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In 1846 Eugene Franklin Skinner erected the first cabin in what was to become Eugene. Oregon. Today it is the second-largest city in the state of Oregon, with a population of about 150,000, and serves as the county seat of Lane County.

Located in the southern portion of the Willamette Valley, 60 miles off the Oregon coast where the McKenzie and Willamette rivers meet, the city of Eugene has a land area of 40 square miles. In addition to being known for its natural beauty, Eugene is home to the University of Oregon and is often associated with political activism, alternative lifestyles, outdoor recreational activities, and artistic focus. The motto of the city is "The World's Greatest City of the Arts and Outdoors."


Although the manufacture of wood products has been important, the city's economy has been boosted as well by the many small natural-food stores located around the city. The manufacture of recreational vehicles is also a prominent Eugene industry.

Eugene's largest employers are local government, Sacred Heart Medical Center, and University of Oregon. Throughout the years, many multinational and highly successful businesses - often health or wellness related such as Surata Tofu - were launched in Eugene.

Made up of both blue- and white-collar workers, Eugene is home to sales and office workers, professionals, administrative support workers, and service providers. More people in Eugene work in the areas of computers and math than in 95 percent of other cities in the United States. On average, residents of Eugene enjoy a commute of fewer than 17 minutes.


Known for its "community inventiveness," Eugene encompasses a number of diverse neighborhoods and more than 20 neighborhood associations.

Neighborhoods include:

  • Bethel: Bethel, on the northwest edge of town, has grown considerably over the last ten years. The affordable neighborhood is framed by Highway 99, the Southern Pacific Railroad, Green Hill Road, and Clear Lake.
  • Amazon: This neighborhood stretches from 24th Street to 30th Avenue and from Amazon Park to Agate Street. Included in this area are the Masonic Cemetery, old trolley lines, and some of the area's oldest homes.
  • Cal Young: This large neighborhood is framed by the Valley River Center, the Register Guard Newspaper, the McKenzie River, and the Willamette River. Many people consider the region to be particularly suburban, and it contains a number of single-family homes and apartments.
  • Churchill: Approximately four miles in area, the Churchill neighborhood is made up of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Also found in this region are eight parks and a large portion of the West Eugene Wetlands.
  • Downtown: This neighborhood is popular for urban dwellers who appreciate being a short walk from Broadway Plaza.
  • Jefferson Westside: This neighborhood is home to many businesses and a number of single- and multi-family homes.
  • Whiteaker: The Skinner Butte Historic District Area and many parks are found in this neighborhood.


University of Oregon is Eugene's best known school, but many other elementary, middle, and high schools, in addition to colleges and universities, are in the area.

  • Elementary schools: There are more than 50 elementary schools in Eugene, including Adams Elementary School, Applegate Elementary School, Awbrey Park Elementary School, Corridor Elementary School, Irving Elementary School, and Village School.
  • Middle schools: Eugene is home to more than 30 middle schools, including Cal Young Middle School, Cascade Middle Schools, Crow Middle School, Emerald Valley School, and Shasta Middle School.
  • High schools: More than 20 high schools are situated in Eugene, including Churchill High Schools, North Eugene High School, Sheldon High School, and South Eugene High School.
  • Colleges and universities: Many colleges and universities are located in Eugene, including University of Oregon, Northwest Christian University, Lane Community College, Eugene Bible College, the Eugene Campus of Pacific University, and Gutenberg College.


True to its motto as "The World's Greatest City of the Arts and Outdoors," Eugene is home to numerous art galleries, golf courses, and sporting venues.

John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts events: This arts-appreciation institute schedules year-round concerts and classes.

Lane Events Center: This 55-acre campus is located at the fairgrounds and serves as a trade show venue, conference center, and banquet site.

Oregon Bach Festival: Sponsored by the University of Oregon, this yearly June festival features concerts and classes.

Oregon Logging Conference: This event occurs in February and features seminars and panel discussions, educational opportunities, and scholarship awards. Visitors are able to attend the major equipment show and learn about logging, trucking, heavy equipment, and construction.


  • Eugene Register Guard (daily newspaper)
  • Eugene Weekly (weekly newspaper)
  • Oregon Daily Emerald (daily newspaper covering university news)
  • KUGN AM 590 (general news)
  • KLCC FM 89.7 (NPR)
  • KWAX FM 91.1 (University of Oregon radio)
  • KEZI TV 9 (ABC television affiliate)
  • KMTR TV 16 (NBC television affiliate)
  • KVAL TV 13 (CBS television affiliate)