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Sound Family Medicine

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Description: Sound Family Medicine is one of the leading medical centers providing primary and urgent care in Pierce County for more than 30 years.
Ownership: Locally Owned
Languages Spoken: American Sign
Certification and Affiliations: Board Certified, Certified

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Fax: (253) 845-7073

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I waited 75 mins just to see my provider for a few minutes - such a waste of time

by Emily , 09/11/2013

Worst service ever! This company is very disrespectful to their patients. I waited 45 mins to finally get called back for my appointment then another 30 mins for the doctor to come in. This was my first appointment to establish care with Sandra Loyer. She offered no explaination for the extremely long wait and only offered a half-hearted "sorry to keep you waiting." The front office support staff were unfriendly and unprofessional. Loyer was not friendly either. I wanted to talk to her about getting on a certain medication. She didn't ask me why I wanted that medication or anything about my medical history in that particular area of my life or what I've tried previously to address the issue. She just matter of factly said, "no, I don't prescribe that medication." When I asked her how she treats that issue with her patients she had nothing useful to say or offer me. She spent no time getting to know me or building a relationship of trust with me. Isn't that what a medical provider is supposed to do, build a trusting relationship with their patients? Maybe I have too high of expectations. I'm sad to see that I'm not the only one who's had extremely negative experiences with Sound Family Medical. Definitely won't be going back and I will be sure to pass on to all of my friends and colleauges the horrible service that is at this clinic.

Wont go back Also not allowed back!!!

by ScubaSteve , 09/27/2012

Jan 3, 2012 I saw Mr.Gee at Sound Family Medicine. I tried explaining my substantial history of back injuries, disc hemmorage, spinal stenosis, bone spurs, etc, when I was rudely interupted by Mr. Gee. He said, " I dont need to know all that only what brings you in today." I stated I had a steroid shot in low back the previous day. When I returned home from appt. my bestfriend/roommate was having a pschotic episode. He was no longer himself, acting crazy like someone on drugs. My friend attacked me during this episode and this was not a normal tussel it was a fight for my life. After twenty min of fighting the police showed up and it took six police officers to detain him because of his super human strength. I had bite marks and scratches all over my body along with glass in my hands knees and elbows.All of my muscles were shot and I could barely move. Mr. Gee examined me and came to his conclusion rather quickly, he stated "it appears you are overly exaggerating your pain." My heart then sank in my stomach. I asked what do you mean by that, he repeated himself, overly exaggerating my pain. With tears in my eyes I told him that that hurt my feelings, that it feels like he is calling me a liar or a fake. His response was very cold hearted he said "OK" and that was it. He handed me my prescription for narcotics and I left crying. Remember he didnt want to hear about my history of back issues like how im still currently waiting for surgery but somehow is able to come to the conclusion im overexaggerating. I later called to make complaint because no one deserves to be treated the way I was treated. I made my complaint and was told I would hear from a supervisor in 5 to 10 business days. I recieved no phone call. I called two more times trying to resolve this issue and was told again a supervisor will be contacting me. EIGHT months later I become ill and for some reason return to SFM. While checking in the receptionist tells me that im listed as inactive due to behavior and I was no longer allowed ba45ck to seek care from Sound Family Medicine. This was shocking!!! I asked to speak to supervisor, waited 45 min, well actually waited 8 months and 45 min to speak to a supervisor. I spoke to Cindy who was kind and listened to my story. She was unalbe to help me and sent me away without care and I was told again I would recieve phone call. I would like to know why Sound Family Medicine's Mr. GEE banned me from their facilty, was it my overexaggeration, my tears, or because I stood up for myself and made a complaint. I requested Mr. Gee's notes from my visit that day there is NO mention of any incident that would prevent my return.

