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Justice Legal Group gives families who are seeking divorce, child custody, alimony, and more the support and guidance they need to move forward.

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This firm is incredible

by Melinda , 10/22/2010

The Standridge Law Firm is absolutely incredible. My family has needed their services many different times throughout the years and we have always been extremely happy. From child support issues, to an adoption, to a real estate issue, David Standridge and his staff never fail us. Even when the stress levels get high in dealing with very sensitive issues I was comforted in knowing we were being represented by an extremely accomplished, and very wise man. The entire staff is knowledgable, caring and attentive. Whatever your need I would highly recommend them. You will not find better!!

Mr. Standridge gets the job done!!!!!

by Ellenbergs , 10/24/2010

Since 1999 we have been trying to get a custody matter resolved. After using several other attornies and government offices, no one could get the job done. We then went to the Standridge Law Firm and immediatly we knew we were at the right place. Something we had working with other firms for 11 years, Dave Standridge was able to get everything signed, sealed, and delivered within weeks. We now have such an unbelievable peace of mind knowing such a important custody issue was completely taking care of by the Standrdge Law Firm. Only an attorney of his level of experience could have finished this case in such a timely manner. Thank you for your dedication to your clients and their families. We highly recommend the Standridge Law Firm to any client needing only the best help.

Great work

by Sean , 10/29/2010

David, Thank you very much for you & your teams help on helping me through my car accident settlement. Because of your hard work, I was able to get back on my feet & into another car! Thank you again!

The best thing

by Heather , 04/26/2011

Just in case you didn't know, having you represent me in court was one of the best things I could ever give to my son, Thanks again!"

The Standridge Law Firm is the best!

by Linda Malone , 06/02/2011

Where do I start? I have received the very best from David and the Standridge Law Firm. Many times, having to seek a lawyer means that a person is going through a hard time in their life. In my case, it wasn’t so much a hardship. Rather it was receiving a blessed gift for my Son that brought me to the Law Firm. From the very first day I walked through the door, I was folded into their family. Everyone there has been a help to me at one time or other. I would, and I do recommend the Standridge Law Firm to anyone who is seeking a GOOD law firm and excellent attorneys to represent them.Linda M.

I finally won custody!

by Ricky M. , 07/07/2011

Thank you Amanda for your amazing work in court today. After two hard years my son is home! Thanks to everyone as well at the Standridge Law Firm who have helped my family over the last 6 years.Ricky M.

Thank you so much

by Rick S. , 09/16/2011

Just a note to say how glad I am that Patti and I were led to you in the first place . . . back with the grand children's issues. When you made the decision to pursue granting us status intervenors you prevented what could have been some very heart wrenching episodes in their lives. Right now, you couldn't find more kind and well adjusted So, thanks for your insight, skill and edge.Rick S.

Just Dropped my case...

by Ugh!!! , 03/15/2013

I Hired this law firm on a referral from a friend who had a good experience. At first it went well, but then I got the run around with my attorney Amanda Navarro who did not return my many phone calls. I would go weeks with out hearing from anyone. Then my case was taken by another attorney which I liked and worked hard on my case, answered my calls and emails. I met with this attorney and we were working together on my case. Well a couple of weeks went by and I received a letter in the mail that they had withdrew from my case because of the amount I owed...which I never heard or received a bill! I called to speak with my attorney and she no longer worked there!! My ex and his attorney knew before I did! I was told by the office manager that if I wanted them to continue I had to pay this huge amount in full plus another retainer fee!?! The office manager was always pleasant and I had interacted with her on many occasions. She spoke with Amanda and they stated they would drop the court fee to withdraw from my case. Well some time went by because I had to find a way to come up with this large amount, but the office manager was aware. Guess what?....when I called to speak with her awhile later...she no longer worked there! Neither did the lady who answered the phone and took my many messages! The new office manager was very rude, degrading, and made threats. I informed her that customer service and common courtesy was something she really needed to work on. I understand that they need to be paid for their services, and I got a loan to do so. But come on...$75/hr to speak on the phone for 15 minutes to a paralegal? I spoke to so many different people through out this financially breaking and emotionally upsetting situation. I don't think anyone cared about my situation or even knew enough to help me. If you hire this firm, be sure you understand who, how much, and that you be notified by letter and phone about fees and other issues that might make them close your case. I spent so much money and I am in worse shape with my case them when I started because I have to go to court on my own....thanks for listening and good luck!

Horrible Law Firm

by Horrible Law Firm , 10/18/2013

They charge you and don't do anything to help you they just want your MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


by Heather G , 11/09/2013

I would not recommend this law firm in anyway. I was lead to believe from Yolanda Simmons that I was getting a plead agreement that would defer my sentence. When she gave me the paperwork to sign, I did not see that deferment listed on the paperwork, so I questioned it. She assured me that it was part of the agreement not to worry about it. She advised me that I needed to complete my part of the agreement before we could go back to court for it to be deferred, which would be a year and that she had scheduled in their computer to be contacted again in a years timeframe to do just that. When I did not receive the call a year later, I called the law firm, only to find out that Yolanda no longer worked for them and that she lied to me about there ever being a plea agreement for a deferment. I could have done that on my own. I contacted and even went into the office to get answers and was told more then ten time that David Standridge would call me back to get this cleared up. I have yet to get a call back after several attempts to get a hold of him. They took my money,did not represent me in anyway and they feel it is ok to flat out lie to your face that you had an agreement which you never had. DO NOT USE THESE LAWYERS VERY CORRUPT!!!