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Provided by YPmobile

These people are scammers. They cell counterfeit phones. I bought a s4 I. Feb and had problems since day 1. It was suppose to be brand new. I finally took it to another place to sell it when they told me it was a fake. On top of that they are very rude. DONT MAKE THE MISTAKE I DID AND BUY FROM THEM!!!!



Provided by Superpages

This place is so horrible I can't even rate it but in order to post this I have to do a rating. They were so rude. I bought an galaxy s4 suppose to brand new in feb. I had it for 3 months and had nothing but problems. I finally took it to a place where I live now to sell it and the turn to me and tell me it is a counter fit phone. Never do business with these people. You will regret it. Rude and counter fit products.

Celina M.


Provided by YP.com

The owner sells Gs4s and iphones for $220-$280 and is a scammer! I bought one from him the other day just to find out later that the phone was a fake!! Tried to get my money back and he refused to give me a full refund until I began to threaten him about court and getting Samsung/Apple involved. DO NOT BUY A PHONE FROM THIS GUY WHO IS MONEY HUNGRY AND CROOKED. They are all crooks and frauds. Thanks for wasting my time and money. Oh, and I did get a hold of Samsung about this incident. They seemed very appreciative of this knowledge of counterfeit phones :)



Provided by YP.com

I just wanted to share an experience with you guys. The owner of Golden torch wireless on central near the aquarium here in ABQ is a total loser. Golden torch is trying to sell cars with a warranty but no warranty papers. Today I went with my mother's friend to look at a car for sale in their parking lot. After test driving and all we noticed lots of problems. I handed back the keys to the owner of the shop and he blew up. I said that the car has problems and he started cussing and blowing the biggest storm, don't tell me how to run my business ect. This guy doesn't know anything about customer service. He told me to leave since he wasn't dealing with my business. I left to defuse the situation. I had my mom and her friend with me and once I left he still wouldn't stop the rampage.



Provided by YP.com
I took my child's kyocera rise...

I took my child's kyocera rise in for repair a week ago, the counter person 'oh yea my tech can reattach the keyboard so it will never come apart again, come back on Monday'. My husband returned on Tuesday to pick it up at 4:30pm and was told they did not have any 'keys' after 4pm to get to the phones in for repair. I returned on Wednesday at 1pm and was told, ' oh we cant find screws, we have it together but it will just fall apart again, do you want it anyway'. Im like ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm NO I paid you to fix it and you represented you would, why would I want it when i had to PRE PAY for your service if it is not fixed. He asked that i return after 5pm to pick it up, so I was like 'I thought you didnt have any keys after 4pm and why did you not inform my husband yesterday that it was not even done yet.' Then I notice, hmmmmmmmmmmm they close at 5pm so why would I come back after that. I have been calling all day today (Friday) to see if it is ready instead of wasting the drive and I just keep getting 'this voicemail is full message' they wont even pick up there phone. They dont take your name, number or contact info, just your money, your phone and give you a hand written receipt. Half the people in the lobby dont seem to be doing anything and the sales guy shakes and has glassy eyes, and it doesnt seem that they actually 'repair' anything, so I wonder what is really going on in this place. All I know is they have a 300.00 dollar droid hostage and I better get it back without having to have the police escort me to do so, that is if the place ever stays open, has keys or answers their phone. DO NOT go here, very very shady. ....................update ..returned two days later on a Sat at 12:30 and was told the phone was ready but AGAIN the employee with keys to get to the phone was not in until later that day and was told to return later...by husband returned 3 hours later and even though customers came in after him they were served first...eventhough the guy at the counter knew he was just there to pick up a repair that was completed. Makes me wonder...well they already had our pre paid money..my husband is black..so I guess we didnt matter as much..he has been there over an hour and half and is STILL WAITING as I write this update...RIDICULOUS...i would seriously consider this a theft of services. I wonder what the 10 people hanging around outside exchanging packages in their parking lot are doing hmmmmmmmmmmm..seems there welcome as they come into the store to converse with the staff etc. Seriously APD needs to check this place out. They couldnt match the phone with our receipt...wanted us to identify it..and THEN it wasnt even repaired....we didnt get what we paid for. I am reporting them to APD for theft of services. The phone they handed us back had pieces missing that were there when we gave it to them and then wasnt even repaired. RIPOFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After an argument and the mention of APD we were able to get our money back. Update: We took our phone into Fullbars on Coors & Montano and it was fixed, properly and functional within 1 day at the fraction of the charges that this place was trying to charge us. Good service, friendly tech, Michael, thank you for making what this was supposed to be EASY & EFFICIENT. Anyone thinking of using Golden Torch for repairs...head over to the folks at Fullbars, they have three locations and are much more friendly, competent, do not make you pre pay and can actually deliver the services they say they can. Thank you Fullbars!!!!



