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Tyler M.


Provided by YP.com

Within a minute of sitting down with Jody N. Gothard, I realized I had come to the right resume writer. As a straightforward business person myself, I appreciated his direct demeanor and candid attitude. He cut right to the chase, asking for bullet points about my work history, experience, and career goals.

During the initial consultation, Jody made it clear that my work experience was impressive for a young man my age, but my resume was so poorly written that hiring managers were overlooking my sales talent. I needed an expert to rewrite my resume so it caught people's attention, and I am so glad I discovered CareerPro.

With no short supply of relevant success stories for every industry at every level, I felt 100% confident that Jody and his team would get the job done for me. I was relieved to have Jody and his team work on my resume, because it took all the pressure off of my shoulders and allowed me to explore my own work history from a fresh perspective.

Not only is Jody both fair and reasonable, his experience working with business men and women is obvious from the get-go. Once you're in his corner, he will work with you to get you exactly what you need in both a timely and professional manner.

Whether you are a c-level veteran with decades of work experience, a mid-level sales executive like myself who needed a professional to lend a hand, or even a recent college graduate looking for a leg up in the competition, Career Pro has more than enough experience and writing talent to help you land your dream job. I could not recommend any other resume writer more highly than I recommend Jody Gothard. He really is a Career Professional, and I will be returning to do more business with him in the future when I'm ready for my next gig!

Gavin T.


Provided by YP.com

I didn't have a ton of money to spend when I went to see Jody at CareerPro Resumes but he was happy to work with me on price. Jody was also flexible when it came to a payment plan and he and his writers were very thorough with the types of questions they asked to get my resume in shape. My resume is much stronger than it was before and I'm confident that it will stand out amongst all of the others in my next job search. Worth the money for peace of mind alone.

Dana B.


Provided by YP.com


There were a lot of places I could have gone, but I wanted to actually meet the person that would be doing my resume, and online I wasn’t sure who would be writing the resume. It could be a college kid working in a dormitory. Or I couldn’t even be sure they existed. I wanted a face with a company name. I Googled this company, and there were two things that I really liked about Career Pro. Number One was WSB TV had done a feature about them, and Frank Ski and V-103 had Mr. Gothard on his top rated radio show. After I further researched them and their credentials, I stopped looking.
My experience with Mr. Gothard was very good. They offered to revise my resume as many times as I needed, and would continue to work with me for free until I got a job making at least or more than I was making. I was working in A/P, A/P with a company in January, when I first came to Career Pro. The company closed, and I came to see them. My interview with Mr. Gothard was very nice, very comfortable. I was very impressed with the samples of other administrative professionals they had done resumes for, both how well they were written and how they were laid out.
I chose the fold open brochure style, as seems to be what the HR Managers are giving preference to, and I wanted something to stand out to help me transition from Accounts Payable/Receivable to Office Management or Executive Assistance. It has been so long since I needed to have resume, having worked for this one gentleman for over 30 years, I didn’t know where to begin and am very grateful to have found such a good company in Career Pro which has also been in business for over 50 years.
I needed help and Career Pro came to the rescue! I had friend that said, “Oh I can write your resume for free” but I felt that it would make me more money to pay a professional writer to overcome all the competition that is out there. If you want the best company to give you the best shot at A LOT of interviews and JOB OFFERS, call this company. I have two friends at Delta that I have referred who are also coming in to see them. They gave me a great product, and great guidance!

Bruce B.


Provided by YP.com

I received my completed resume from Career Pro Resumes within 3 days of our initial meeting. After receiving my resume yesterday afternoon at 3 pm I emailed 2 possible employers about 6:30 pm and received an email from one of the HR Departments this morning that they forwarded my resume to the Hiring Manager. Thanks for the Great Work Jody. Bruce

Juno L.


Provided by YP.com

He should hire a secretary because Jody is arrogant, easily upset, rude and has no customer skills. Jody is a great writer but does that matter since he doesn't writer resumes. He is a con artist sales man and the admin. He will try to sell you on his writing career and tell you he's the only published writer in Georgia which know I see why. He will sell you on his award winning writing skills and sell you three different resume packages. A resume- A resume and cover- and a resume, cover letter, and folder. He wont listen to you or care if he does because he doesn't write the resumes himself, he contracts it out to who-knows writers.
He forgets about you after you sign the contract and leaves you with a no return policy.

Alan W.


Provided by YP.com

Glad I hired Career Pro to help update my resume after deciding that an experienced professional could significantly improve my chances of attracting attention from target companies.

Jody knows the right buzzwords and helped me sift through my experience to extract what would be significant to corporate recruiters and hiring managers. The buzzwords are important because many resumes these days are scanned and recruiters and HR personnel search their resume database for particular experience and credentials. If you have that in your background but it is not listed, you will not make the cut for an interview.

Said I needed to quantify my experience where possible and detail examples of my successes. He helped me craft two versions of my resume for different industries.

