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Description: Canine reproduction services:
Our canine reproduction services include ovulation timing, artificial insemination, in-hospital hormone testing, cesarean section, infertility treatment, semen freezing and storage, international semen export and import, genetic disease screening, DNA testing, PennHIP x ray studies, and all O.F.A. certifications. For reproduction information, see Breeding Management. See "links" for more information on tests.

Ear cropping, available for certain breeds.
Ownership: Locally Owned
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by BKDREW , 09/20/2012

Congratulations on the new location! I used to drive 45 minutes each way (passing other vet offices along the way) just because of the love and care that is given, and the savings too. Dr. Pew and staff have always gone above and beyond our expectations! Kim (at the front desk) offers the "old fashioned" personal customer service that most companies have lost. I know my kids (2 dogs) are in the best care while under thier supervision. Dr. Pew has performed 3 surgeries on one of our kids, the bill was half of what I paid to their compitetion, which was within 10 minutes of my home. Thank You!!!!!!

Our Vet of Choice!

by RawFedDanes , 01/07/2013

For several years, I had the luxury of having Dr. Pew literally around the corner from me in Orem. He's been our vet of choice since moving to the area. He is a wealth of knowledge, so incredibly good at what he does... and as a breeder, it's that much more important to me that I have a vet that really knows their stuff. We make the 30 minute commute up to Draper now, and the distance is absolutely worth the care and services. There's no one I trust more when it comes to the health of my pack.

killed my pet

by jchilcote , 03/17/2013

This is the worst pet clinic I have ever been to. I took my pet into the Orem office that is associated with their Draper office. My pet stayed one full night at the Orem location and then was transported to this location to undergo a surgery which was said to be that same day at 9:00am. My pet was unable to void or have a bowel movement and was also very dehydrated. They hooked him up to an IV for two whole days, which during this time he did not urinate. The surgery did not happen later that day because they had "other emergencies". My pets kidneys began to back up and he went into kidney failure and we were forced to put him to sleep. My whole family was very upset and did not want to pay our bill which we felt was fare. We then had to argue with staff members for 2 hours and were told many different stories about what had "actually happened". We were able to get the bill reduced to 50% off which during this time they kept our dead pet in the back office. It was complete negligence on the part of the staff. The staff took on way too many animals that day and my pet was ignored. We were told by Dr. Pew that our pet would be fine and that the surgery was very simple. WELL DR PEW WAS WRONG. I would tell anyone thinking of going to this clinic to RUN! STAY AWAY!

Multiple great experiences

by matt5hansen , 03/18/2013

Our two dogs have had very few medical issues over the years, but one of our dogs recently acquired an allergy which we had been trying to figure out. He had always been a little more itchy than others of his breed, but earlier this year, it got bad. His face was getting scabbed up, and one ear tip was cut open, and we couldn't get it to heal. We were trying all kinds of homemade concoctions, but with out success. His face was looking pretty rough, so we finally broke down and decided to take him into Dr. Pew.The diagnosis was allergies, which then led to a staff infection as well as a yeast infection. Our poor guy was in rough shape. Luckily, Dr. Pew was able to get him on the right medications right away, and he went from our poor pup who wouldn't eat, to a happy, hungry, normal Ridgeback. This change was almost instant. We also have the allergies under control as a result.Two weeks later, the same dog developed a lump in his upper right gum by his fourth premolar. Dr. Pew told us it was a dried up infection, and just needed to be cut out. We thought it might be an abcess tooth, so we went to another doctor who specializes in teeth work for dogs. We booked the surgery, our dog went in, came out, the tumor-like flesh was sent to the pathology lab, and the results came back showing that it was a dried up infection exactly like Dr. Pew had told us.Our other dog has had a couple of small growths on his skin, so we decided to take him into Dr. Pew just to be safe. Dr. Pew took one look at them and said, "they are warts. You can remove them, but if you do, you risk having the warts come back in groups on other parts of the body. Sometimes worse." We decided to wait on the warts, but we trust Dr. Pew, and I would not be ashamed to promote him any day of the week.

Awesome, knowledgable, caring staff!!

by Andrea , 04/02/2013

I've used Dr Pew and staff for years for basic vet care and frozen semen, reproduction both in the US and Australia. Most recent experience was a frozen insemination on one of my girls and basic vet care of 9 rescue dogs. Not only did they give fantastic care to my own dog, they were very patient and understanding with the rescue dogs and the behavior problems that those dogs are challenged with due to unsocialization. Everyone left the clinic healthy and happy and I'd highly recommend Dr Pew and team to anyone!!


by frustrated , 05/19/2013

Misdiagnosed my dog which led to great suffering for my dog and huge expenses to correct his mistake.

Update from 8/12/2013 Prices

by Dr. Pew Update , 08/13/2013

Today (8/13) I met with Dr. Pew's staff over the lab fees, blood work, exams etc... that occurred on 8/12. I am pleased to report that I was advised on the pros and cons of the various tests, why they were being performed and they were very clear and concise on prices. I was given some options that fit my income and we decided on the best course of action . So.... once again Dr. Pew is my all time favorite vet. He brought my little schnauzer back from near death three years ago and you can't find a better vet in the west if you want upright ears done for doberman's, schnauzers, etc.... who are entering the competition circuit. Yes, prices have increased but it's a state wide phenomena! I was so upset yesterday I called 10 vets in Utah, the President of the AKC for terriers in Utah and my sisters vet in Idaho . ALL reported prices that were in the same range as Dr. Pew. Unlike me, be a wise consumer and know ahead of time of procedures and costs to be incurred.


by Ann B , 08/19/2014

I highly recommend this clinic...they provide wonderful customer service!!! Excellent expertise in the reproduction field!!! Everyone was GREAT!!!

Best Vet & Caring People

by Steve , 05/23/2013

I've known Dr. Pew & his staff for over 30 years. He has taken care of all our pets over these years and has provided the best care ever. I took my pets to other veterinarians before Dr. Pew started practicing in Orem and was never treated as well. He and his staff do everything possible to see that each animal they see receives the best care. Whenever a life choice needs to be made I have the highest regard for their respect of my pet as well as myself. They are very sensitive to the quality of life for the animal as well as the choices and decisions, as pets owners, we need to consider. I would and have recommended Dr. Pew & the other Veterinarians at his clinics to friends, co-workers and other acquaintances.

Extremely High Prices

by Extremely high priced!!! , 08/12/2013

I've loved Dr. Pew for years but his new prices are obscene! The general wellness examination went from $28 to $48 in one year. The blood work went from $93 to $175 in one year. No special tests, no special blood work, no additions, it was the same examination as the past two years. At no time was I notified of the extreme increase in prices or given optional treatments. The general wellness exam consisted of weighing my dog and taking her temperature. Nobody bothered to look at her teeth, gums, ears or eyes. It's quite a shock to plan on the typical $125 a year to $225.

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