YESS-Youth Emergency Services & Shelter Of Iowa

Healing Families. Changing Lives. Every Day.

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918 SE 11th St
Des Moines, IA 50309

41.579945 -93.59888

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Description: Emergency Services & Shelter of Iowa + commonly referred to as YESS + is a private, non-profit organization in Des Moines, Iowa. YESS has helped kids and parents be families since 1973. From its beginning as a small drop-in center for teens, YESS has grown into a well-established and highly regarded agency designed to keep children safe and families together. The range of YESs' programs and services for children continues to be a vital safety-net in the community. . . .Providing safety, care

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Fax: (515) 282-9377

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Healing Families. Changing Lives. Every Day.

by cjk , 03/25/2013

We’re here to help.You may just be going through a rough time or you might be facing a crisis of staggering proportions. Either way, YESS can offer safety for kids and provide the support the whole family needs to come back together again in a healthier way.Every day, kids and their families turn to YESS during times of uncertainty and crisis. Without YESS, many kids and parents would have no place to turn. We offer hope, healing and help to change lives.It doesn’t matter where you live or how much you earn, family crisis can strike any time.It’s OK to ask for help.Call 515-282-YESSor toll free at 877-553-9377

unrulely kids

by grateful , 04/20/2012

To all the people who think were bad parents for placing our children, I say you have not experience defience and the threat of your life on a daily basis. I have a son with ODD-oppositional defience disorder. If it were not for programs like this, we would be in a mental hospital ourselves. Living on the edge everyday takes its toll and there has to be and out for us. Remeber these types of facilities are our last hope and thank god for them. No parent expects this to happen to them when you bring home your gift from the hospital or have adopted them.


by Des Moines , 06/18/2010

I am shocked at the very first comment. I have two teens.Went through an abusive divorce many years ago and had to takethe kids and go to protect all of us. From all that abuse broughton many many problems. I have had both kids in counseling ever since. Had to do a China on one (Child in need of assistance) because insurance companies were closing the doors on me for help.Children are hard to care for but as a parent we can only do our best and sometimes that is not good enough. It is ok to ask for help. Our generations are changing faster then we can keep up. I have heard many good things about YESS and grateful there are these programs available for our children. I am wanting to tour YESS with my other teen to hopefully give her an appreciation of where she is in life. Not every family has stability but can choose to reach for help anytime. My oldest would be dead today if it weren't for some of these programs to help me as a parent for my child.

to those who things parents don't care

by betty , 05/15/2010

I have not used the YESS shelter but have thought about it.... Do you know what its like to have a out of control teen? Someone that as a parent can be emotionally afraid of at times. My child is grounded but my 15 yr old does not care. Teen chooses to not come home after school I have no idea where teen is finally comes home when teen feels like it the next day. I cry at night every night, my job is on the line because I get calls from the school I am out of my mind what to do...sometimes I feel teen would be better elsewhere... but the idea of being somewhere else just kills me... tonight I get on here to see if I can find some answers and I see your post.. I feel quilty enough like teens behavior is my fault. I am at my end of what to do. Thanks for adding a little more quilt. Guess you must be blessed with kids that your not afraid of. Guess you must be a parent of a teen that does what you tell them instead of them saying make me. Not both my teens act this way the other

parents who really don't care

by ?? , 03/25/2010

I believe if the parent has locked their door to their child and has no regards of caring of a teen whom wants to learn and be safe and have outside satbilites towards wanting to go to school or working.They should be locked in like animals. Thats what Meyer Hall dentention centers are for.God bless the child who has parents who act like they care to the public.But signs their child away like they don't care. Poor girls and boys. I pray these children can come to this service with open ,trusting hearts of being able to be free to walk out the door and return with guidelines .someone who cares

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