He simplified what I had written so that the end result is crisp and flows better.

The resume is too important to take a chance on a mediocre product so I recommend Career Pro Atlanta.

David W.


Provided by YP.com

Just arrived from NYC. Knowing that this is a "who you know" city," I was looking for a local firm with local knowledge on jobs and careers. Career Pro jumped out from an internet search , as the most experienced and reputable company in the Atlanta market. Mr. Gothard was very helpful, friendly, and professional. He put my mind at ease with his ability to pinpoint my existing skillset, as he pointed out that I could work on staff or as a consultant in ANY field of marketing, not just Financial.

We did a thorough interview, comparing my resume with some of his samples of people in my industry. they look better than mine, even though I had more experience than most. Mr. Gothard fixed that!

I got the resume back same week, the resume has already attracted interest, and as a result I have an interview lined up with a local doctor. As Mr. Gothard pointed out, I can use my financial skills in ANY industry, Go see them if you want the best results possible.

Avi S.


Provided by YP.com

My experience with Career Pro has exceeded my expectations, which wasn't easy since I was new in town, and needed a LOT of help both with my resume, and with my career direction. My wife and I had just arrived here from the great city of New Orleans, and quickly found that its not just what you know that can get you a good job here, its who you know. I picked Career Pro originally because of Mr. Gothard's award winning writing team, and was duly impressed with their ability to turn a really horrible document into a brand new, unrecognizable NEW ME. I was able to send out the completed resume in less than one week, and immediately started to get hits on it from good companies looking for a high level teaching professional. Not only did I get top level writing quality from this company, I also got FREE career advise and counseling throughout the process. I was able to call Jody whenever I needed assistance in interviewing, negotiating, and following through on job leads and offers.

Anthony N.


Provided by YP.com

I heard about Mr Gothard through a non-profit that I volunteer for. With 3 kids, private schooling and the cost of living, making a bigger income became my objective. I must say, at first I was a little nervous because I haven;t had a professional resume done for me before, and I must say, he did a great job, though I think I'm a decent writer myself, but resumes aren't my forte.
Besides the resume, with the info I provided him, he was able to help me zone into to what was best suited for me, having been self employed for many years, doing multiple entrepreneurial endeavors.
Thanks Jody - I will recommend you and your company to any individuals I know that are looking for a really great resume.

Letitia J.


Provided by YP.com

Beware of Jody Gothard! I ignored signals that Jody Gothard was not above board because a colleague referred me to the company and he answered the phone when I called. He did a hard sell and promised a quality resume, 25 brochures and executive core qualifications. All he delivered was an electronic copy of an updated resume, WITH THE WRONG NAME. Because I'm not in Georgia, I haven't taken action except to hopefully warn others.

Adira K.


Provided by YP.com

Career Pro Resumes is among the best companies ever to give you a spectacular, impressive resume within a highly satisfactory time-frame and for a very reasonable price.

Jody Gothard is an instant like with his great sense of humor, willingness to listen, and patience with both clients and employees. He is kind, highly intelligent, sweet, talented, and reliable. He can give you what you need, when you need it, to find the job of your dreams!

The way Jody runs his business is not only professional, advantageous, and beneficial, but also he and his awesome team are ethical, honest, caring, supportive, accommodating, and a true pleasure to work with due to their willingness to help you get your auspicious resume ready for your interviews.

CPR (Career Pro Resumes) resuscitates your old, outdated, poorly written, and/or barely-written resumes to life. [Hence the initials]

My experience can attest to the phenomenal customer service and wonderful results. I highly recommend my family and friends to check out Career Pro; I recommend you to talk to Jody and check it out the amazing company! Tell your friends and family.

Don't Forget: Free consultation, highly advantageous resume in a timely manner, jaw-dropping results, and guarantee to find the job that makes your heart soar!

Thank you, CPR for reviving my resume!

I'd give you 7 stars, but the star-rate only provides 5.

Nathan N.


Provided by YPmobile

After reading these reviews I'm glad I steered away from this guy. I asked him twice to give me a rough estimate of what a client pays for his services and he wouldn't give me any idea. I ended up scheduling a time to meet on the initial conversation, but then after not getting my questions answered and nearly 25 missed calls (he will hound you, read some of the other reviews) I decided to find someone more professional. After I had the courtesy to give him a heads up that I would not be meeting him at the scheduled time, instead of just ignoring this idiot, he sent me a text message that reads "Great as I booked some one who wanted ur slot! Good luck. I hope you get the same 75% interview rate but I would not bet on that with a generic resume written by a non published "writer"". Hope this helps you make a better career decision for yourself and not elect to waste your time and money here.

Aaron V.


Provided by YP.com

It all started with a phone call. As I hit the dial button on my cellphone it took but maybe 2 rings and a Mr Gothard answered not only greeting me and making me feel welcomed but throughout the initial phone call he got to know some of my personal background and things I’m passionate about which unlike most resume writers you’ll get lucky if you get an hour of your time on the phone let alone in person and not only that but good luck trying to have them get to know you. For most they run their business like some sort of assembly line. I mean let’s be honest would you not want handcrafted Mercedes or the Ford Taurus off the assembly line.

