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Waste Connections

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Wrong #

by Angela , 07/03/2014

This is a disconnected phone # for this business. This is actually a rating for "Dexknows".

Zero Concern for Customers

by Tony , 09/28/2013

Delivered four hours late. Picked up 6 hours late even after I called and was promised by a manager that the roll off would be picked up before noon.They talk a good talk, but they don't do what they say. I will never use this company again ever!Don't trust their sales staff. They say what they think you want to hear.

An Empty Truck Drives Much Faster; Less Stops = Less Work

by Colorado Recycler , 05/01/2013

We've been with Waste Connections since they bought-out our local trash company, Eagle Waste. We didn't mind paying a little extra for recycling, as we're pretty mindful of how we dispose of our trash, and -- especially given the bi-monthly recycle pick-up -- we consistently have a lot more recycling than general "trash".Waste Connections ask that we have our cans to the curb by 7am.One several occasions we have missed recycle, which is a big problem in our house; the can is ALWAYS full, and most of the time we have boxes which don't fit in the can, even when broken-down. At first I was willing to take the blame; I would put the can out around the time the bus picked-up my son, so I figured I just needed to start doing it the night before. After the first time we missed recycle: I was putting it out before bed every night.Then they missed us again a few weeks later.That time I was actually able to flag down the driver, who was collecting on the other side of the street. I told him he missed our house. His response: "Yeah, I saw your bins and boxes, but your boxes were on the wrong wide of the can." Seriously?The other, giant blue bin --or the pile of cardboard -- was not a sufficient indicator that we had recycling to pick-up? God forbid these people have to use their brains a little while doing their job.Fortunately he came back about an hour later and collected it anyway.They've missed us a few other times, and I've just let the recycle pile-up in whatever boxed we have lying around until the next pick-up date.The thing I eventually realized is this: the faster these guys drive their route -- and I've seen them do probably 10mph over the speed limit in my residential/school area at 8 or 8:30am (when they usually get here to fetch the recycle) -- the less work they have to do.Let me repeat that: the faster the trash collectors drives their route, the less work they have to do. It's not about collecting people's trash or recycle; it's about getting from point A to point B.Some of the days where they have missed our collection: I've seen them speed right past my home, with garbage and recycling seated visibly at the road side.Other times, when we're lucky: I've seen them speed by, slam on the breaks, put the truck into reverse, and back-up to collect our recycling.I'm tired of Waste Connections; they're not doing what I pay them to do, and they treat my trash route like a race track; the prize at the end is less work and the same paycheck they would have received if they had actually done their job.

Horrible Street Service

by dissapointed , 11/12/2012

Only use this company if you want to keep purchasing new large rolling 95gal. trash cans. The service was horrible, and they dropped our trash can so hard that the axle busted straight through the wheel. We found our trash can all over the place in the street, in the grass, on the other end of a 3-car drive way, dumped upside down, etc. I can understand it being out of place on a windy day, but not on a calm day where NO OTHER neighbors using other service providers have had trouble with their trashcans.When I called to cancel service I had to specifically ASK for a refund for the remainder of my prepaid services. I am to expect a check in 6 weeks. Seems like a long accounting time for a local company.

Maybe there was a misunderstanding.

by Turquoise Paisley Dragon 1 , 04/06/2012

Waste Connections has a couple of locations on the internet and on the phone where a customer is able to voice their concerns. I have always found that dealing with any situation, if at first you don't seem to have the problem resolved, try another person. Sometimes the person with whom you are speaking may not understand your concerns. I doubt that anyone at WC is intentionally charging you for the entire month if you are not receiving service. I do not know their specific policy regarding that, however I have used other companies and have never had a company call to make sure they have done a good job during a snow storm. Waste Connections has called us to check up on the service we received. WC seems to employ drivers who are happy employees. That should speak volumes to the service you will receive. I would call back, ask for a person in A/R and ask if they have a policy that allows for an exception to any problem you may have. It can't hurt to ask again.

Better than Waste Management by far

by rjack , 04/07/2011

There is always a local person in Sequim to speak with about any problems, which are few and far between, and always get handled quickly. I don't believe the complaint above. Probably an employee of Waste Management.

Rip Off

by Business Owner , 04/03/2009

Waste Connections is a rip off. When our business slowed down, we repeatedly contacted them to reduce the number of pick-ups. They completely ignored our requests and when we disputed the bill they immediately ent it to collections. A $500 bill was inflated to a $5,000 collection in 3 months!

a company which you should avoid

by disgruntled customer , 02/09/2012

bad trash service and when i wanted to cancel early they charge you to the end of the contract whether they pick it up or not. avoid at all cost. The worst is their customer service