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Mgmt is rude and uncaring, non-medical staff ill-trained.

by Delores K. , 06/24/2014

Saturday afternoon I took my cat to Value Pet Clinic, in Puyallup WA because of a reoccurrence of vomiting and blood and pus in the stool. Our regular Vet stated the next step would be either x-ray or ultra sound if this reoccurred if the three medications he prescribed did not work well.The waiting room was packed, but after waiting “in your car because of the bloody stool” as instructed, we were finally seen. The Vet there recommend a treatment and x-ray, asked that I leave him for one hour, then pick him up. I did. I arrived for pick-up near closing time, and noticed (for the first time) a small sign accepting credit and debit cards, and then stating, “no checks accepted”. I told the receptionist that I had not seen the sign prior to being seen because of people standing about. She said I could not have the pet until paid. She suggested I go to my bank. I reminded her it was Saturday afternoon: my bank was now closed. She told me to wait a moment. A woman called us into the first exam room and as I opened my mouth to explain that I do not use debit cards or credit cards she stated rudely, “You can’t have your pet until we get our money. “ Her unprofessional start led me to call her bluff with my own. I stated, “Well considering I think he has cancer is dying, just keep him then”, She was not happy with my remark and became snotty – interrupting me so that I had to raise my voice over hers as I attempted to explain (as a nurse myself) that I have never been in a Clinic (medical or veterinarian) that did not verbally tell a client of a No Check policy on sign-in., their signs were poorly placed and small, there was nothing in bold print or circled to make it noticeable on the papers I filled out for my cat. As I was speaking she walked around me to close the door to the waiting room that was still open, but I chose to back up and leave it as it was, because she was becoming obviously agitated. I insinuated that no reputable clinic would fail to make this perfectly clear to new client. At this point she challenged my being an RN by asking, “You’re a nurse? Where do YOU work at? “ I answered the question of my historical expertise and said I could bring in cash on Monday, but she walked away bringing my cat in his leather carrier, literally dropped him on the metal exam table. “Here, take your cat and never come back.” No medication, no discussing his need with the Vet I had seen, nothing. I left. To be fair, the female Veterinarian was knowledgeable and seemed to care, but if a manager can withhold treatment because she failed to train her staff properly or put up adequately large signs in plain view (as well as on the door when one enters), I have to wonder if these Vets have free choice of what to order or do they suck you in with tests not needed (I had blood word from 4 weeks prior) that she wanted to do overAt home I immediately documented the exchange. I looked up who the owner of the clinic was and hand delivered the account to his home early Sunday afternoon to whom I assume was his teen son. I stated I would like an immediate response to my complaint. Monday, afternoon I received a call. Not from the own (a Vet himself) but from the same manager who again was unprofessional. She did not state why she was calling; I had to guess. She then stated it was inappropriate for me to take the complaint to his home. I disagreed asked her to identify her source of etiquette information. She then began with, “ If you had not acted the way you did…” I said she had been the one acting unprofessionally”. “Let me give you some advise..” she shouted over me, whereas, I disconnected from her then phone the owners number and left a brief message as to this exchange. Apparently the owner does not care that his non-medical staff are ill trained, and the manager is highly Unprofessional. I suspect they attempt to bill be for $259.00, but my cat was abu

Wouldn't take my pets anywhere else BUT here!

by PM , 02/20/2013

Have been taking all my fur kids here for years and the staff has always been super compassionate. The place is clean, the staff is friendly, and the doctors are all very knowledgeable. I love that I can come in anytime and don't need an appointment! Thank you Value Pet Clinic-Keep up the good work!

Bad attitude

by kl , 12/24/2012

I had an issue with the Tacoma manager and wanted to address it with the owner. The UP manager refused to let me contact the owner, claiming that she was in charge of both branches (which was not the case). She demanded that my complaint be forwarded to her, which I did. No response from her yet and everything swept under the rug by Misty, hoping that I would simply go away.


by Wendy , 10/27/2012

On October 27, 2012 I brought my 6 year old daughters, 6 month old cat in to get neutered. You would think it would be a simple procedure, but no. They had to reopen him 4 times to stop internal bleeding. They also said that if he started bleeding again to call the emergency vet to take him in right away. He has an incision all the way up to his rib cage and didn't send home any pain medicine or antibiotics for him. We have him in a huge kennel so he isn't out walking around and my daughter hasn't stopped crying since we brought him home because she is so freaked out. We are going to sleep in sleeping bags next to him to make sure he will be okay throughout the night. I ask of you, if you truly love your pet and don't want to see them suffer, NEVER take your pet here. Please pray for him that he makes it through the night tonight!

Rude and unethical office staff

by k , 09/15/2012

I had several issues related with the office manager and when i tried to contact the owner, i was instead contacted by someone else claiming to be a supervisor who refused to let me speak to the owner. Hardly a friendly place to take your pet.

Caring people

by kfletch , 08/15/2012

Seems strange to read the other reviews. Do be aware they are no appointment vet. It is first come first serve. We have had to wait for an hour but had full attention when it was our turn. They are very busy and the reception is multi tasking greatly but when it is your turn you have full attention. The prices are much better then other places. The care was excellent and attention to detail. We use Value pet as our regular vet. We have dogs and cats.

Do not acknowledge or value returning customers.

by Anonymous , 01/12/2012

Very unhelpful and uncaring over the phone with any concerns.

Worse service around

by Vets for less sucks! , 12/31/2011

Dont use these people, they suck, cant give an estimate and stay anywhere near it. They have no explanation for anything they do. Poor service from the receptionist all the way to the brain dead doctors working there! Do your self a favor and stay away from these scam artists. They are even calling my phone from a blocked number and wont talk when I answer the phone. Real professional huh? Save your sanity and go to a real vet that will care for your animal and not just rip you off!

Terrible Place BEWARE it Could Cost Your Pets LIFE

by woof2000 , 06/28/2011

Never take your pet here. my dog was taken in after he had thrown up once, had loss of appetite, and wouldn't walk. i had called ahead to ask what to do. they said i could bring him in and he would be seen right away. it took over 30 min to be roomed with an empty waiting room. then another 20 min before i was asked if i wanted to be seen on emergency basis. After waiting all that time Vet said no fever ran a test for parvo came back neg. At which time wanted to keep overnight w/IV. Manager then came in and told me if i left my dog would die all alone!!! Then said I should take to critical care but the only difference someone would be there all night and would charge DOUBLE. My dog ultimately ended up dying within an hour and they did nothing to help him but tell me to put him down. they are not equipped to handle anything beside vaccines anything else take your dog somewhere else please. they're very uneducated, ignorant, & rude. because of them ive lost my best friend & baby

Very rude

by Not so touching , 05/29/2010

Was not happy at all. Before taking the temp they did not put plastic over ther thermometer before taking the temp. When cheeking out over heard someone on the phone saying to someone "well who knows we might not be here by then and if its 5 and we dont have anyone here and your walking up yes we will lock the doors because it is 5 and thats when we close" will never take my pet back there after what I heard the women say on the phone and would never tell anyone to take there pet there, My pet visit was on 5-24-2010 VERY rude. And come to find out this is the same office that told my best friends dog that she was fine and nothing was wrong with her.. Yet they next day she took her dog somewhere eles and the dog died 2 hours later of Parvo... You tell me if you wanna take your dog there?