Jody is a guy who is not only strait forward in the way he does business but the fact that he takes his time to get to know you will do wonders for your resume. Maybe it has something to do with being a writer. Unlike most assembly line resume writers out there who will put just any word down to try to make you stand out Mr Gothard takes his time trying to find the best words to describe you and your personality as well as your previous work experience. All of this happened just during the initial phone call. So to be honest I felt comfortable going to meet him in person at his office.

When I arrived at Jody’s building there was a big red sign that said resumes. As I walked into the building his office was pretty easy to find despite the fact that his office is on the top level of the building. As I arrived I was greeted by him and he sat me down and we got strait down to business. We talked about more personal background information that would be helpful in putting together my resume. Again being that he is a previous writer for newspaper he really does his best to get to know you that way what he sees and gets from you will describe exactly who you are on paper. Unlike other guys you may get someone like I’ve said before who will use words to describe you that even you would look at and shake your head.

When it came down to the business side Mr Gothard discussed options of the quality of resume I could have vs your plane jane usual resume. There are like packages. You get what you pay for. Not only are his prices to most first class resume writers competitive but are a bang for your buck. You will get a lot of options regardless of what package you pick. If you take the opportunity to meet him you’ll see what I mean when it comes to the presentation of your resume. I can guarantee mine will stand out over 99% of the rest in the stack.

Jody is extremely professional as well as a good guy. Not only does he take a payment plan but the guy will literally hand you your finished product before you even finish paying for it. Your average resume writer would already be forgetting who you were right after you paid it off. Jody is a man you can trust with not only the quality of your resume but someone down the road you can stay in contact with and have help you with updating you resume whenever that time arrives. Now take the leap and give him a call. IM SERIOUS!

Ricky K.


Provided by YP.com

Jody is exceptionally friendly, and as an attorney I appreciate that. I also researched this

And other Atlanta companies extensive before I chose Career Pro, and I must say it was the ONLY choice as it was the company with the most positive reviews, the longest track record, and the oldest resume company in the city and the country.

From the first time I walked into their office, Jody is up front about the costs of a new resume, and he is honest when detailing the benefits and risks involved when writing a resume. Once I authorized his team to start working on the resume, he was available to me at all times. The turn-around time for getting my new resume was very short. As a Law Review Editor/Writer at John Marshall School of Law, I know good writing when I see it, and I don’t see it very often. I was overwhelmed and very pleased with both the content and packaging of my brochure style resume.

Jody is a pleasure to work with, and he also has a great reputation for his leadership roles

he has taken in the Atlanta non-profit community. He is a professional in every sense or the word, and I highly recommend him and his Career Pro Resume award-winning writing team to everyone needing a resume uplift and a higher interview rate. Don’t go with the amateurs when you need a published writer, and this is only published writer I could find in the entire Atlanta market. Jody told me his father was a Court of Appeals and Juvenile Court Judge in New Orleans where he grew up, yet he decided to become a writer instead of an attorney. If he had been in my law school class at John Marshall, I would have had some extremely tough competition for Law Review Editor. I am very grateful he became a resume company owner instead, for obviously selfish reasons of my own.

P W.


Provided by YP.com

Jody Gothard will hound you to no end for any agreed CASH deposit. After that you will not be able to contact him with any additional information you may want to add to your resume. When he's done, he will once again hound you to pick up your resume (what he thinks you should have) and make sure you bring CASH! Then he will be done with

you once and for all! No! Or don't give him more than $99.00!



Provided by YP.com
Jody Gothard, the president an...

Jody Gothard, the president andf seemingly the only employee of Career Pro, misrepresents himself as being the oldest and most successful resume writing service in the country. After being persuaded by him and promised a guarantee of satisfaction, Mr. Gothard presented documents and emails to me with what he called "typos" and grammetical errors. Since a resume should be a specialized document and perfected to impress potential employers, I decided that Mr. Gothard was not the right person to write the resume and asked for a refund of the advanced payment that I was required to give him before the resume was written. This request for refund was made within 24 hours of payment to him but as he had required me to write the check to him personally instead of to his company, he had already cashed the check and very non cooperative in my request for a refund. Career Pro, or Jody Gothard Inc, as I was told the checks were to be made to, would not be my recommendation for anyone for a resume preparation. As a 25 year business owner in Metro Atlanta, I have seen many resumes and had hundreds of dealings with fellow business owners but Mr. Gothard has been unprofessional and uncooperative in our negotiations and discussions regarding my resume preparation.



Provided by YP.com
Terrible business

They will have you pay a lot of money for a terrible resume. My resume had spelling and grammatical errors. I'm in health care, and the resume they created had nothing to do with this field. It made me sound like I wanted a part time secretarial job instead of a career.

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