Provided by YP.com

This was the worst experience ever. I went their January 2 2013 to get my phone flash thinking it was only going to take a few hours. The guy who was at the desk told me it would be about an hour. Four hours later it still wasn’t done. It going on 530 now and I have been there since 11pm. Then he told me to come back the next day around 12 so I did when I came back he told me it wasn’t done yet because he had a tech take it to another store to look at it. Once again he told me an hour it would be done and ready to go. Three hours past the phone wasn’t still done. Three days later the phone was still being flashed for some reason. Every time I went in to check on my phone it was a lie after another. I couldn’t understand why he was lying so much. I just wanted the truth. If my phone could not be flashed just tell the truth up front. It took a week for me to get back my phone.



Provided by Superpages

DO NOT! do business with these crooks! I took my sons ipod in to get the screen repaired. I was told it would be ready in 3 days. On the third day I go to pick it up and supposably everything is locked up. They following day my son goes to pick it up and is given an iPod that doesn't work and has a screen just as bad as the one I took in to get repaired. Turns out they never fixed his ipod and tried to give him an iPod that was broken and tried to keep his good one. I went over there and demanded they give me my sons ipod back. The stupid guys pulls it off the counter and says they couldn't fix it and they didn't have a number to call me, yet I'd been there 2days before asking about it plus i wrote my number on the paper work they give u. If he couldn't fix it why did he try to give me a broken iPod that was broken and not mine! I will never ever again do business with these people! They try to rip you off . The guy that works there thinks he's slick but he truly is not very bright!



Provided by YPmobile
Golden Torch Cellular

The WORST place EVER!!! Been here for three hours today...and this is the fourth time here in 6 days!!! Dont come here!!



Provided by Superpages

I been doing business with golden torch for over 5 years now I never had 1 problem with them the guy that works over there knows what he's doing but he needs the help these customers don't understand it takes time I just got my iphone 4s flash to cricket everything working for 60 bucks I had no problems .



Provided by YP.com
it was the worst place ever th...

it was the worst place ever they took 3 days to flash a phone. with one guy there who wasnt very friendly and it sucked. I had to go back 5 times and every time i heard give me 30 min. so dont go!!!!!!!



Provided by Superpages

This is the worst place ever. I don't want too say my name cause with all the reviews I've read I don't want them keeping my family members phone. Today I went and after 24 Hours the phone still isn't ready, 30 minutes, 30 minutes, is wat they keep saying. I wish I would have read all the reviews first. With all these complaints how are they still in business? I don't get it. And it keeps coming back to this guy on a green bike.



Provided by Superpages

This guy must be a millionaire... who runs a business and doesn't answer the phone all day long? Going somewhere else!



Provided by Superpages

I took a phone off to get flashed and was told to come back next day to pick it up. They were closed and no store hours were posted any where. I try to call and never any answer. I am hoping I can get my phone back....



Provided by Superpages

Store hours are not user freindly ( or they just dont bother to open) and cant reach anyone on the phone, ever. "Mailbox full" Isnt this a phone store?



Provided by Superpages

man!! why in the world would you have a phone number posted on the internet, when you dont even answer the phone?!! i cant believe that!!



Provided by Superpages

HORRIBLE!!!! I paid 40.00 to have my phone flashed over the guy in the store was not very good at customer service.. I am a business owner and if any of my employees where like that I would fire them. It took 3hrs for them to do this and my phone does not even work.. I have called there store and they were rude on the phone to me told me the only way they will do anything is for me to come in.. They close at 5 my shop does not close till 6 how the hell... I am seriously thinking about calling the cops cause this is a total SCAM!!! nobody answers phone at central store. I highly recommend going some where else for a phone. they are liars and scandalous.. I have gone by the san mateo store 2 times doors where locked and no one there it was b4 5pm each time. something needs to be done about this place... I am very suprised that they are even still in business..



Provided by Superpages
Notably good service experience


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