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Description for UVA Endocrinology & Metabolism

When you choose UVA Endocrinology & Metabolism, you are making the decision to put your health into the hands of a team that brings together all the expertise, teamwork, and technology. We are located in Charlottesville, VA, our medical facility is ready to accommodate you and treat you with the respect you deserve. The high level of healthcare we provide to our patients is not easy but if it were, any office would suffice.

UVA offers medical care for the following:
• Diabetes
• Thyroid disorders
• Adrenal disorders
• Metabolic disorders

UVA Endocrinology & Metabolism is consistently ranked as one of the top centers for diabetes and endocrinology care in the US by U.S. News & World Report. We have received several national recognitions for both the care we provide and for our facilities and we invite you to call and visit to experience this for yourself.

We accept insurance and offer emergency services. At UVA, we know you have many choices and we thank you for choosing us.

Call today to schedule an appointment with a health care provider that cares!

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Reviews of UVA Endocrinology & Metabolism

1 Zhenqi Liu and Ramya Embar Srinivasan by none - 11/23/2014

Do not ever got this man “Dr.” Zhenqi Liu or one of his incompetent internists “Dr.” Ramya Embar Srinivasan. They are the worst doctors on earth. They will ruin your life as they ruined mine. Their incompetence border on criminal malpractice. Head Zhenqi Liu and Ramya Embar Srinivasan made me undergo a DEADLY radioactive thyroid update test, by completely LYING about what the test does! Yes they lied about the test. I went to the UVA Endocrinology in 2013 because my TSH was slightly low. But I never had the debilitating problems I got after the test. All I wanted to know was why the TSH was low. But they put me through this deadly for no apparent reason. All I was told was that this was to just check “things.” Well they never found out anything. Before the test, I told them clearly that I would and could not take any test that would go into my stomach. But they assured me that the test was an injection into the arm. I showed up for the test and was completely shocked. The test was a RADIOACTIVE pill I had to swallow. They both lied to me about it. In fact I spent half hour with Ramya Embar Srinivasan explaining why I could not take a test that would go into my bowel. Srinivasan said the test was an injection into the arm. That is, Ramya Embar Srinivasan did not even know how the test was done, the very test she ordered!!!!!!Before the test was given to me, I argued for 45 minutes with the staff at the testing center. I said that this was not the test that the doctor ordered for me. And they said the doctor was mistaken! The testing staff assumed me that the test was completely harmless. They said it was “like being in the sun for 2 hours.” How false this was I cannot even begin to tell you.Within hours of taking it, my whole body turned completely hot. And then, day after day, I became so deadly ill, with fatigue and lethargy, nausea, inability concentrate, foggy head, horrible bloating I never ever had in my life, debilitating pain in my bowel colon and pain in the esophagus, followed by horrible constipation and terrible diarrhea. And then my stool turned into a horrible tar color. Most of all, what was devastating after the test, I was this: I can no longer fall a sleep and get restful sleep. Now, even after one year, I cannot fall a sleep, and stay a sleep, and I have no DEEP sleep at all. I wake up every 15 minutes. Clearly the test completely damaged my thyroid. My life, as I knew has been robbed of me by Zhenqi Liu and Ramya Embar Srinivasan. They found nothing, and I got no help. Zhenqi Liu and Ramya Embar Srinivasan said everything was ok. How nice for them! I walked into offices of Zhenqi Liu and Ramya Embar Srinivasan a normal person. After the test, I became disabled!

5 There can and will never be a replacement for Dr. Richard Santen ! by Hard to replicate or duplicate - 04/07/2012

By the time I was made aware I was suffering from an Endochronological problem I was sure I was dying. Dr. Richrd Santen was able with a few tests to not only quickly diagnose and tret my problem, but would call my residence to give me updates and make sure I was improving. When I had a concern I had a telephone number to call at UVA and if necessary he would initiate a call to me at times within and hour, and I remember an occasion when he was out of the Country attending a World conference, he took the time to call his office for messages and on this occasion he phoned me from , as I recall Switzerland. That attention to patient needs and health on his part is personal and professional, which instills a confidence/security that is very hard to duplicate, or find in this decade of healthcare. I must give the credit also to the support staff which is EXCEPTIONAL, and second to NONE. Within the UVA Healthcare System I have never been treated in a discourteous manner.

5 UVA Endocrinology by R. Harrison Fries - 07/14/2009

I must take the time to write the following review of UVA Endocrinology because I personally was a patient there from 2001-2009.One of the finest, thorough, caring and compassionate physicians I have met in the World in my 55 years of living and world travel is with the Endocrinology department as a physician and professor.His name is Dr. Richard Santen and anyone that has had the privledge of being a patient of Dr. Santen,can be confident that they are in the right hands.His peers consistently place him at the same extrordinary level as I. It is difficult to get an appointment, however if you can wait it is well worth the wait.Unfortunately there are few Dr. Santen' remaining in the medical world. He has written numerous papers and lectured around the world in the field of endocrinology. He is truely a remarkable physician.If Dr. Santen is your caregiver you have a feeling of security knowing he has made your diagnosis, and you are under his care!

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