The Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital provides AROUND-THE-CLOCK emergency veterinary services for the general public. Patients of the metropolitan veterinary referral group and the hospital's member doctors. Metropolitan's staff of emergency veterinarians, support and technical personnel offer STATE-OF-THE-ART diagnostic. Treatment and surgical services to accommodate virtually ANY trauma or illness. The hospital's services range from monitoring vital signs after surgery to boarding ill pets while diagnostic testing is completed. Members of the hospital include the Akron Animal Clinic, Barberton veterinary clinic. AKRON-PENINSULA veterinary office, Wadsworth Veterinary Hospital, West Akron Animal Clinic,  Loyal Oak Animal Clinic,  Creekside Animal Clinic, Bath Veterinary Clinic and Highland Veterinary Clinic. The Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital is located in Akron, Ohio.
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Alicia S.


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I wrote this review on their facebook page and instagram and they deleted it and blocked me. So shady. cant imagine how many horror stories theyve tried to cover up
I had an appointment at 5:30 for my very injured Sugar Glider. I called the staff to let them know I was there at 5:20 and no one answered. I saw a staff person come outside and asked them to let someone know i was there. I NEVER heard from them again. I called again and again until someone picked up 20 minutes later. They took down my name, pet name, and car info. I ended up waiting out there 3 more hours. I tried to call a million times. Finally I got a hold of someone and they straight up told me that they forgot about me. They told me the only vet that sees sugar gliders already went home. They said they would call the vert but they never answered. They told me theyd have to admit my pet under emergency and would charge me hundreds more than they said id have to pay originally. I was so upset and everyone I talked to on the phone was so rude. They didnt care at all. Worst staff I have ever seen anywhere. They ended up taking my sugar glider inside for an hour but the vet never answered the phone so they did nothing for her. When they brought her back out to me, she was dead. They KILLED her!!!! save your pets. Never take them in here. Every person I saw walk out the doors was crying. They killed every pet the day of 11/1/21

Mary D.


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Took my dog there for tests. Was ripped for a $46.00 "hospital stay" fee although she was there for less than two hours. Wanted to stay with her to observe the tests since she was so stressed out from three previous vet appointments in the last month. I was told that "no one was allowed in the back" and of I didn't leave my dog they would not do the tests. I had no choice! Will not recommend this place. Would give a "0" star rating for their professionalism.

Dennis S.


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I was very pleased entering this vet hospital was met at door by a very kind lady who told us where to check in .The check in girl was very friendly and the wait was very short.The tech.came and got us and handled dog with up most care. . Them we were met by Dr Collins who spent more then enough time explaining our pets surgery. Left dog there two nights and was called and updated often.When we picked her up check out girl was also very friendly Over all it was costly but worth it to us and the dog is happy again.ThankYou So Much

Cnmrosko ..


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I had very bad experiences with a woman emergency Vet, DR. GREG CHAMBERS & the surgeon DR. SHELDON PADGETT.

The emergency Vet was kept pushing for me to euthanize my dog right from when I first brought him in.



See my more detailed report on Angie's list or Yelp

Crystal D.


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Awful! Worst experience. All they wanted was money. Dr. Tried to push surgery for broken leg. $3500 - i do not have. And the Dr. made me feel horrible for not moving with surgery I could not afford. Asked me to call family and borrow $3000. I cried all day... I mean all day. They just left me wait in a room i thunk, hoping I would change my mind. A few days later, I took my little dog to another Vet to have her checked again and was told no way they could have done the surgery without shattering her tiny bone. Never again.

Ac S.


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I must say that this hospital may be a Godsend for some, mostly people with A LOT of money. I don't understand such high prices for bandages, and excessive wait times. It's one place you can't leave for less that $300. Unfortunately, that is the state of vet care these days. So many unwanted animals and it's best just to adopt them and care for them, then when there old age sickness comes put them down. It's the most humane thing to do and do they really need to suffer through cancer treatment? (only for their owners, I guess) If you don't have pet insurance I would avoid this place at all costs, unless your dog or cat was hit by a car then bring your high limit credit card.

Christine P.


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I called before going in as an emergency to make sure that they could treat birds. I was assured that they could. Upon getting there I was told that the avian vet, Dr. Riggs was there and would be immediately consulted and that my bird was "very stable" hour later I was presented with a paper stating the care would be between $600-$1200 and that my bird was now critical and that treatment may kill him but lack of treatment would for sure. I said, "OK, what have you done for him so far, and what did Dr. Riggs say" which I was told, "I am not sure where he went and we have done anything yet because we need you to sign off on this first"....huh?? I paid $111 when I walked in and signed a consent to treat at the same time.... why are we bird was bitten by a cat!!! He needs antibiotics! There were NINE employees standing around the front office-area but nobody could figure out what was going on...Angie was rude and too busy training somebody to be bothered with helping a client....I told them to give him the meds, i would pay and take him some place that he could actually be treated! HORRIBLE HORRIBLE experience!! I will NEVER go back! To allow a bird with a CAT BITE to sit for 1.5 hours with NO TREATMENT is inexcusable! I called ahead and left in my pajamas because I knew it was an emergency...why did they not know that

Cody W.


