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Solid Waste Services
We provide a complete range of solid waste services, including collection, transportation, disposal, and recycling for businesses, residents, and municipalities. From our professional drivers to our customer service representatives, Veolia Environmental Services is committed to providing the most prompt, dependable, and cost efficient solid waste services. Turning Waste into a resource.

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Reviews of Veolia Environmental Services

1 HUGE MISTAKE - DO NOT USE!!! by JT - 11/12/2012

High services rates, hidden / unlawful fees, increase rates rates well above the CPI rate of increase - was 12% after the first year - keeps increaseing above the Consumer Product Increase rate, which is against the law - They are under a class action lawsuit, which they settled out of court, because they knew they were guilty. DO NOT USE THEM!!!! VERY DISHONEST COMPANY. They are also charging us $35.00 for bin removal. Or we have to go drop the bins off ourself.

1 HUGE Mistake! by TF - 10/05/2011

I signed on for a "real deal". 1 Year contract with 6 months free. I was also told that if the rates go up at all "it will only be a couple dollars, at the most". Within the first 6 months, that were supposed to be free, I get a notice of cancellation because I didn't pay the bill. When I called they stated "we don't do one year contracts". I explained I had the contract in my hand and that I didn't owe anything for six month. Then I was told that the 6 free months are the first three and then the last 3 if we ever cancel. Again, I stated that I have a 1-year contract that states if I pay for 6-months ahead I will get 6-months free. I can't even count how many times I had to fax over the contract and TRY to get a person to help me. After my year contract was up I received an invoice that was $19 higher than the previous 6 months that I had paid for. DON"T USE THEM.

1 Veolia was a very frustrating company to work with to say the least! by Horrible Service - 07/21/2011

I was very disappointed with this company. I used them for about year and within that year had to call at least 15 times due to them missing my pick up. ( even though they drove right by my house) I had auto withdrawl from my bank and without notice to me they changed somethings within the company where to my payment was no longer being withdrawn and then told me I needed to pay a 20 dollars re start fee which 1 disagreed with and told them to come get there can if that was the case. They came and got there can and I went with Gene's. MUCH HAPPIER and much less frustration!!!

2 garbage by topaz - 06/28/2011

im very disappointed with this company. I hauled my bin to the curb just fine I come home to my garbage STILL completely full. No note was left as to why.. so I called the company they told me my bin was full with water and dirt!! For one there was no dirt in my bin! and second it was rain a little rain water so i simply layed the bin on it's side to empty a little rain water... I'm furious that they couldn't do something as simple as that and not leave a note nor contact me why it wasnt taken also.. Lie in the report that i had dirt in my BIN! Not happy!!

1 Expensive and Hidden Fees by Patty U. - 05/27/2011

We had Veolia and they do not put anything in writing so once you sign up they start adding charges without notifying you. And to close your account they charge closing fees between $30-60; they added a few months of service we never received because they said it was their policy to need 60 days notice. We coudln't fight the fees because they would not respond to your letters and on the phone they would say send a letter. I am just relieved all the stress they caused us is over now.

1 Bad Business by unhappyveolia - 12/22/2010

What a bad business model. First they dump our service area, that I can deal with. But when they say they will pickup trash until the end of the month, you would think they would do that. EXCEPT - they cut us off 9 days early leaving us with nothing to do with our trash. Real Great, especially during Christmas. Thanks a lot Veolia.

1 Regrettable Decision by Stuck In Contract - 07/02/2010

I was stuck into a contract with this company for a year. Yes i mean stuck, I now know why they offer to lock you in for a year at a rate...... It's because it won't take you long to find out how they jack you on extra charges and want to quit them. I signed up with this company and in the first 3 months of service was charged 7 different times for exceeding my volume rate. I called on it and they told me that my lid was not fully shut tight..... so I got charged extra. Did they credit me when I wasn't out for 2 weeks.....nooooo. Did I get a credit when my can was only half full....nooooo, Did I receive a credit for the recycling that I took out of the garbage each week and recycled...nooooo. The charges ended up exceeding what I was paying for service. When my year was up I was glad. Oh and they also tried charging me $20.00 to pickup my cart when I quit. I wasn't going to pay for them to pick up my empty cart. So I said "fine, leave it then"

2 Bad service, big lies! by jim - 03/29/2010

Don't deal with this company. They are a scam. There are a lot of hidden fees that they don't tell you about and the customer service is horrible!

2 the runaround by michelle - 07/10/2009

I signed on with this company because they sent out a mailer offering service at 9.95 per month, which stated that there are no hidden fees & a guaranteed rate for 2 years. They also offered four months of free service if you pay for a year. I called to get this started, then received a bill for 83 for 6 months of service. I will call them and try to take care of this, but it seems that they should be more on top of giving you the deal that they advertise without the customer having to call & complain.

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