Actually worse then Group Death

by Won't be back , 08/24/2012

I would give this provider - stars I would. Look I can get over long waits, staff that can't/ won't do their jobs but...when you see a health care provider you at least expect a diagnosis... so after seeing the doc and paying for bloodwork they won't/can't give me a diagnosis..... When I called to ask for the name of the CEO?Chairman of their board. They refused to give me any info...Guess that's just how "Proud" they are of the service they provide. I didn't think anyone out there was worse the Group Health but these folks sure are

Time is Money??

by Josh , 06/27/2012

So after a 45 minute wait and still waiting, I canceled my appt and asked for my medical records so I could go someplace new. This action was not spur of the moment, it had long been brewing, after numerous wasted calls on hold waiting to talk to someone, my prescriptions screwed up, and previous appts time not being met. If you have time to WASTE this is the place for you, if you have no life and enjoy sitting in a waiting room with other sick patients, then this is the place for you. And if you like holding you cell to your head for 10 minutes listening how great Sound Family is then enjoy…….

More waiting??

by George , 06/27/2012

Crappy service in the waiting room,again another member family member forced to wait 45 minutes for a 2 minute appt. I did last review, walked out am now with mulicare, was in at scheduled time for physical with new doctor that spent quality time, since i was new patient. Have had no issue what so ever communicating with him or staff. Will talk to the wife to see if she'd prefer to go with my new Doctor, she too has had issuses with refills and the staff due to a cancelation due to the Dr not my wife,

No quality care here

by DONT GO HERE , 11/24/2011

Iv'e been at this center for yrs and dr. ed pullen is a great doctor. but he went to sunrise location. and have not had a dr. worth much sents. and then Dr. wells and from what I can tell is not very people freindy then the blow up.He kicked me out of his office because I dont like wearing a cpap mask. A LOT OF PEOPLE DONT LIKE WEARING MASK WHEN THEY SLEEP. SO I WILL FIND NEW DOC. AS THIS MORON HAS NO ABILITY TO LISTEN ONLY TALK.


by I was called 3 mos. later with test results! , 10/18/2011

I had a CT scan & I received the results from my ordering physician the next day. My results were also sent over to SFM. Three mos. later I got a call from a nurse at SFM & she mentioned she was calling with test results?! Which startled me for a sec., & I told the gal I already had the results. But she carried on like she was just following notes on her screen, like a cheerful robot. I am thankful for the good news twice, so I chalked it up to that. But after seeing these reviews, I had to say something. I hardly visit there as I often see my oncologist. But I have never cared for the lack of privacy when checking in. At my last visit, I told the gal I was there for a "check up" when she asked, & then she looks closer at her screen & said, "oh, I see, a meds check." If I wasn't a cancer survivor on meds to deal with chemo toxin side effects, then I would have taken the whole 'med' comment more personally. And probably reported her, because I would think that is against HIPPA regulatio

Your time isn't valuable to SFM

by Frustrated , 10/04/2011

After trying to give Sound Family Medical many chances to "make it right" and change my mind, I have come to the conclusion that it is never going to happen and it is time to find somewhere else to go, even if it means driving further. My latest appointment was scheduled for 8:30am, which I showed up in plenty of time for. I did not get called back until 9:05am and Dr. Martin did not come into the room until 9:35am. He wrote me a prescription for my infection and told me it would be ready to pick up in a hour. Got to my pharmacy 2 hours later and they had not even received it! I called immediately and the receptionist's answer was "Oops, he forgot to fax it". If you are someone who has all the time in the world to wait, this place if for you, However if your time is valuable (who's isn't?) my advice is, don't waste your time!

Excellent Caring Service

by Michele , 04/04/2011

I have gone to Sound Family Medicine since it opened. Now all my children and their families go. We have always received the best of care with follow-up phone calls. I am a very happy patient that will continue to use Sound Family Medicine.


by tac patient , 03/08/2011

The support staff is horrible. The person who answers the phone is rude. They make it difficult to ask a question, schedule appointments, they don't call you back regarding follow up appointments or referrals, etc. My primary care physician, Dr. Young has left Sound so it's now time to go somewhere else as well. I tolerated this unprofessional staff only because I liked my doctor. I would not recommend Sound Family Medicine.

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