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I took my chinchilla here, because it was acting strange and kept having little seizure-like episodes. When the doctor finally came into our room, he said that our chinchilla was stable and was showing no signs or symptoms of abnormalities. He told us we had two options, have the chinchilla admitted ($400) and have numerous tests run the next day or take him home because there was nothing else they could do. We drove 60 minutes away and paid a $110 dollar fee just to bring him in and have doctor tell us to take him home. When the nurse finally brought our chinchilla back, she said that he was acting lethargic. He was spasming as she gave him to us, but the doctor said he was completely stable. As we were leaving, the doctor came out and simply said "Doing better?," then walked away. He died two hours later in my arms. I will never return to this facility as long as I live.



Provided by Superpages

My experience with the Metropolitan Vet Hospital was a nightmare. My regular Vet was closed for the day, so I took my dog to a new veterinarian who was associated with this hospital; my dog was not eating, she was drinking a lot of water and vomiting it back up, she also did not have a bowl movement in 3-days. I was instructed to take my dog for x-rays and blood work, an hour after I returned home, I received a phone call from one of the vets and I was told that my dog had a tumor the size of two grapefruits, they told me they could not tell exactly where the tumor was, just that it was near her abdomen, they said they would need to do an ultrasound to see exactly where the tumor was, when I asked the price they told me it would be $600, now I have already left a $400 deposit this would be in addition to that, then they told me, she would need surgery that would cost $1400, but there was no guarantees that they could remove the entire tumor, and if they could her life expectancy, if she survived the surgery, would be 6-months maximum. I was devastated, and agreed to have her euthanized, I then called my 82 year old mother who watches the dog while I work, and loves her as much as I do, we cried together on the phone but agreed we would have to let the dog go. While we're crying the Hospital calls back in and tells me they had a radiologist read the x-rays and there is no tumor, the blood work showed the dog was diabetic, I asked what could be done for her, they told me they could try to bring her blood sugar down (674) and stabilize her, when I asked what the cost would be I was told it would be 3-4 hundred more on top of the $400 deposit. Two days later I went to pick-up my dog, and was told the balance was $1021.00 more. I feel I should be compensated for what my mother and I went through emotionally. When I enquired about talking to someone in charge I was told I could talk with the owners on Monday, it was Sunday when I picked up my dog, I asked the name of the owners so I could call and specifically talk with them, and ironically no one knew the name of the owners, now they work for these people, but do not know the name, this isn't over for me, I will be moving forward for compensation.

Tina P.


Provided by YPmobile
Metropolitan Vet Hospital

There mission, I feel is our animal comes first. They are very detailed with there exams. And can give you options for the best care & outcome for your animal. Thank you all do very must with our Pippin, we miss him each & ever day. He was such a little fighter.



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when we went to emergency, we had great care from beginning to end, the staff was great, the following day we heard from Dr. Daye staff, we had winnie in the following morning, we just received a call to update us on how she is doing, could not of had better care, Dr. Day was loving towards Winnie , and we felt peace when we left, is it expensive yes, is she worth every dime? Yes she is, hats off to the doctors and staff, God Bless you all . The Brienza and the Swegheimer family



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A very nice operation but expensive



Provided by Superpages

My vet recommended this hospital, since he ran into problems giving my dog treatments. The people here at Metro Vet were very helpful meeting my needs. The doctors informed me of the treatments and have been very nice after each treatment in that they come out and explain what they did to my dog and asked if I had any questions. The receptionists were very pleasant and helpful in scheduling my appointments, as I come from the cleveland area. I was warned by my vet that it would be expensive so I was ready for the bills and he wasn't wrong, but it is good treatments he is getting and he is getting better. All the people there are very nice and cooperative, even the other people with their dogs. My dog is even happy to go there, he pulls me into the building, so they must be treating him good, else I would think he wouldn't want to go there.



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Two weeks ago my dog began lim...

