Founded in 1914, Greyhound Lines is a provider of intercity bus transportation, serving more than 3,700 destinations with 16,000 daily departures throughout North America. In 1998, the company was acquired by Laidlaw International, a holding company for some of North America s largest providers of school and city bus transportation and public transit services. The company s portfolio includes well-recognized brands, such as Laidlaw Education Services, Greyhound and Laidlaw Transit Services. It transports more than 420 million passengers each year. Laidlaw Education Services provides 2 million students with rides to and from school each day. Laidlaw Transit Services offers municipal public transit services throughout the United States. In addition to providing transportation to 22 million passengers each year, Greyhound also offers other services, such as Greyhound PackageXpress, a same-day and early-next-day package delivery service, and Greyhound Travel Services, a charter and tour packages provider. Greyhound Lines is headquartered in Dallas.
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Sherry K.


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We have been trying to get our baggage from there . It lost .the bus driver took the claim number off of it . Through it under the bus . We pick up the tag . He take it off at Cincinnati when there's no reason to take it off to Cincinnati cuz we just come to Indianapolis Indiana did not know that he did that and now I'm supposed to be the baggage are in Detroit Michigan and we have been getting the runarounds over and over and over and we finally do get headquarters phone number and the lady there States well I cannot give you the customer service no don't want to deal with customer service not getting nowhere headquarters is a place that you're supposed to be able to come to to get situation taken care of and she didn't even want to do it. . to me there shouldn't even be a bus station if the passengers are not going to be treated right and your baggage it's going to be taken care of.

Bennie H.


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The Greyhound Bus Station in Atlanta, Georgia used to rival an airport. It was centrally located, had a parking deck, was big, clean, and efficient in handling passengers. But it was relocated in 1996 so Atlanta could build an Olympic Park. Since then, it sits in a dilapidated corner of Downtown across from a strip club. The building looks like a double-wide trailer. There are no bus bays, only a street. Parking is scarce. The inside is cramped. The place is filthy, especially the restroom. The self serve ticket machines rarely worked when I was there. The customer line was horrendously long. There was not enough chairs. God help you at Thanksgiving or Christmastime. People from all over America get their first impression of the city when traveling in by bus. What a pitiful sight! Greyhound, you and Atlanta need to do better!

Judy H.


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I was,sold a fraudulent ticket in cheyenne on 1/27/17 @-8 PM
I requested a ticket to salt lake city.
I paid $136 in cash. When I returned to my hotel, the ticket was to Denver.
At Denver there was a 7 hour wait for the bus to salt lAke which went back through Cheyenne. This is either a sick joke or incompetence. It is a crime.

Clayton G.


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What a joke. I was told that someone from customer relation would be giving me a call within 48 hours that was 5 days ago. I left several messages with a lady named Shirley Jones and she still had not gotten back with me. If our banks and insurance companies and restaurants. can be investigated why won't they investigate this bus line. They need to be shut down for as bad as they are they to us off and are terrible drivers the one star is because I had to put something in. Not even a one star.



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Why on earth would you sell out a bus? I met the bus with my pre-purchased ticket in hand in the middle of the night and they turned me away because there was not enough room. I was told that *maybe* I would be able to get on the bus the next morning, but I was staying an hour away from where I had to catch the bus, so a shady maybe didn't cut it. The bus driver assured me I would be able to get a voucher if they couldn't find me a seat the next day. Then he turned me away.

Four months later, I am still fighting with Greyhound, trying to get a measly voucher from them. They have made me jump through hoops, wait in lines, and make my way through the WORST customer service I have EVER experienced. Don't ever travel with Greyhound if you respect yourself and your sanity.

Doriane H.


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Cust srvc HORRIBLE. Purchased tix online, unable to print (MUST HAVE TIX TO BD), 45 min on phone w/ rep. Couldn't help. Someone would call SOON. No call, I called back, rep transferred me to someone else, 30 min later, they will email a tix next a.m. Didn't happen, called again-GH: We can't send copy of tix bec you chk'd "print at home." THAT'S WHAT I'M TELLING YOU. YOUR cmptr error, wouldn't print. GH: Have psngr board bus, tell driver problem, at 1st bus station, they will print tix. ME: Can you send an email w/ that info? GH: No.-Not trusting that would go well, (psngr/payee 2 diff states), he missed 2 college classes today, took city bus to GH bus depot for them to print. They couldn't print either, empl sug I cancel original tix & order another one. Call again to order tix on phone, extra fee! Ok, I'll do online, but I want to cancel the 1st tix. GH: "Ok, mail the tix to..." ME: There is NO tix to mail. THen I was on HOLD for 30 mins & never came back! 3 hrs w/ cust srvc!

Scott R.


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Anyone investing with FirstGroup is a fool. Check Greyhounds service, they are so busy sucking on the government tit nobody is noticing that 99% of their reviews are horrible. They treat their passengers like trash. I am calling my congressman tomorrow.

The one star is overly generous.

Tyler R.


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This is the absolute worst way to travel I have ever seen. Costumer service doesn't care about you at all. They find no way at all to help you. They just redirect you, or send you back to the bus station that tells you they can't help you to call costumer service. All his stations here in LA are closed except Shreveport, because of flooding and they REFUSE to reroute me. Even if I drove all the way to Shreveport to leave from there!! Absolutely HORRABLE service. All they can tell me is to keep rescheduling my ticket until BR opens. As I said once before IS UNDER WATER. It's not opening any time soon. And they refuse to do anything to help me! F$&@ greyhound!!!!

Mechele W.


