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Mount Vernon, WA

Situated in Skagit County, Mount Vernon, Washington, is estimated to have a population of nearly 30,000. It is the county seat for Skagit County and has a total area of almost 30 square miles.

Mount Vernon is known as tulip country and hosts an annual Tulip Festival. Many of the tulip bulbs grown in Mount Vernon are actually shipped to the Netherlands and then sold as Holland tulips. In addition to sharing tulips, the climate is also very similar to that of the far-away country: the temperature is mild during the summer, around 60 degrees, and cooler during the winter, with an average temperature approaching 40 degrees.


One of the most prominent areas in Mount Vernon is the downtown area, which is home to approximately 250 businesses, services, retail stores, and the historic Lincoln Theatre. Downtown is also the site of many of Mount Vernon's events and festivals, including the annual Tulip Festival Street Fair each April.

There are also a number of popular neighborhoods in the city:

  • Bay View: This suburban neighborhood features mostly single-family homes. These dwellings are mostly medium-sized with three to four bedrooms. The education of residents in this neighborhood is very high, and these individuals hold jobs primarily in executive, managerial and professional fields.
  • Conway: Conway is a rural neighborhood accented by farms. The neighborhood is mostly made up of single-family homes, which feature three to four bedrooms. The education level is average, and the residents hold jobs primarily as manufacturers and laborers.
  • City Center: Dwellings in this neighborhood are mostly small, single-family homes, featuring one to two bedrooms. With a moderate education level, the residents of this urban neighborhood are mostly manufacturers and laborers.

In general, the city is very ethnically diverse. Nearly 20 percent of Mount Vernon's residents were born outside of the United States. While the most common language spoken in the city is English, many of the residents also speak Spanish.


Mount Vernon is known for its excellent school system, which was recently expanded to include a new middle school and a new elementary school, for a total of 14 public schools. There are more than 6,000 students in the district taught by more than 300 teachers, creating a student-to-teacher ratio of 20-to-1. The district's Mount Vernon High School is known for its high school boys basketball team, which has had one of the highest winning percentages of any boy's high school basketball team in the state of Washington in the last 20 years.

There are also five private schools in Mount Vernon, which teach just under 800 students. Almost 40 teachers are employed at the private schools, creating a student-to-teacher ratio the same as that of the public schools: 20-to-1.

When it comes to a higher education, Mount Vernon has a few notable choices:

  • Skagit Valley College: In 2007, Washington Monthly magazine named Skagit Valley College one of the best community colleges in the nation. This two-year college offers associate's degrees in a number of different fields, including health professions and related sciences, data processing technology, and communication systems installation and repair.
  • Northwest Hair Academy: This two-year, for-profit technical school offers an education for barbers and hairstylists, cosmetologists and personal services. While the school population is made up primarily of women, there are some men who attend.


Mount Vernon is home to more than 4,000 employers, offering approximately 50,000 jobs. Nearly 80 percent of residents work in the private sector for companies such as Kohl's, Medical Connections, Critical Connection and Skagit County Community Action Agency. Another 13 percent of Mount Vernon's workers are employed by the government, and 5 percent are self-employed.

Some of the most common careers in Mount Vernon include office jobs, management and professional occupations, and production and transportation positions. The most commonly needed occupations in the city include physical therapists, phlebotomists, physical therapists and occupational therapists.


  • Children's Museum of Skagit County: The exhibits at this museum revolve around science, art, music and more. The museum is suitable for people of all ages.
  • McIntyre Hall: Here, patrons can enjoy an evening of symphony, opera or ballet entertainment.
  • Outdoor activities: There are a number of outdoor activities to take part in here, such as fishing, hiking, walking and biking. There are also many local parks for residents and visitors to enjoy. Some of the most popular include the 1.5-acre park on the east bank of the Skagit River, Lions Park, and the newest neighborhood park, Division Street Park. It has a basketball court and a playground for children. For those who enjoy mountain biking, the city offers the Mount Vernon and Sedro Woolley Area. Specific trails in this area include the Lily/Lizard Lakes Loop, the Mount Josephine trail and the Walker Valley trail.


There are a number of activities and events available to local residents and visitors:

  • Skagit Valley Tulip Festival: This event takes place annually during the first two weeks of April. Since its beginning in 1982, many tourists, flower enthusiasts and residents have enjoyed the viewing and exhibition of these beautiful flowers.
  • Highland Games and Celtic Festival: This festival takes place the first weekend in July each year. During this event, patrons can enjoy Scottish music and dancing, traditional competitions and retail booths.

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