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Bob H.


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They are great in helping manage my pain. The staff our professionals and caring for my needs.I am thankful for them.

Teresa P.


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My mother recently saw Dr. Smalley and underwent the "MILD" procedure. She has done wonderful. She had previously undergone other treatments without much pain relief. This procedure per Dr. Smalley was a life-changer. She walked on the track this week 0.9 miles. This is from someone who couldn't walk across the kitchen. Thank you Dr. Smalley for your patience and expertise.

Bonnie S.


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In my opinion its wonderful, Dr smalley, is the Best He listens and cares for his patients and his nurse is absolutely wonderful too, if your looking for a Dr who will help, Try Dr Smalley, he will do everything he can to help

Tiffany B.


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This was my first time going to pain management and I was clueless and nervous on pretty much everything. But from the time I walked in until the time I walked out, they treated me with up most respect! I am so pleased with my doctor (Dr.Smalley) the they scheduled me with. He explained everything to my understanding and made me feel like he was concerned of my situation. I will definitely be going back and am happy I found such a great doctor.

Dixie C.


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The worst medical practice I have experienced in my 64 yrs. When you enter the exam area you are immediately made aware you are considered a drug addict that just doesn't matter. The PA is superior to you. He knows all, you know nothing. Was there 31/2 hrs. Then YELLED at by a nurse when I said I was hurting and needed to go. I walked out, no RX, no next appt. Stay as far away from them as possible.

Diane M.


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I loved Dr Kaplan her nurse not very friendly. The nurse that takes vitals very friendly I got dismissed don't know y. I keep appts,filled prescription on time I have no meds and in pain very upset because I have no one that can the can help.

Vincent C.


Provided by YPmobile

*BAD PRACTICE* I have been seeing Bill Wilson for more then 6 months, every month I'm there because he can't figure out why I'm in pain. The first 3 he spent telling me he hadn't got my mri results, so I took them to him, he then told me that he didn't know why but the request for my mri was never sent. I have 4 bulges disks in my spine another blown in 2 directions at the syatic nerve, his answer is they are doing all they can which is nothing more than my primary was doing just costing me more. Due to other health problems I'm not a good candidate for surgery nor will my cardiologist go along with it unless it's a last resort and I have explained this to him yet every visit he has taken more time to discuss surgery then other options.
I have stopped going there and have left several messages wanting to cancel my appointment and they will not cancel it. They get to charge me if I don't get it cancelled yet they won't cancel it although I have asked for it to be cancelled

Ryder G.


Provided by YP.com

This is the worst doctors office I have EVER been to. "Dr" Karyn Wilson is rude, condescending and uncaring. She does not take time to listen to anyone! I have never had such a bad experience with a doctor before. I, however, did not have a bad experience with the staff like the others. My bad experience came directly from the 'dr' herself. She does not appear to have any warm blood running through her veins. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere els

Nancy C.


Provided by YP.com

My daughter went there and saw the Karyn Wilson, who has no sympathy, was very rude, and not very familiar with MRI report findings. She gave her 4 pain patches for pain for a month. The first one fell off with just a little shower water hitting it, the second the same. Called her to see if she could do anything else, and she said not until the next visit. I took my daughter to the ER they gave her enough medicine until next visit. Everything was ok for 2 months, then all of the sudden she accuses very rudely, and hurtful that we had abused the system. I went and got her a report from the pharmacy that clearly states what my daughter had taken. She was made aware through her nurse about this. We never got a I am sorry or anything. That is fine, as we have found help else where. If you want to have a very rude staff, from reception, nurses, kayon, and scheduling this is the place to go. I would not send my Dog with a broke leg to this hell hole. My family and I have never took pain pills in our life and to be treated so terrible was horrible. It made my daughter and I cry like no one cares. So if you want the worst PA in Chattanooga you are in luck.

Teela H.


Provided by YPmobile
highly unprofessional!!

I have wasted alot of time and money even fooling with these "doctors". They denied me pain medication until I was officially diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis. Fair enough. I told NURSE practitioner Karyn Wilson my symptoms, where I hurt (pelvis & hips, tingling in my spine and legs). Karyn Wilson is not at all familiar with AS, due to the fact that she told me I was too young to be in this much pain (29 y/o, most people with AS have it in their 30's) and also she ordered the wrong view for MRI to help me with the diagnosis. If she had researched AS, she would have found that to diagnose u need images of the SI joints in the PELVIS. Nor did she contact my rheumatologist to get any information whatsoever. If she didn't even know what she was doing she shouldn't have ordered any imaging. She didnt call me back with the results or anything. My rheumatologist told me themselves that she didn't know what she was doing, that she ordered the wrong view! She didn't listen to anything I said, read my chart. So now it's my fault?! That things weren't done right and I have to pay for another MRI that should've been done right in the first place! She is clueless, unprofessional, condescending. The nurses there look like they just rolled out of a trash can. Will NEVER EVER go back to these jokesters!

