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7777 D St
Omaha, NE 68124

Wednesday 8:00am - 8:00pm (show)

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Description: Tully's Kennels has been in business since 1976 when Allen Tully built the boarding facility on 77th & D Street. Allen, a local Omaha businessman, retired from Tully's for Men to pursue his love of dogs. Allen started showing and breeding dogs in the 60's and was president of the Nebraska Kennel Club for 5 years.

We at Tully's Kennels are "Dog Lovers." We take great pride in caring for the animals in our facility. Our boarding facility is pressure washed and sanitized each day and our buildings are constantly cleaned for our puppies well being. Our Veterinarian checks our facility and puppies weekly and our on-staff Vet Assistants take care of the puppies' needs daily. We stipulate an inoculation program that our breeders must follow thus insuring the healthiest possible pups.

We sell pets. We encourage anyone who wishes to have a "Show Dog" to seek out a "Show Breeder."

We breed a select few litters of our own puppies. We do not buy from "Puppy Mills", or any breeders not in compliance with the USDA, Humane Societies, and applicable Kennel Clubs. Our puppies are all purchased from local breeders who are licensed and inspected by the USDA and their respective Humane Societies. Our facility is inspected annually by the Nebraska Humane Society and the USDA. We are also subject to spot-checks by both organizations.

You are the final inspector. Our customers inspect our facility every day. We are open every day of the year. Stop by and see our facility and make sure you take time to play with a few puppies.
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Tully's Kennels

by comments are good , 09/11/2007

Tully's has always been our family's choice for boarding and adopting our furry family members. Centrally located, right off of the interstate.

Horrible, Terrible, CRIMINAL!!!

by Tullys Sucks!! , 06/24/2011

Satisfactory reviews on here are provided by the owner and friends. This place is horrible and disgusting!! Julie Tully is a liar, cheat, manipulator, and all around evil human being. People that buy pets from here or lie about how this place is ok can go to hell along with Julie. Julie runs a puppy mill, plain and simple. Hopefully the law can finally convict her of something and send her away.

customer service

by bassman , 07/20/2011

I went to tully's last Sunday, July 19 2011, I had the worst and I mean the worst time there a customer could experience. We went there looking for puppies. All the cages are marked please Ask for assistant for picking up a dog in a kennel. Well the girl who was there was testing and going outside to talk to another employee. She never helped us. We asked her 3 different times for help and she totally ignored us. So I took it up myself to notify the manager the next day. The manager didn't really act as if it was that big of deal, even though we was there to buy a Boston terrier at 750.00 plus taxes over 800.00. The manager said well sorry for the inconvenience ill give you a free leash and collar if you come back and do business with us. Bad business people. I have bought all my dog there up until now. Never again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my tullies puppy is awesome

by delessa , 06/13/2013

we went there to tullies to get a puppy we got a little shar pei/beagle mix she is awesome and we love her with her wrinkles and lovely personality . shes been to the vet and is healthy and no parasites at all. we couldn't be happier with our new little puppy.

Why can't I have the breeders phone #?

by Puppy mill concerns , 10/09/2011

I wanted to be sure Tully's was not selling puppy mill dogs. I contacted them and asked if I would be able to contact the breeder or see the facility if I find a pet I like. They said they would not be able to do that. They don't always have the information of where the breeder is located. Hmmm.

Better Than Nebraska Humane Society

by Josh In Millard , 01/28/2012

I just took my family to go and look for a dog today. We were set on getting a dog, but didn't know what type or where from. Literally did a search online and found nothing cost effective or having a wide variety. I came on DexKnows and found Tully's. They were down to earth, friendly, and didn't impose their views of the dog on us. I would highly recommend this facility, and this is possibly the first review I've written in years. We know how a family dog that is calm, playful, and now part of the family.

This place is a joke!!!

by Matt , 01/30/2012

Every time I hear their commercial on the radio it makes me sick to my stomach..... People don't bash good businesses for the hell of it!!!! I bought a wonderful boxer for my kids 3 years ago... She is the sweetest dog..... She had a deformation in her front legs that the vet. Said would eventually cause her to not be able to walk..... My vet told me that...... Tully's vets said she was fine...... Third opinion said same as my vet....when I called tully's to ask them to help with the vet bills to have this surgically repaired, they told me to go ahead and bring her back and we can pick out another puppy and they would have her put to sleep!!!!!!!! Are you f%*~ing kidding me???? What kind of a person says this!!!!!! I have no agenda.... If they were a good company I would say so!!!!

Love the dog i got form Tully's

by Kiah , 03/02/2013

I had a great experience with geting my dog from Tully's. She is very healthy and a great dog.Though price was high but after thinking that all 3 shots were included and as many visits to vet within first 10 days. Thanks Tully's

Sick and Worng

by Shakes Head , 05/30/2013

Their dogs are in tiny kennels that are packed in a wearhouse, this should be your first clue people. If you noticed they are fed from small critter containers that do not require the staff to interact with the puppies when feeding them. OHHhh and their food isn't dog food it is rabbit pellits so their poop is soft enough to go through the wire cages like hamsters, but hamsters have a hay to sleep on atleast. The wire bottom cages are scaring to their little paws. This a terrible place. If you buy a dog from here you have no heart. Google puppy mills and pet stores because Tullys gets their dogs from puppy mills. RESCUE people for the love of goodness!! Stop places like Tully's

Response from Business - 2013-06-13 12:51:13
Our system of housing puppies is a result of our 40+ years of placing pups with families. The food we feed is Doc's Choice manufactured in Fremont NE. It happens to be pelletized so it is easier to eat and digest. We like it because the puppies thrive on it and have proper stools. We recognize that the rescue groups have a difficult time placing their unwanted dogs. Our policy is to take back any dog we sell and find it a new home. If your rescue group receives any Tully dogs we take them in as well and find them new homes. I would love to have a personal conversation with you and hear your suggestions of how we can be better. Sincerely, Tom - Operations Manager.

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