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Cookeville, TN

The city of Cookeville is located about midway between Nashville and Knoxville in central Tennessee. With around 24,000 residents, it is the county seat of Putnam County and home to Tennessee Technological University. The city was named for Richard Fielding Cooke, the state senator instrumental in founding the county in 1854.


The economy of Cookeville is steady and strong. It has weathered the loss of several major factories and is still thriving. The manufacturing sector employs a good share of the city's residents, although education, health care, food service, and the retail trade also rank high on the list. Many of the new jobs being created in Cookeville are in the hospitality industry.

Some major employers in the city are Cookeville Regional Medical Center, Tennessee Technological University, and the Oreck manufacturing plant.

The cost of living in Cookeville is low compared with the national average, but its crime rate is slightly higher than average.


The Greater Cookeville Area has ten distinct districts:

  • Algood: This quiet area to the east and north of central Cookeville is home to suburban homes and farms. Home values in this large district range from average to high in comparison with the city's average; the neighborhood also includes a golf course.
  • City Center: Located just to the northeast of the city's center, this funky yet upscale district is home to many urban sophisticates. Housing values here are among the highest in the city.
  • Ditty/Goffton: This area, located south of I-40, is a quiet suburban district with high home values. There are mostly single-family homes and farms in this neighborhood.
  • Holladay: To the west lies Holladay, a suburban area with average home values.
  • Jackson Street/Buffalo Valley Road: This area has low to average home values, and while it is considered to be a suburban area, it is located in the center of town and extends to the west. There are houses as well as apartments here.
  • Jefferson Avenue/Fairground Street: The Putnam County Fairgrounds lie in this district, which begins south of the Jackson Street area and runs down to I-40. This neighborhood also encompasses the east side of town and is more of an upscale area, with average to high home values.
  • Post Oak: To the north lies Post Oak, a quiet, artsy suburbia. Home values and rental rates here are average. There are quite a few students, singles, and young professionals in this neighborhood.
  • Rocky Point/Poplar Grove: This area lies to the far east of the city's center and encompasses land both north and south of I-40. A rural area, it is home to mostly farms, single-family homes, and mobile homes. Home values range from low to high due to the variety of housing types available here.
  • Route 111/10th Street: Located to the northeast but closer to town than Algood, this suburban area is considered to be both sophisticated and funky. The majority of the people living here are highly educated and belong to the upper middle class.
  • Tennessee Polytechnic Institute/Willow Avenue: Not surprisingly, this neighborhood encompasses the Tennessee Technological University (formerly named Tennessee Polytechnic Institute) and then runs west. This area to the northwest of town has average home values and low rental rates. It is walkable and more urban than other parts of Cookeville. It is home mostly to renters and lower-income households.

Scattered throughout these neighborhoods are recreation centers, city parks, golf and country clubs, shopping centers, and playgrounds.


Although Cookeville is not a very touristy town, it does have several attractions that will interest residents and visitors alike.

  • Cane Creek Park: A perfect outing for families or those who like the outdoors, this park's centerpiece is a more than 50-acre lake. It also has walking trails, a disc-golf course, and boat rentals.
  • Cookeville Depot Museum: This museum is dedicated to the history of trains and features exhibits that change periodically.


Cookeville is a family-friendly town that offers several attractions for families to enjoy together:

  • Arda E. Lee's Hidden Hollow: This nearly 90-acre park was originally farmland. It is now a huge recreational park, providing picnic tables, a catch-and-release fishing lake, a petting zoo, and playgrounds.
  • Gerald D. Coorts Memorial Arboretum: The Tennessee Technological University dedicated this area of its campus in honor of Dr. Gerald Coorts, a former dean at the university. The arboretum contains approximately 60 plant species.
  • Cookeville Children's Museum: Geared toward kids, this museum provides a wide variety of educational opportunities via interactive exhibits.


Cookeville has numerous local radio stations, a television station, and several print media options, including:

  • WGSQ 94.7 FM (country)
  • WGIC 98.5 FM (hip-hop/&)
  • WBXE 93.7 FM (rock)
  • WKXD 106.9 (top 40)
  • WLQK 95.9 FM (lite rock)
  • WTTU 88.5 FM (Tennessee Technical University)
  • WATX AM 1600 (Christian)
  • WHUB AM 1400 (classic country)
  • WPTN AM 780 (news/talk radio)
  • WCTE-TV, Channel 22 (PBS)
  • Herald-Citizen, a daily newspaper