Two weeks ago my dog began limping, the limping was followed by swelling that gradually got worse over the course of the day. Since it was the 4th of July my normal vet was closed, so I took my dog to Metropolitan. The vet had no idea what the swelling was coming from, so she asked to take x-rays. Two vet techs came up to take my dog away on a stretcher since she is a large mastiff and wasn't able to walk well. One of the vet techs asked if my dog was aggressive, I told her no she wasn't and even if they touched a painful area she would never dream of biting them. The vet tech replied "well just to be safe!" and pulled out a leash, wrapped it around my dogs muzzle, yanked tight, and then tried to pick her up by her face! I was outraged, at this point my fiance stepped in to lift my dog onto the gurney. After the x-rays had been taken the vet came back and said she was seeing bone cancer, she couldn't be positive, but she was pretty sure it was cancer. I asked her if the swelling would go down, she just looked at me. I understand saying " I can't tell you what will happen to your dog, but here's what happens in most cases", I just wanted a general picture and she couldn't even give me that. I took my dog to my vet and as soon as he looked at the x-rays he said "I'm not seeing cancer at all", his first thought was an infection. He gave us antibiotics and Rimadyl and took blood samples. The radiologist called my vet and agreed that she wasn't seeing any cancer either, the blood work also came back looking good. I would never recommend Metropolitan to anyone! The vets are morons and the vet techs need a lesson on how to properly handle a dog.



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Metro is a God send! I live i...

Metro is a God send! I live in the Cleveland area and I found Metro to be less expensive than other vets in my area- especially the ER visit. The Akron residents should feel especially lucky to have such a wonderful facility in their area with such wonderful doctors. They diagnosed my dog right away when no other doctors knew what was going on with him. The people leaving these negative reviews about cost need to remember that part of the responsiblity of being a pet owner is having to pay for unexpected health issues that arrise. If you can't afford it- you shouldn't have pets.



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I had my English Mastiff, Moll...

I had my English Mastiff, Molly in to see Dr. Axlund this week, also his co-worker, Dr. Yates. I can not say enough about how awesome these docs were with my dog. They really gave a feeling of care & concern for her needs. I was impressed by them, beyond words. They made me confident & secure in their care for her & their ability to assess her needs & issues. I never hoped to have my puppy seeing a neurologist, but if she had to see one, I would choose these guys! And the staff was awesome & caring too! The whole experience was exceptional!



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Metro Vet is superb. Drs. Smi...

Metro Vet is superb. Drs. Smith, Axlund and Yates are kind, caring, and helpful. So too are their receptionists. We've taken our dogs to Metro Vet for the past 15+ years and have had excellent experiences with their internists, surgeons, and orthopaedists. We feel fortunate having such a fine facility in the area.

Melissa V.


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Very nice people, Dr. Paget wa...

Very nice people, Dr. Paget was very very kind and answered all my questions. However, they are extremely expensive and didn't seem to try to find the most cost affective and comfortable solution for my pet. Their first suggestion was amputation...on a 13 yr old dog. So even though they were very pleasant and I didn't feel like they didn't care, he was sympathic with our situation. I am going to get another opinion and hopefully one that is more affordable because I want the best for my dog but can't remorgage my home to pay for surgeries. BE PREPARED FOR STICKER SHOCK is all I have to say.



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Dini's broken leg

I came earlier this year in an extremely panicked state--my male parakeet had broken my female's leg!

Dr Quinones was wonderful--VERY caring. I and my girlfriend thought she was GREAT. She was able to settle me down, when my friend couldn't.

I had expected the worst, Dini's leg wound be amputated in the monring.

While I will never understand what happened in 3 hours, but Dr. Beckett call me at 9am to inform me that he would be able to save Dini's leg. And yes, they can cast a parakeet's leg! Dr Beckett knew my Vet in Brunswick, to transferring care to her would be no problem.


Unfortunately, I do agree with the previous reviews about another situation there. The office staff SHOULD HAVE informed me about the care credit card. Instead, I had to put all of Dini's expenses on my general charge card. Had I know otherwise, I would have done it then and there.

My Vet in Brunswick told me of care credit and you wouldn't believe the trouble I had in changing over those charges over. My Vet here finally intervened at my frustration and request. This should not have had to happen...I should have been told about that credit card before I had taken Dini home.

IN THE END, DINI HAD A NICKNAME when I went to pick her up--"little Trooper". She's been that and more!



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Thank God for Metro!!!

I don't know what I would have done if it wasn't for metro!! I ended up there at 8:00 at night with my dog when my vet was closed. Everyone there was so nice- they took such good care of us. They gave us options on treatment so we didn't have to spend a ton of money if we couldn't afford it. They offer payment options through care credit too! They saved my dog's life and I couldn't be more grateful to their doctor's, nurses and the girls at the front desk. We practically spent the night there and they talked me through the entire ordeal. I would recomend them to anyone who has pets!!

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