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Shelly M.


Provided by YP.com

This is the worse place I ever been..I got a puppy from there on October 5 2021 and I had her for a few days .. she won't eat, she is pooping so much that I'm afraid that she will not make it through the night..I called up there and they told my husband that they wasn't able to make me appointment to see the vet at all. She said that I had to call back up at 8:00 in the morning and then maybe if they had time they would see the dog without no for sure answer of if I'm being able to see the the for this dog who is literally dying in front of my eyes. I beg them to help me and they turned me away they just keep pushing me off for another 24 hours and this puppy looks like it's dying poor little guy I don't know what to do in the decision it is swollen it looks like it got a hernia hanging on it and they refuse to even look at the dog I'm not worried about the money the money is not the issue the issue is this sick poor puppy I need them to look at this puppy like I don't even think it's going to make 24 hours and that's sad because I haven't even had it that long poor baby. When I called up there the female that answered was rude and DISRESPECTFUL AS EVER . I HAVE A DIANE PUPPY AND ALL SHE KEPT SAYING IM A REPRESENTATIVE I'M A REPRESENTATIVE!!! "WHO CAN'T MAKE AN APPOINTMENT FOR THE VET??? FOR A PUPPY WHO IS DIEING NOW.. SHE DIDN'T CARE ABOUT THIS PUPPY AT ALL.

Cesar C.


Provided by YP.com

I would like to say one thing first. I'm sure not everyone is going to have a steller experience anywhere. With that said. My experience was extremely a blessing. I went to get my cat a companion. I looked online, seen the kitten I was interested in and went the next day to meet him. I walked in the door and seen him, walked over to him and started playing with him. All of a sudden I heard the little bark. I looked around the corner and seen the cutest lil dog, white and just adorable. Needless to say I met him, played with him and fell in love. They told me he was a shar-pei mix and he was from TN. He was only 8 weeks old, and was just fixed the prior week. They could not tell me what he was mixed with, but I did not care at that point. We became instant friends. I took him home to meet my cat, and they became best friends. He started growing like crazy, and I found out he was going to be bigger than expected. I'm a small dog guy, never imagined having a big dog. He is mixed with lab and pit. To this day, we are the best family. My cat and dog became brothers. I could have been upset, I did not want a big dog, but I would not change one thing. This place is great, they do bust their butts there. It's not easy doing their job. Please do not read 1 persons review ruin a possible relationship you could have with an adorable loving pet. I still take food and treats there for the Lil ones that don't have homes yet. I wish I could take another one, but my house is not big enough. But I thank them for my dog, my boys are loved and spoiled, and are living the best life I can give them. I would not have the love of my 2 guys today without them. Thank you.

Corrina C.


Provided by YP.com

Well I'd like to respond to the Cleveland review. I also adopted a dog from them she was sick with heartworm and a yellow lab mix from GA. This is a no kill shelter. They survive by people donating money and volunteers helping. I used to walk their dogs for positive self- therapy because my beloved pet of 15+ passed away. Those ladies bust their butt to do as much as they can to keep that place running smoothly with so many dogs coming in from everywhere and other states as well. Sometimes they don't receive any information on the dog being rescued. It's the chance you take to do a good deed and save a dog by giving it a loving home. Mine took work, my dog was very sick with heartworm, skin infection, and didn't know what grass was about. They gave her $500 shots (2) of them for heartworm. I didn't pay for that! However, I do donate. Gracie who was formally Cora, she is highly complimented by so many neighbors of mine as a "very good dog". She is obedient and super playful. She behaves like a trained dog, she doesn't bother other animals or people as she walks next to me. I didn't give up I worked with her. Some of her great attributes I think its just who Gracie is. I'm just saying rescue dogs come with problems as do children who come from abusive homes. Just give them lots of love and work with the pet. In the shelter, there will be times it smells of urine and feces but the facility workers do clean the cages and dogs, and floors. I wish owners of animals were more responsible that is where the real problem lies.

Cleveland B.


Provided by YPmobile

I don't think I've ever given a 1 star review. Let alone for an organization that should be 5 stars regardless. I have adopted several animals over the years from different organizations over my lifetime. I adopted a dog here recently and it was a disaster. First of all the first impression: animals strewn everywhere, stacked on top of one another, hair and the smell of urine/feces. There is no office area nor are there private areas for getting to know the animal. They don't know anything about their animals, they talk the animals up as to how wonderful they are but they do not do any sort behavioral testing or even bother to get to know the animals outside of a couple walks. Many animals are sitting on dirty newspaper. The volunteers are not knowledgeable and do not attempt to be helpful (I've browsed here a couple times with the same experience.

I decided to adopt a dog from here, took my dog to meet her, the staff member said "she's great! So friendly and a lover" but when I asked about any issues they had no history on the dog and couldn't even tell me where they got her. I fell in love, though, and decided the next day to come back and adopt. Over the coming months the dog went from being fearful to boisterous which made us happy to see her perk up. But we realized she had severe behavioral issues from being crated her whole life and we could not afford the extensive training she needed. Sadly we had to return her in the hopes a family that had more time (like a retiree) and money could help rehabilitate her.

