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I hadn't been to a Dentist in several years. I had heard about Dr. Sugg and his staff from a friend. I decided to give them a try, and I'm so glad I did. Professional and competent for sure! What I didn't necessarily expect was the warmth and kindness that was shown to me! From the receptionist, to the office personnel all the way to the top!
Dr. Harry Sugg is so knowledgeable and skilled.
Other members of my family and several friends now receive their dental care from Wheatland Dental. I've been in a dozen times over the past 3 years and when I leave, I feel blessed!



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I am the world's fastest reader, and have a degree i Biology. Dr. Sugg is the most knowledgeable dentist I've ever met. His skills are without equal. I am a swimmer and it resulted in my getting a sinus infection that bore a hole through the roof of my mouth into the roots of two teeth the size of my thumb. Dr. Sugg is the only dentist I would trust to perform this major surgery which also required a bone graft. It was painless and professional.

If you looking for a dentist who cares about his patients and offers a full line of dental services without equal, I recommend you go to Dr. Sugg. I live in McKinney TX and drive almost 40 miles to see him. There are thousands of dentists closer to my home, but I know none of them can offer the professional care that Dr. Sugg offers.

Donna B.


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I walked into the office for the 1st time. Just to make an appointment . That same day X-Ray done. The technology is great, I'm afraid of going to the dentist. The staff made me more and more at ease. Blood pressure elevated. Not able to have procedure complete. Appointment reschedule for another day. Explain the costs and what I could pay up front and at my future visits.

Georgia E.


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I've been going to dr. sugg for 30 years.. he is an excellent dentist. I look forward to getting my dental needs taken care of, it is indeed a dental spa. great concern and care is always given by dr. sugg. quality of care is worth every dollar spent.



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I have been with Dr. Sugg for over ten years and have always received exemplary service. He has done numerous root canals and crowns over the years and I always received personal attention by Dr. Sugg and his staff. I always receive a follow-up call after a major procedure to make sure I'm doing OK and the staff has always made sure I had my needs met. I've stayed with Dr. Sugg even though I moved to Frisco and travel 50 miles for my appointments. It's worth it. I have met many people who travel from out of state for Dr. Sugg. I have several dentists as clients in my business and many of them know Dr. Sugg by reputation, several have attended seminars where he spoke, and have shared that Dr. Sugg is an innovator in the dental profession.



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When I went to Wheatland Denta...

When I went to Wheatland Dental Care, little did I know they could help me with headaches and joint pain. I have had headaches on a weekly basis for years and really just learned to cope with it, thinking that it was normal and regularly taking Ibuprofen. : (

My sister recently urged me to get it checked out. Dr. Sugg's office has a machine called a VGI that is the first in Texas! They used it to scan my airway and found that I wasn't getting enough oxygen! They made me an appliance that helped me breathe better, and now I have more energy and less headaches. I've been doing better in school because of it and everyone else has noticed an improvement in my mood because I'm sleeping better and not hurting like I was.

I really owe so much to this office and want to find some way to let them know what they have done for me and my family!!!



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Every time I go to Wheatland D...

Every time I go to Wheatland Dental Care, I am amazed by their professionalism and friendliness!!! The staff always cares about giving me great service and my kids look forward to getting their teeth cleaned, too! (They get toothbrushes and floss and get to eat popcorn and watch movies in the movie area!)

Dr. Sugg cares so much about me and taking time to explain areas of infection and what to do for preventive maintenance! He will point out pictures and gives me handouts that have diagrams to better explain what is going on in my mouth!

Whenever I go in for dental work, I am always offered a blanket and radio by one of his wonderful and experienced dental assistants! Those rooms can get cold! The dental chairs have massagers and heaters though!

I've been coming here for years and recommend it to any of my friends looking for a dentist! You should try it out! They're the nicest people and they really care about getting your mouth healthy and keeping you comfortable while they're at it!



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I had never had any fillings b...

I had never had any fillings before and was extremely nervous about getting my dental work done. I went in, was given a blanket because I was cold, got a radio to listen to music during the procedure, and it didn't hurt AT ALL!!!! The doctor was super gentle and his staff was really nice!! After it was all over I felt numb, but they called to check on me the next day. SO NICE!! The staff and doctor are all excellent!



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After learning we were NOT pay...

After learning we were NOT paying for a full set of dentures instead of only lower -which got lost, the price of the lowers increasede 3 times. Every 5 minutes the "account rep" would come in with another price, asking for yet another check. I felt we were in a car dealership. This is during a 4 hour appointment! Finally, after receiving the dentures, subsequent fitting appts always took between 2-3 hours! Each time (total of 6 appts). the dr. flew in for about 2 minutes & left us in the chair another 2 hours until he flew in again. What a joke, I wish I had read some reviews before spending so much time & money.



