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by Kikue , 07/31/2008

Personal service may be good. . .but quality medical service horrible. . .dog was spayed there in the AM and sent home same day still bleeding from surgery site. . .what type of hospital/clinic would do such a thing. . .i guess all in all you get what you pay for. . .cheap medical treatment, poor medical care for the animals

Then saved my golden retrievers life

by Noppie , 10/04/2008

My dog got attacked by the pit pulls and akita up the street and had to have a major surgery###they did it that day. We where there in the late afternoon.. and they did the surgery.######I would recommend them to anyone.###Nopppie


by TINA , 05/20/2009

HERE IS SOME COMMON KNOWLEDGE FOR YOU FOLKS!! VET CLINIC VS VET HOSPITALVET CLINICS SUCH AS VETS FOR LESS, ARE NOT A FULL SERVICE HOSPITAL, THEREFOR THEIR OVERHEAD IS LESS, AND EVERYDAY SERVICES ARE CHEAPER. VET HOSPITALS HAVE A HIGHER OVERHEAD AND YOU SPEND MORE FOR EVEN THE MOST SIMPLE PROCEDURES.28 years of going to an AHA certified top notch vet hospital. Taking my animals to vets for less federal way for the past 3 years. I absolutely love them! While an actual hospital may be more fancy, and hard on your pocket, vets for less clinic is absolutely wonderful for minor simple every day procedures, at a much cheaper cost. The staff has always been friendly, they provide a wonderful service. I myself am willing to go to a hospitial and pay for the service on more invasive procedures, i will pay extra for the peace of mind that they have a full service hospital. But i also trust vets for less 100 for the more common everyday procedures that i am tired of paying the more expe

Cat Euthanasia

by Kaybee , 03/26/2008

The folks at Vets For Less were quick [but didn't rush me], efficient, caring, and compassionate when I had to have my Siamese put down. I appreciated the smooth way it was handled.

great place for my cats

by wood , 10/25/2009

everyone is great here.the price and service sure helps when my cats need help.we really like you guys for what you offer and to keep costs down so my cats can see the doc and stay healthy with out breaking the bank.

great vet! Sept. 09

by T-mama , 09/16/2009

Nice, clean effecient and 1/3 the cost of Banfield in south center. Just wished I would have found it before we so many years have passed and cash spent other places. Fantastic vet!

VERY dissapointed!!

by cyclegal , 04/03/2011

we started coming to vets for less to try to stretch our veterinary dollar further, this was a big mistake and it has really cost us much more!.with everything from billing mistakes everytime I go there, very long wait times, and mostly for my dog having eye surgery on a Saturday then more than an hour past closing time being sent home without the pain meds I was charged for, so I had to call around to find another vet that was open late and taking my pup back out in the rain to be examined by another vet just so she could get pain meds to last through the weekend. Thankfully Banfield Pet Hospital accomodated us and they didn't even charge us for the office visit because of the unfortunate situation.I think Vets for Less trys to treat WAY to many pets per day for a clinic this size, and a lack of communication between staff resulting in WAY to many mistakes. all I have to say is: NEVER AGAIN at our expence!

Pet owners beware!!!

by Joshua M , 06/16/2012

We took our two cats in for surgery today. One is a 4 year old male cat who was getting his front claws removed, and a 12 week old female kitten who was getting spayed and her front claws removed. When we went in to get our cats we find out that they confused our two cats and cut open our male cat to spay him. We're not quite sure how Dr. Miller and his staff confused a 4 year old male cat with a 12 week old female kitten, but it's unacceptable. We asked to speak with him about our cats, but instead we were greeted by an incredibly rude office manager who said, "The way this works is you pay us then we will give you your cats." Don't take your pets there if you care about their well being.

Stay away

by disappointed , 09/13/2012

This place is probably good for taking your dogs or cats to get shots and de-wormed but, I would recommend if your pet has a serious problem to spend the extra money on a real vet. My dog had a eye problem which they wrongly diagnosed and instead of giving me drops for pink eye which is what he had they told me to just give him a pain pill and go to a dog eye specialist because they thought his eye lens had shifted. Not even close to what the problem was. You get what you pay for next time I will spend the extra money and go to a regular vet.

What happened to their quality service?

by Jill , 02/18/2014

I took my dog in to get her teeth cleaned. I have used vets for less several times in the past and always been very satisfied with the service. I dropped my dog off before 8:00am. No one mentioned at check in that this was a very busy day. At 2:30 I called to check on my dog as I usually had been called with an update before noon and by dog had been ready to pick up by 1:30 or 2. At 2:30 I was informed that they had not started work on my dog yet but assured by she would be treated soon. At 4:45, 15 minutes before closing I returned to the office because surely my dog would be done as they were closing soon. I was kept waiting for 15 minutes and then informed that they still hadn’t started on my dog but would shortly. They told me to come back in an hour. When I asked if my dog had been kept in a crate this whole time I was informed she had. I got my dog from a puppy mill rescue and she has always been very anxious when kept in a crate so I try to avoid it. When I go on vacation I always have a friend watch her as I know a kennel would cause unneeded stress. Now my poor dog had been left in a kennel for over 9 hours. I arrived at 6:00 and was told that they were just finishing up with my dog but she would be ready shortly. When I mentioned at the front desk how upset I was that my dog had now been there for more than 10 hours I didn’t even get an apology, just a “February is a very busy month for us”. I brought my dog in during February last year and had none of the same problems. I got no consult with the vet after the cleaning as I had with every other visit to Vets for Less. On the way home I noticed that my dog didn’t even appear groggy. Every other occasion my dog had been kept for at least an hour after her teeth cleaning to make sure she was waking up properly, but this time when I pick her up less than an hour and a half after they start the cleaning and she isn’t even groggy. I can only imagine that since she was an end of the day case they rushed through it and used minimal anesthesia to sedate my dog. Once home and I inspected her teeth I noticed they don’t appear as clean as they usually do. So 10.5 hours at the vet I have a dog who doesn’t even appear she had anesthesia and with teeth that aren’t even clean. When I received a call back from the clinic to attempt to remedy the situation I was immediately accused of lying. The vet went on a rant about how I should appreciate that the vet was open on Presidents Day and tried to use that as a way to explain why they were so busy. When I suggested that maybe they had overbooked themselves the vet stated they had no way of knowing how many cases they would have that day (even though all procedures must be prescheduled) When I asked the vet if she realized that she hadn’t even offered an apology she became angry. At this point the vet told me to find a different vet and hung up on me.Vets for less used to provide quality service at an affordable cost, but no longer seems to provide quality service or customer service.