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How does DexKnows.com work?
Why use DexKnows.com?
I own a business listed on DexKnows.com. How do I add or update my business information?
How do I report problems with the site?
How do I advertise on DexKnows.com?

Business Search

How do I narrow (reduce) the number of business results based on my specific needs?
Where can I get driving directions to a specific business?
I did not get results for my search. What can I do?

People Search

What do the "H" and the "W" that are displayed next to a person’s name represent?
I don't want my residential information published. What do I need to do to remove it from your site?
How do I add or change my residential or personal work listing?

Ratings & Reviews

Does DexKnows.com read every review before it's published?
How soon will my Rating and Review be posted on the site?
Can I rate a business without writing a review?

Mobile Features

I sent a business listing from your site to my mobile phone, but I did not receive it. What happened?
If I enter my mobile number, will I receive more text messages?
Does DexKnows.com have any mobile platforms that I can use on my mobile handset?
Does the DexKnows.com Send to Phone service cost anything?


Why should I register?
Is all the registration information required?
What networks can I use to automatically log in to DexKnows.com?
How private is the information I give you?
Is any of my DexKnows.com registration information available to the public?
I thought I registered on DexKnows.com, but I can’t log in. What happened?
I'm registered on DexKnows.com. How do I change my display name?
I'm registered on DexKnows.com. Can I change my email address?
I forgot my password. What can I do?
How do I save my Favorites?
Why are my DexKnows Favorites different on my mobile app?
Can I share my DexKnows.com Favorites with anyone?
Close User Registration on DexKnows.com
I can’t see any activity by my friends. Why is that?
I still have questions about registration. Who can answer them?