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2409 SE Delaware Ave, Ste 104
Ankeny, IA 50021


41.705788 -93.58107

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Actually less than 1 star rating

by What choices? , 04/16/2015

I went to the Ankeny, IA store to purchase 2 pair of glasses, taking along my prescription from my own ophthmologist. The staff members were slow to acknowledge me when I came into the store. After looking at frames on my own, for several minutes, I was shown the location of women's frames. I received little to no help in choosing the best frames for my complexion and face shape. I thought I would be saving money by purchasing there, but ended up paying $409.80 for 2 pair of glasses. I returned the next day to pick them up and tried them both on. I had blurry vision with both pair, especially when reading. Also, one pair was much looser on my face. The rep tightened up the loose one and did minimal adjusting of both, but I still had the blurry vision. I told him I could see better with my old ones. He went back into the lab and returned after several minutes, saying it was because of the difference in the type of lenses (old ones are Verilux, new ones are polycarbonate) and the difference in field of vision in them. He recommended I wait until the next morning and then wear them for a couple days to let my eyes adjust to the new prescription. He also advised me that the "bifocal prescription had been adjusted down which could make a difference in my vision through the new lenses". I did as he advised and returned to the store 3 days later. When I entered the store, there were several people waiting to be helped and only one rep available. I waited 20 to 25 minutes before being helped when a second rep came out to the desk. I told him about my continued blurred vision, both reading close up and and far away and that I could see better with my old glasses. I asked him to tighten up one pair and he adjusted nosepieces on both pair. He repeated that the polycarbonate lenses are a step down from Verilux lenses and showed me a diagram of the difference in field of vision through them. Being disillusioned about the usefulness of these new lenses, I inquired about getting a refund. I was informed that the business did not have a refund policy. The rep advised that they cannot get Verilux lenses but that they could order a different kind that is a "step above" them and that they could order a set for one pair of the new frames for me to try, for another $100. I reluctantly agreed while stating that I wasn't happy about spending another $100. I again brought both pairs of new glasses home with me and have been wearing them for the three days since I was in the store. I still have a difficult time reading far away and close up. I cannot even read some things on my TV. I can, however, read those same things with my old lenses. I have a bad feeling about the "step up" lenses that are on order. I do not feel Vision4less is a very reputable company and of course would not recommend them to anyone else. I fear that I have wasted $500.00 and still will not be able to see well.

State of Iowa Should Sut Them Down

by Larry Miller , 09/09/2014

Terrible service and bad product. Had 2 pair of lineless bifocals 1 clear one sun glass. After 2 replacement set of lenses 2 120 mile round trips still have 2 worthless pairs of glasses I can't see through. Before going down to Ankeny I had my regular optometrist exam and give me a prescription. I took these lenses in and had them check them and was told they were not even close to what the prescription was. When I told Vision 4 Less this they had me go back to there machine which reads the lenses and was told they were perfect. I have no idea what the machine was telling me I just know my vision was blurry. My regular clinic has been in business for like 50 years have the best of reputation and this little jerk is telling me his old antiquated machine and he himself is way better. I would recommend these people to no one. There was no offer to rfund my money My advice stick with a reputable firm, your eyesight is a very important asset.


by vision for what!!!?? , 05/30/2013

Very disappointing, I thought I was going to get a good deal but after paying over $300 for my 1 pair of glasses I still had to bring them back, get another eye exam to fix my prescription and they still aren't right. I wish I had that wasted money back. My $6 Discount Store glasses work just as good, even better.

terrbile service

by Frustrated Cy , 08/24/2012

They are NEVER fully staffed. There is not a time of day that you can walk in to the store and not wait a half an hour or more just to be addressed. That doesn't even touch getting your services completed. Go somewhere else QUICK!!

Poor Vision

by Poor Vision , 12/22/2011

You are better off paying more and going somewhere else. I paid $380.00 for my glasses. This saved me about $100.00. I have had nothing but problems, I have been back 3 times and still cannot see without a blur. They insist my glasses are just fine. What a waste of time, poor service and poor quality also.My lens have fell out 4 times. I am not a happy camper!! Sorry for any errors in this post because I cannot see correctly.

The Worst Eyeglasses and Service anywhere

by Anonymous , 04/12/2011

I saw the Optometrist at the store, and he was OK, nothing special. Then I went to get my script filled in the store, and I had to wait more than 20 minutes. No one would help me when the crowd cleared, so I had to go up to the counter and ask for help. Finally someone showed me frames, I sat down with a man who I'm not sure knew what he was doing. This was a little over a year ago.I couldn't see out of my eyeglasses, so I had to go back 3-4 times to try to get them corrected. I spent over 300.00 on lenses and frames. Not worth it ! They could never correct my glasses, so finally after the 3rd visit I gave up. What I noticed at these times, however, was that there were several other people with the same problem, trying to get their glasses corrected for one reason or another.So I wasted my money and would never go back again. I still believe the script was wrong, but they kept insisting it wasn't. Glasses advertised in ads are outdated frames from the 80's. Very poor quality product

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