have been living in Fort Collins for over 8 years. I rented an apartment from My House Property Services for only one of those years and I would not recommend them to anyone. They require you to move in a few days after August 1st, for "cleaning". I moved in and the apartment was filthy! I called and asked if they had someone come in and clean, as well as shampoo the dirty carpet. They did, but ONLY the carpet. After moving all my stuff in, I started to notice bites on my ankles. Yep! Fleas! DO NOT RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE! If you are currently in a lease. Video tape and take pictures of the apartment before you leave so if you do need any backup to get your cleaning fee back you have it.



Provided by
Over Priced Unfair Rip-offs‎‎

My wife and I recently leased a apartment through My House Property. The place we leased was in terrible shape when we moved in (filthy carpets, walls, etc.). We were assured that with the current condition of the residence we would not be charged for the cleaning of these things when we moved out. Lies, Lies, Lies. We were charged around $800 to clean an apartment that was cleaner when we left than when we moved in (we had our first baby while we lived there and my wife went on a nesting cleaning frenzy). They even tried to charge us for non working things like bathroom fans which never worked the whole time we were there and were never fixed even though we requested that they fix them multiple times. These guys (especially Kriss) are just used to ripping off spoiled little college kid's parents who pay the cleaning bills probably without even looking at them. I wont give My House Property, I begrudgingly give them 1 (I don't think poor hardly explains it).



Provided by
Terrible service from My House Property Services in Fort Collins, CO

My House Property provides the worst service to its customers and unfortunately their target market is College Students whose parents pay their rent without question. I have been associated with My House Property Services for two years and I have hated every day of it. All of my friends who had to deal with Kris Ticnor have absolutely hated her as well. If anything breaks in your house and you ask My House Property to fix it, it can take up to a month. When there is a walk-through, My House Property will send out people with a master key without an appointment. Over $1500 has been practically stolen from me and my roommates from two years of security deposits that should have been given back. NEVER SIGN A LEASE WITH MY HOUSE PROPERTY SERVICE. They are corrupt and will take advantage of you in any way possible. I do not recommend them!!!‎‎



Provided by
Wow. Where to begin?

In short, stay away from these scam artists. They have quite the con game going with their property owners to screw you out of as many charges from your deposit as possible. We took exceptional care of our rental and went above and beyond to treat this house like our own and we even made sure the owners were aware of long term issues that would be a concern for them. We were rewarded by getting a fraction of our deposit back. We were charged to clean things that were documented as damaged when we moved in. Then they claimed they never received the damage waiver package we sent them when first moving in. We resent the images that match the damage pictures they claim and they still charged us. Please head the warnings of the many people who have had similar experiences. These people are horrible at customer service and will screw you any chance they get. They screwed us on the deposit. Seriously, just stay away from these people.

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