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Run, Forrest, Run!

by Doggy Mommy , 07/12/2012

I took my dog in for a biopsy on a lump and they charged me $339.08. When they called me with the results they told me that it was good news that the cells were fatty. But, the bad news was that they didn't get a good sample and we would have to do it all over again. So, the question is, does my dog have, or not have, a cancerous lump? Their best answer came back as maybe which, of course, I already knew. Well, they also explained to me that for only $25.90 more I could have them take a better biopsy sample, that they would shave him this time, and I could get a yes or a no about the potentially cancerous lump. So what did the $339.08 cover then? Who is at fault for not getting a good sample? Me? VCA? Or their lab which is NOT owned by them? It turns out that it is VCA's fault, they ended up admitting this to me, yet they didn't charge the lab or themselves....they wanted to charge me, AGAIN. Well, anyone desperate enough to find out if their dog has cancer will be more than willing to shell out another measly $25.90 in addition to the $338.09 right? This is an immoral and unethical practice. Furthermore, I tried to call their corporate headquarters in California. When I asked the VCA for this number they didn't have it. They asked me to hold while they looked it up on the web. Note that this is a corporate franchise and they didn t even have the phone number. I had to go home and look it up. When I called corporate headquarters I discovered they have only one person that deals with these matters and her name is Sanyu Nagenda. God help you if you have to speak with this monster! Especially, if you call near her quittin' time!!!!! It is best to go directly to her supervisor Jill Clark although Sanyu Nagenda will not give you the number. I found Jill's extension (6554) myself through their phone tree address book which you will get from pressing random numbers. In case you have already been ripped off I'm going to save you the headache I had to go through with Sanyu Nagenda (she told me Joe Park was her boss!) and will give you Jill Clark's # 918-344-1817 and although she can't really do anything for you she is pleasant and will listen WHEN she is not in a meeting, and they ALWAYS are!!! Please do your pet and yourself a favor and do not do business here. In fact, go to a smaller vet (not a corporation like VCA) that doesn't run their business based solely on the almighty dollar. These idiots lost my business over $25.90 and their incredibley unprofessional ways. VCA loves throwing out the line that this doesn't usually happen, that I am part of only 2% that this happens to. I am so sick of being the 2%, I just wanted what I already paid for. Greed rules at VCA Animal Hospitals. p.s. After reading some of these other reviews it seems to me their motto should be: You Pay Or We Slay!!!


by constu , 04/16/2010

They advertised a $250 dental cleaning *not incl. blood work*. The blood work ($100) is needed to safely put the dog on anesthesia. So, why don't they just say $350? But, my dog really needed it & I already paid $100 for the blood work. They tried to quote me for as many unnecessary items as they could, incl. a $75 misc charge, which was a buffer for unforeseen costs. They said, "We try to OVERESTIMATE your costs so that there are no surprises." I asked them to remove all that was unnecessary. They came back w/ a quote that was $250 less. During the appointment,they charged me more money for tooth extractions, $160 for 2! Then she said that there was a mass in his mouth, which needed a biopsy to make sure he doesn't have cancer for $250. The meds came out to be equal to the buffer of $75. Whatever they quote, they will try their best to charge you much more. Yesterday, the vet called to say, "Your dog just had an bump because he needed dental. No cancer." Yup, I paid $250 to find out.

Worse off than before

by cat lover , 02/09/2010

The last time I took my cat here they took him in the back "for bloodwork" and came to the exam room without him to tell me that he needed tests, lab work, and an immediate injection. They didn't give me any option, even though I kept telling them that I had no money, couldn't afford anything above the most basic service. The last time they wanted to keep him for the weekend hooked up to an IV, for 1000 a day, and gave me paperwork for a line of credit just to pay for it. He was mostly fine (for a ten year old cat) when we went in, but terrified, traumatized, and sick when I finally got him home - 800 dollars later. For the "bare minimum." Do not use this vet unless you have endless amounts of cash. They will upsell you on every visit for everything from teeth cleaning to labwork on every single possible organ.