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UNPROFESSIONAL: Leaves you with that warm fuzzy used car lot feeling

I only WISH I would have read these reviews before I wasted my time (7 hours) and money (thru my insurance, but still my money).

The receptionist staff seemed uninterested in providing customer service to the human beings standing in front of them.  All I needed was new patient paperwork which was finally provided. The receptionist handed me a clipboard and made a "scribble" motion in the air.  25 minutes after my appt time I inquired about the delay.  More waiting, and waiting. My appointment started 50 minutes later than the appointment time. First stop was x-rays. The place where you lean your head against for the circular X-ray machine was dirty. (I had to tell THEM). After they cleaned the equipment and I completed the x-rays, I was escorted to a room where I waited another 30 mins before a tech came in preform some type of gum scan.  The tech showed me the results and said the bacteria levels were normal. She even commented on the whiteness of my teeth and asked if I'd received whitening treatments in the pass. 

After this I was sent back to the room where I waited 1 hour and 10 minutes.  Someone came in (she didn't introduce herself) and started telling me about various treatments I would need.  She then told me the dentist That I had the appt with was not available so another one would see me.  (I think I should have been informed earlier)  Also, I was never sure if she was talking to me or to the other person in the room. They were stationed behind me and she didn't address me by name.  

After they both left, another person came in to talk about whitening treatments but I cut her presentation short and told her I was not interested. She looked at my teeth again and said "OOOKAAY", in a snarky tone.  (I only stress this fact because I've been told on several occasions in the past by both dental professionals and civilians that my teeth are very white.) 

After yet more waiting in the office, the dentist finally arrived. While she did introduce herself, she did not wear a mask while examining my mouth.  Unfortunately, she really needed to blow her nose and she also had bad breath.  Luckily the "exam" portion only lasted a few minutes. Once she started talking I told get I had to sit up. (I had to escape the horrible view of her nostrils and I wanted to create more space b/w me and her breath).  The dentist just summarized what the other people told me and said the treatment plan person would be in to discuss the financial end. I told her I'd been in the office for 6 1/2 hrs. She apologized. 

About 30 minutes later, the treatment lady came in w/the figures showing what my insurance would pay for, etc, etc.  After she was finished explaining everything, I asked her about the cleaning since that was the purpose of my appt. ( I decided a few hours prior that once I got my teeth cleaned I would never come back.). She left to find out so I waited,  again. On the plus side, at least it was a change in scenery since I was in her office.  When she returned, she said she was told it would take at a few hours to complete my cleaning b/c I "needed" deep cleaning due to the excessive bacteria. (Yes, the same bacteria that was at normal levels)

The treatment lady kept trying to get me to schedule an appointment but I told her I would call to schedule one if I wanted to get any treatments there. ( fat chance).  She said she would call on the following week to follow up. Instead she called almost a month later. 

SO, as you can see, this place is unprofessional from start (clipboard & accompanying pantomimed instructions) to finish (2 week delayed follow up call)

BTW, I have an obviously broken tooth and no one brought it up.   Nice.



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My daughter had her wisdom teeth removed on Thursday. The treatment counselor called on Friday to check on her. I explained that she was in a lot of pain and was still numb. She said she would call back on Saturday and if she was still uncomfortable they would have her to come back in to check her out. After she was not feeling better on Saturday I called to see if I could bring her in. After being on the phone with the receptionist for about 20 minutes answering a series of questions, she said she would have the treatment counselor to call me back. I canceled an appointment in order to wait for the call to bring her back in. The call never came. Well, finally Monday, the treatment counselor gets back to my daughter. She explained that her jaw was stiff. She asked was she using the "Home Unit". My daughter asked, "What's that"? Oh that's the machine that helps with the healing process. Oh, that 's what that was on the bill! They didn't even offer an apology!



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Excellent dentist.

I continue to visit Dr. Sugg because he is extremely knowledgeable. He explains how my dental hygiene effects other areas of my health and I always leave his office inspired to redouble my flossing efforts. :)

I generally just go for a cleaning. But Dr. Sugg does LOTS of stuff in his practice, including tooth whitening, veneers, invisible braces, surgeries, and the regular stuff like crowns and root canals. He has state of the art equipment, too. He used a panoramic x-ray to evaluate my teeth. Pretty cool.

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