Yellow Cab

The newest fleet in The Panhandle.

(850) 580-8080

3941 W Pensacola St
Tallahassee, FL 32304

30.4399123 -84.3417728

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Description for Yellow Cab

Yellow Cab is proud to provide taxi cab service to Tallahassee, Florida and all surrounding areas. We provide fast and professional service to the panhandle.

Our taxis include fabulous features, such as:

• Completed safety inspections
• Air conditioning
• Insurance
• Wheelchair accessibility

We provide delivery service for both personal and business. Pick up in one hour or less! Yellow Cab hopes to become a cab service that you can always rely on.

Call today for a free quote or set up a business/personal account!

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Reviews of Yellow Cab

1 The most abysmal customer service I've experinced in a while. by Bartholomew - 09/23/2012

These guys have drivers that simply don't want to get paid, as they don't make requested pick-ups.I contacted Yellow Cab at 12:30am. I was told that it would be a 1-hour wait; seeing as this was a late game night, I could understand. 1:30 came and went, and I'd still heard nothing from the cab. So I tried to call back. The line was busy until just after 2am. Once I got in contact with the dispatcher, I asked about the requested pick-up. Apparently, the driver said he attempted to call me, but I didn't answer; I had received no call on my phone. But whatever; things happen from time to time, and I really didn't feel like walking home. Again, the wait time would be one hour, and again I decided to wait. 3am came and went, and I STILL hadn't heard from the driver. At this point, I was getting rather tired, so I just decided to walk home. Anyhow, I decided to call the dispatcher back to find out of the driver again claimed to have failed to get through to my phone. Their line was busy for just over 40 minutes. I managed to get through to them at 3:40. The call rang and was transferred to their automated hold system. It's currently 4:29, and I still haven't spoken to the dispatcher again. Also, this hold music is infuriating.This isn't the first time I've had issues with Yellow Cab, but this is the first time I had to walk home and could not get in contact with them. I will never be using this service again, and I will spread the word to those that I know that Yellow Cab is not to be trusted.

1 rip off by jeni - 11/13/2011

driver tried to charge my card then had a transmission fail, tried to charge again then declined, had to go back to the store and return purchase(s) in order to pay for the cab, payed cash to the driver, then at home checked my account and found out the charge DID GO THRU, so I paid double for the cab ride, and cab driver was a great guy who did give me a ride back home, but the cab company has an extra 11.50 .thanks for stealing from me, the driver did not get a receipt for the extra payment, so only the cab company gets the payment

1 one hour and twenty minuets is too long to wait by biker - 07/24/2011

last monday i called for a cab after i got off work at midnight and it was too dark to ride my bike. i told the dispatch that i had one. after 40 min. i called back to hear my cab had been canceled. by who i asked, they would not say but sent another. tonight i got off work at 6, called a cab because of the rain , told them i had a bike, then waited 40 min. before i called and heard there was one on the way. one hour and 20 min. after my first call i called only to hear of the enormous hassle a bike was, so rode home in the rain anyway. one hour and 20 min.spent watching cabs drive by on boniface. unacceptable.

5 Airport ride by Travelman - 06/23/2010

Needed a cab to my hotel from Tallahassee Airport. Took a Yellow Cab, and it was good ride. Super hot out so the driver had the air on blast like I like it. Used my debit card and had no issues.

4 Good Service by Nolesgirl - 04/15/2010

Called Yellow Cab for a ride to the strip last weekend from near the stadium. The girl on the phone was nice and she thanked me for calling them. The cab came pretty quick and they let me use my Debit Card in the cab. At the end of the night I found another Yellow Cab outside the bar and had no issues, they charged the meter amount not by number of people, I had 4 total so it was cheap to split the ride.

1 Taken for a Ride by Discontent Customer - 01/14/2010

Each time I've taken Yellow Cab, it's been a disappointing ride. The final straw was a ride to a job interview on 1/6/10. The driver, music blaring, went well past my destination. He agreed to take off the part of the fare accumulated while backtracking, so while the meter read $22.50 he swiped my card for $20. A 5 mile, 10 minute trip = $20. Head aching and frustrated, I left a $0.00 tip.3 days later I find a $25.00 debit from Yellow Cab on my card. I immediately called them only to be told to call back Monday @ 5 a.m. for "Drew". I did and was told neither Drew, nor the person responsible for handling refunds was in, but I could call back later. I called @ 11:15, and left my name and number for Alex who was going to look into the issue. By 3 I hadn't heard back. After NUMEROUS phone calls to them, one was returned finally, a week later I'm still waiting on a $5 refund, a confirmation number and perhaps even an apology from Yellow Cab. I won't be using their services again.

4 Best Cab Company in Tallahassee by Happy Customer - 07/20/2009

I have taken cabs several times in Tallahassee, as I have a lot of problems with my car. I took City Taxi for a while, but they always seem to take forever. When I call Yellow Cab, they always come so fast.

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