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19910 S Tamiami Trl, Ste B
Estero, FL 33928

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very unprofessional

by Carley Winters , 08/29/2014

this doctors office is not what it used to be when it first opened up. I am in the process of switching doctors because of the pill mill speculation. I am a real patient, with real pain. do not go here if this is also you. When you walk in any license pain management doctors, or any doctors for that matter you should never wait more than 30 minutes after your appointment. Some people have real jobs that they go to so they cannot miss a whole day of work just because the front desk likes to over book appointments. The wait in this office is ALL DAY literally. I am currently trying to obtain my medical records from this office, to go to another reliable more professional doctor but it is also a hassle. I am stuck in a rut, i don't know what to do. My back is in pain but i would much rather be in pain than associate with criminal master minds. can i get an AMEN. thank you

Dr. Connie Lee is a CROOK!

by fedup , 09/04/2012

Anyone can see that Dr. Lee is a crook! Look at the 6-carat diamond around her neck! She wants to take me off my medically necessary Clonapin and put me on a sleeping pill! Think maybe she is getting a kickback from Lunesta?!? How am I supposed to work if I take a sleeping pill for my anxiety and panic attacks??I have sat in the waiting room while 26 patients filed in and out with 5-6 scripts in their $200 bucks a pop, that's a nice wad of cash in her pocket every day! These guys sit and talk about how much they're gonna sell their pills for and compare notes on which pharmacy to go to!

Awesome Doctors Office!

by MissThang , 04/09/2012

I believe they are doing their best to serve their patients and are very friendly and helpful.


by John , 01/04/2012

Read the Naples Daily News and you will find out the truth. This is a biggest pill mill in Southwest Florida. This place is owned and operated by a bunch of convicted felons. All the good reviews in here were written by them. This place will be shut down soon. Collier County Sheriff monitors their activities daily. They do NOT care about patient because they do NOT know anything about medical knowledge beside taking money from the drug addicts and prescribe narcotic pain medications. Kids hang outside the parking lot and filled up the lobby seeking for pain medications with fake MRI reports. Families with children and members died from overdose are seeking lawsuits. Wake up people and seek the truth. They recruited doctors from Craigslist and several recruiting agencies. They do not even have a full time doctor. Their doctor is an OB/GYN prescribing narcotic pain medications. If it smells like a Pill Mill, acts like a Pill Mill, then it is a Pill Mill.

Long Wait But Quality Doctor

by Paul , 06/26/2011

I first came to this clinic for my extremely sore lower right back that inhibited me from sleeping through the night and made my long days of work unbearable. The doctor explained my Mri and wants me to see a surgeon as soon as I can afford Insurance. Without this treatment I would not have a job and not sure what I would do. Thank you for saving my career/life. On the negative side I do wait normally 3-4 hours to be seen but I dont have a choice.

This Clinic is Good and I can prove it and I am not a patient there!

by Steve Cary Master AutoTech LLC , 06/20/2011

I have been in buisness in sw fl for 20 years as a mechanic and buisness owner I have one employee left, that I trust and I have known him and his family for12 years his father was a civil rights atty. I never knew what exactly what about his work ,I didn't care , but Bills dad was my friend when we would hang together we never talked shop. I hate attys but my friend was as honest as they come, so I don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to attnys so whats my point! I can pick out a good seed and a bad seed. When my friend and his wife died within a few weeks of each other I kept my ears open and mouth shut, and it was very true, Bills dad and his family are the most honest people I have ever Known. Bill has become my best friend and best employee I have ever had. Bill has been stalked by a man that uses his trust to gain access to his life. this guy does this, that is his was. I have also encountered him I am not using last names but he goes by BRUCE.


by GerogeC , 05/24/2011

This place IS run by criminals, And they dont look at you, they just prescribe terrible meds

Great Healthcare

by Bob George , 04/28/2011

Today was my first time at the Center. I did have to wait almost 3 hours to be seen but it was well worth it. The Doctor explained my MRI and encouraged me to see a specialist and to only use the medication short term due to surgury being so expensive and I dont have great insurance right now. This is a legitimate business unlike the Center I went to in North Fort Myers and walked right back out. Im a 42 year old male with Bulging discs in L1-L2-L3-L4 and L-5, i go through quite a bit of pain on a daily basis and have received cortisone treatments priort to utilizing pain management. Just isnt enough and too expensive

SWF Medical solutions is a godsend.

by charliebrown , 03/08/2011

I hate these pill mills on the east coast because they are making it hard for people with real pain to get the attention and treatment they deserve. They hand out more than any person needs and none of them have a Data Base to see if people are going to multiple DR's and getting thousands of meds each month. This makes it hard for us few with real pain to get our meds since every pharmacy is out due to these DR shopping MOFO'S sucking up the medication that we direly need. People need to get their facts straight before judging every pain clinic out there.Would you like it if they all get shut down and your mother,father,grandparents,siblings are forced to deal with unbearable pain every day of their lives.Just because your perfect and have never had a bad accident or a debilitating illness dont wave your finger at us. I hope one day you need the assistance that we require and than you wont be so quick to judge. Pain sux and no one should have to suck it up when there are ways to fix it

Continued SWF Medical solutions is a Godsend

by Chuck-B , 03/08/2011

This place is Great! Their staff is very kind and professional. The doctors actually examine you and really listen to your problems unlike these pill mills being busted in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. Those places are giving places like SWFMS a bad name. This is not a pill dispensary. They truly examine you and provide you with the necessary means to continue living with quality of life. So many people are badmouthing any place that writes any prescriptions when they are completely uneducated themselves on the issues at hand. SWFMS require MRIs from reputable companies and does not just hand out meds like these pill mills who are causing the entire practice to be demonized. Everyone sais there are other options if you have back pain. Injections, surgery, rehab. Have you seen the price of these injections ranging from $600-$1000 each visit along with the office costs. Surgery can end up causing more problems than you began with and rehab is just another money making racket

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