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I had the worse exsperience in my life on greyhound in new mexico texas and kanses ill never ride greyhound i need my money back or give me a job or im goin to sue.somebody got stabbed a 5hour layover because they sould have had it fixed befor everybody got on the bus they only gave us food vouchers bad service.........

Glee M.


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THE WORST THING I HAVE EVER EXPERINCED. The customer service agents in Dallas were more worried about their cell phone than the paying customer. The drivers were VERY rude, I was yelled at when I asked if I was suppose to board or not. ( this was my first trip with Greyhound.) The bus stop in Kansas was a drug infested closed gas station with no lights. We arrived at 5 am and the bus was about 1 1/2 hrs late. When it did arrive the driver pulled up, and said she was full. I had to wait another 12 hrs for a different bus . The bus stop restroom in KC was a urine soak mess and you have to take you luggage thru that if you want to use the restroom, There was drug dealing in Dallas, right in front of the building. the customer service line is located in the Philippines. The list goes on and on. Oh yeah, Even though all this happened, the trip was paid for in advanced , the company took my money and I'm still waiting on a refund. It was almost like being held hostage. NEVER AGAIN

Sandra J.


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I first tried to purchase ticket online it continue to give me round Trip call to inform them was told they could assist the agent was very nice he quote a price but I did not have the name of my dgt in law. So I had to get the information and call back when I did I was quote a nearly $10.00 higher rate so I asked to speak with a supervisor he stated he was sorry and was going to give me a discount which turn out not to be it 2as for a wronge date . when my son got there was when we found that out. There was no assistance and was told there was no supervisor to help correct the problem so my son end sitting at the bus station for 3.5hours because it was to late to get on a bus that had 2empty sits. Due to a simple thing as correcting a date.and not giving correct information to a customer. I would never recommend grayhound to anyone.

Dan T.


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Well greyhound is not exactly known for on time services but today the station crew in Dallas stood out I missed my connection by 10 minutes so greyhound paid a cab $32.00 to get me to the next stop so I could catch up to my missed bus and continue my trip a big THANK YOU to the two ladies that helped me get on board schedule 1508 they went above and beyond I am impressed and a big grey dog fan

Fabgriffin ..


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Greyhound over books their trips and then refuses to give a refund for 6-8 weeks. They are terrible There was 21 people denied a seat on a bus. Really 21 overbooked seats. This would be a good class action suit for a young lawyer. Go to Tifton, GA and watch how many people are denied their paid seats. Then when the ticket is reissued you get the same problem the next day. Crazy right! Then when you complain, It's like oh well at least we will give you your money back. Grey hound does not even deserve a 1. They are TERRIBLE!!!

Loretta W.


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This is craxy me and my husnad are stuck in nebraska due to a little bit of snow the bus is cancelled til furthwr notice and there's barley any snow on the ground they could of still been on the road travling this is bs

Jaclyn J.


Provided by YPmobile

Can you give less than a star? Bought a ticket for my cousin to go home. Had nothing but problems. Online system won't work, called and made reservation. Called greyhound couldn't get help. Had to change the date. Then I had to book another ticket. Still no help from anyone at customer service over an hour waiting for customer service. ARE YOU KIDDING? Still no help. HOW IS THIS COMPANY STILL IN BUSINESS? Never you money and buy a train ticket.

Kai J.


Provided by YPmobile

I'm traveling from Easton, md. My bus departed at 1:35 scheduled time to Columbus, Ga. When we arrived at the Richmond,va terminal at 8:55 pm we had a 3 hour layover, so our bus was scheduled to leave at 12:15 it is now 3:15 am and we are still here. Nobody knows where the bus is or the bus driver. They won't give us a good voucher.

Marie G.


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My poor Aunt is stuck b/c she lost her printed ticket and Greyhound says they cannot reprint for her. She has a confirmation#! So what is the problem? Now she has to spend money again to purchase a new ticket. Greyhound just doesn't care about their customers and they will continue to get more bad reviews and less customers.

Hanna K.


Provided by YPmobile

You don't even deserve a single star, from what I've come to know this specific location is totally corrupt. I work hard for my money and I am a local but as a friend gets stuck over night due to your inability to figure out how to run things you attack innocent people passing through. It is nonsense and I will be taking my knowledge to corporate. Be ready to pass a drug test employees for judging someone on pure looks. Don't you get it, tattoo's do not make you a criminal. Good look employees.

Royal Q.


Provided by YPmobile

If I knew this company had so many bad reviews I would have never be in this situation. I went to the bus stop in Miami north, to ask if I can get my trip rescheduled for a later date and also I needed another ticket for my grandfather. The man working there said, ok it'll be $20 so i give him my $20 come to find out he handed me back the same ticket that I had to begin with. Simple mistake of him so i just ask him back for my money. He was like,"sorry no refund". So I waited for his manager to come in. She basically told me to go F$&@ myself. So now I was charged $20 extra for a ticket I already have. When I called customer service the only suggestion they had was that I mailed corporate office my receipt In order for them to investigate the situation. Save yourself the trouble and take a plane or ride the train shoot rent a car trust me it'll cost you way less.

Melissa P.


Provided by YPmobile

what kind of business are you running? I work just as hard if not harder for my money a $200 ticket or not more of that bus twice in my adult life and never never have come across a business so inadequate and disrespected to customers step pay for their hard working money you are a sorry organization I don't know how you stay in business.I have had my phone stolen and the driver did not care that my phone was stolen I have set in Atlanta bus station for 29 hours Forno no reason and now you I am and my partner is an hour and a half after excuse me get out of the lake from up to Orlando because the bus driver could not get there in time twice I wrote this bus never again I really hope you let greyhounds get shut down and another CEO will see how to run buses correctly.

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