I called about 4 times with different people answering me and not giving much information on the surrender process. Finally a woman said "come between the hours of 10 and 2 tomorrow" so my fiance took a day off work to surrender her. They did not want to accept the dog, didn't believe she came from their organization, couldn't find her paperwork and said they didn't know if they would take a dog with behavioral issues (she wasn't aggressive). They gave us such a hard time I had to speak with 2 rude people over the phone while my fiance stood there with the dog. They said they didn't tell us to come between 10 and 2 and then turned around and said a volunteer had been telling people that over the phone. They claimed we would have to pay 50 dollars to vaccinate the dog again if they couldn't find the records?? It was so disorganized, everyone was so rude and unhelpful and you could tell they wanted to do everything not to take the animal back.

This place shouldn't be allowed to operate and unless you want to potentially be stuck with an aggressive dog or a dog that does not match your lifestyle or abilities due to their negligence. They just want to get the dogs in and out as quickly as possible not caring if it's the proper home. That dog deserved better than what she got and it was due to their irresponsibility. What kind of organization won't take their own animal back?

I will say my sister adopted a kitten from here with no issues. So perhaps cat adoptions/kitten adoptions will go more smoothly as there are fewer variables.




Provided by YP.com
Love this Place

We have adopted two puppies from here . Our puppies have been great. They are truly a great addition to our family and I couldn't be happier. They are getting new dogs/cats everyday, if you dont see something one day, go back in about a week and there will be different dogs/cats there.

Where else can you pay $65 and get their first shots and spay/neuter and get a friend for life.

Frank T.


Provided by YP.com

I have read the reviews and have discovered that half of the reviewers came seeking an animal to give to. Now these left with an animal. The other half came seeking what the animal could give to them. These left empty handed.

Elise M.


Provided by YPmobile

We go to find our 5 year old a puppy and finds the he wants. The dog had just arrived that day. The sign on the cage said "not available until medically observed." Understandable. We tell them we want the dog and can we put a hold on it. They said "they can't do that, in case something goes wrong during the medical test." Fine I get it. So we go back the next day and the dog is gone. We ask them at the desk. They tells us that the dog we picked has been earmarked for the Cleveland orchestra's donation drive. As in instead of letting a family adopt the dog there and then, they would rather hold it to better their image or some big headed reason. Now we have to wait a week to attempt to get a dog my son wants and I actually dreamt about. Never again with this place.

Anonymous A.


Provided by YPmobile

I'm forever grateful for this place. We found our dog back in December 2014, she came from Tennessee and is the best dog I have ever owned. The shelter is a little run down, but they are very helpful, shots are not expensive, and when I had my dog we had to go back because it had kennel cough, they gave us free meds because we had just got the dog with no hassle either. Again thank you for our amazing dog.

Tina R.


Provided by YP.com

I have a 9 yr old grey tabby named Gracie Mae.I can no longer care for her cause of disabilities. Any idea on what I can do to find her a good home.No one I have talked to wants her. Im brokenhearted !!!

Luke S.


Provided by YP.com

ASPCA is a non for profit too, the last President made over 500k a year



Provided by YPmobile
want a small dog

Interest in a small dog/or a puppy what ever color is available



Provided by YP.com
A great no kill shelter in the...

A great no kill shelter in the Cleveland area. The facility is a little rundown but I'm guessing they don't get enough funding or donations. I adopted my dog, Piper, from here over 5 years ago at an off-site event. I hope they have started fixing all the animals before adopting them out since a lot of owner's often neglect to do this VERY important task.



Provided by YP.com
ready for service

Hello my name is michelle and i am interested in being a volunteer work with the animals.



Provided by YP.com

I adopted my little boy BOBO from here. Everyone was so kind and my little boy is the best addition to my family. Thank you!



Provided by YP.com
try northeast ohio spca inc

i wonder if they have free kittens.My name is Alyssa i have 4 cats 1 is herting real bad.could you help?



Provided by YP.com
understaffed and overwhelmed

I am sorry but this place is a joke. I have contacted this shelter on 3 seperate occasions over the last 5 years and each time I have been turned away. First and foremost the staff, aside from a gentleman I spoke with, is lacking in compassion and communcation skills. All 3 times the women I have spoken too have come across as rude and inconvenienced by my inquiries for their help. All 3 times I was told they did not have room for the animals and they were understaffed. All 3 times I was treated like an idiot, as if what was I thinking calling them to find a safe place for a lost pet. I think perhaps this shelter may be lacking in funding, considering they are always understaffed and seem to be always overwhelmed. A lesson in phone ettiquette, communcations skills is much needed for this staff. If you are unable to help your customer the least you can do is be polite about it and perhaps have some information on hand to refer them to somewhere that can help.



Provided by YP.com
great place

i have adopted two puppies and one dog from here, and one dog is now 3yrs. the pupis now1 yr 6 mos. the other dog is 2yrs. this is a great place to go to find the pet of your dreams. i can not tell you how much joy these babies are to me.

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