Jennifer M.


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Great Doctor!

Been going here for years and I find everyone to be very professional. The doctor I see here is very compassionate as well. Have had no problems here at all.

Kevin D.


Provided by YP.com

My first visit was a great one the staff was very nice and friendly. My provider Joan seemed to be very concerned about my conditions and was very helpful with my treatment.



Provided by YPmobile
Unethical Unprofessional

I am still suffering from the damage done at this crack house. They do not care about people just money. They spit on the DO NO HARM oath. It's a hotbed for impaired PA, nurses & I never saw a Dr there. Rebecca Payne had severe mental problems, she's a liar & had abused her license to harm many people, her side kick Chassity Allen is obviously a slave to Ms Payne. Due to the malicious lies it has tarnished my medical records. If you are an upstanding citizen that abides by the law, doesn't drink or do drugs BEWARE! When I said I insist on health care professionals taking my health as seriously as I do, Ms Payne went into a RAGE & it's ALL on tape. I am trying to find others who have suffered due to malicious misconduct to join me in a class action law suit. File grievance with your insurance, contact the Board of Medicine & the BBB. For your own safety, turn your smart phone onto video or record so you have the behavior on tape. The office manager does not care what goes on there. Dr Ball has yet to be found. Please post your stories about this place on paindr.com. It's a shame that a very angry dangerous PA can destroy your life with pleasure. They MUST be closed down! Inhumane, merciless, cold, contemptuous, heartless deceivers that fabricate lies to cover their million dollar money making business. It's NOT a health care facility, you'd be safer in a gang infested ghetto. The entire staff should be drug tested, undergo a psyche evaluation and be shut down. If anyone wants to view the videos- they are on YouTube- warning, it's VERY disturbing

Pam P.


Provided by YP.com

I have been here for over a year. Currently looking for someone else , (THAT CARES) I see R. Payne.She tells me that the pain medicene she is giving me helps, I JUST DON"T KNOW IT !! I burn up (hot) ALL the time along with not helping my pain. I asked her to take me off of it and she Exact words. "I am not willing to take you off of this at this time." I have been in a romm for a hour and a half while she waited on other patients that came in after I did. One time I was the last patient walking out of the building All help was gone. My appointment was at 3;00. Someone had to unlock the door to let me out.I have a problem with depression, and every time I go there I end up more depressed than I ever was. I don't know about some of the others, but she is the most UNCARING persin I have ever met. She is young and the way she thinks. You are a drug addict trying to get high.

William C.


Provided by YP.com

I have been a patient here for about 6 months.

Yes, I have to agree w/ the other "Reviewers" that the Staff at the "Front Desk/Reception" are indeed somewhat rude, harried, and not very friendly; at all.

The physician I was assigned could not be more professional, understanding, compassionate.

The "Nurses" that upon intake go about gathering your "Vitals," (Weight, etc.) are less than "Professional," & quite un-friendly.

The entire/overall "Atmosphere" there at C.I.P.M. is one of everyone being in a hurry, and for the most part this makes me as a patient feel more like a "Number."

For those of us unfortunates that require "Pain Mgt.," this is all very unfortunate.

We suffer many indignities solely by virtue of the types of medications that we need in order to simply cope w/ life on a day to day to day basis.

The general "Treatment" afforded us at "C.I.P.M." makes life even MORE unbearable.

I have to wonder how many Chronic Pain Patients have simply had enough, "Given up," & decided that they would rather not be living?

My hope & prayer is that someone in Upper-Management from "C.I.P.M." Stein Drive, Chattanooga, Tennessee will READ some of these factual, honest "Reviews" & set about trying to improve things.

Thank you.



Provided by YP.com

Don't go here. They have an incredibly rude staff at the front desk, You walk in and they are rude while doing vitals. It used to be a nice place when they were at Erlanger East Womens. Everything changed when they moved to Stein Drive. The doctors are condescending, sometimes hateful. Uncaring staff overall I am so disappointed to leave them after 4 years, but because of a misunderstanding I was expected to pee in front of a staff member and was utterly humiliated. They would not even listen to me or give me time to try. I am now in incredible pain. They do not care. You are nothing but a number when going to this place, once they moved to this new location, they took on way too many patients and stopped caring about their own. They do no live up to any of the promises and are quick to judge you and make you feel less than human. I wouldn't send my worst enemy to this place. Dignity is important to me, they do not seem to care about that any longer. I suppose they would rather you suffer in pain than listen to you, because they are too much in a hurry to get to the next patient.



Provided by YP.com

Dr.s are very condesending in their dialogue with patients. Did not know that a prescription drug I'm takeing could cause falst positive resultson a drug test. Treats patients as like they were doctors in a prison or institution. Does not listen to patients as they describe their symptoms. The most un-professional business I've seen in the medical profession.

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