Ask a vet tech

by Vet Tech from central oregon , 01/04/2010

I was a vet tech who worked for many reputable veterinary practices prior to my job at a VCA hospital. I quit after 6 weeks of employment there. (my prior jobs lasted 10+years).Our clinic was required to follow protocol with VCA upper management (in California). We were instructed to always bring the animal into the hospital, then run tests (often before the veterinarian even examined the animal). In many cases we ran low cost/high profit margin tests that really were not necessary and in my opinion were a way to bring in more money. 1 case was a 17 yr old cat in kidney failure. She was brought in for a scheduled euthanasia. The FRONT DESK insisted we take the cat to the back, where FVRCP and FIP was run on this indoor cat! The elderly owner was charged for these unneccessary tests. another case was a 1 yr old healthy golden retreiver for vaccines, who was forced to do a full kidney, liver and cardiac panel prior to vaccination.I quit my job with VCA due to ethics.

very upsetting

by sad mom , 12/17/2009

My daughter decided to take her cat in after two days of illness without talking to me first. When I did get there the vet was oblivious to my daughter's high level of anxiety as she told me that I would either need to keep the cat in the hospital for 2-3 days at a rate of over $1,000 a day or have the cat put down. I asked about taking the cat home with painkillers overnight to see our regular vet in the morning and she assured me the animal would die overnight in front of my daughter. Because of our financial situation I felt like I was forced to pass a death sentence on my daughters beloved cat. They definately let her feel like I was making a stingy decision when choosing between the cat and mortgage payment. I felt like we were cornered and had no choice. After putting the cat down the vet just tossed it over her shoulder to leave without thinking about the affect that would have on my grieving child. I would never utilize this vet again!

VCA North & Dr. Khun

by O.L in Wandermere , 11/05/2009

Dr. Khun does everything he can for all 55 of our pets including reducing the surgery price for our cancerous ferret from $1200 normal price to $500. We get all of our shots there at good price and have never had a problem getting in for emergencies. Several of the employees even adopted baby rats we had. They know us by name & play with my kids. Everytime we go in they talk with us & always have refreshments out. All of them are so kind & knowledgeable! I have no idea why anyone would go anywhere else! They gave years of life to our very sick pets! i don't know what we would have done witout them!

To expensive

by Donna , 11/05/2009

I took my cat to VCA on 82nd DR. to get her yearly shots. It cost me $265.oo and that was after they took the coupon off for a free exam.They wanted to run tests for an additional $100.oo plus. Save your money and go somewhere else. I took my new kitten to Comapaian for shots and it was only $110.00. Less then half of the cost of VCA and that included her exam.

great service

by cmwilson , 10/31/2009

they were really nice to my dog and I. The have prices for shots I could afford. They don't try to nickel and dime you.

Vca By Countyline Road and Holly DO NOT USE!

by DO NOT BUY HERE , 10/19/2009

I took my dog in there because well one I am not rich and I seen that they offer a coupon for a check up for free. So little did I know that was the wrong thing to do. The doctor looked at my dog because my dog was not urinating. The doctor took my dog in the back and then come forth to tell me that my dog had a blockage and that the surgery would be $3,000. But he said that he new that I do not have that kind of money but he did refer me to another hospital for lower income people. Mean while he gave our dog a shot that made the dog throw up and become so out of it it was bad. Then not only was we sent hime with a sicker dog but when my dog stood up he started bleeding from where he would go pee at. my dog could not walk any longer. We had to pick him up and wrap him in a towel because he was bleeding so bad. How do you release a dog when he is bleeding!!!!!!Then they had the nerve to still charge me for the shot. Man talk about makeing you money after causing damage. DO NOT USE!!!!

Made a bad situation worse

by Soakley , 06/08/2009

Our 6 year old boxer had a fatal spine disease and our normal vet had diagnosed it and basically it was a waiting game. So over the weekend Duece went downhill and could not get up or move, so knowing the end was coming I called our normal vet and he couldn't get us in until the next day-I didn't want Deuce to suffer so I setup an app. to have him put down. We brought him in-and instead of doing what we asked we were made to feel guilty and they talked us into leaving him for further testing. We were told that they would contact us shortly about what the best way to go was. We talked to our normal vet again and he had an opening so we went to get Deuce to take him there. When we got there to pick him up-we were attacked with questions of why we were taking him and what we were doing. Then we found out the Vet had left already. So obviously she planned on keeping him overnight. Never take your beloved pet here. Go to City Park Vet- they are amazing! Caring and informed

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