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shaffer sanitary

by steve , 12/17/2010

I have had shaffer sanitary for 25 years. They are one of the best they have always came up to the house to pick up my garbage not like the other haulers were they pick it up at the curb.There price is cheaper to pick up at the house cheaper then other Co. at the curb.I would reccomend them to any body.

Disappointing Trash Service

by Nat , 10/01/2012

I inherited Shaffer's Sanitary from my landlord in the beginning of 2011. Generally since then, their service has been fairly consistent, although they certainly aren't afraid to charge you extra if fill any more than two trash cans, and while they say they do recycling they give no instructions how to differentiate that waste. However, since August of 2012 they have not picked up my garbage 4 times in two months. They never answer their phone, nor do they ever return phone calls in regards to missed pickups. I have 3 weeks worth of trash in my garage right now, and I am choosing a different trash service.

It hasn't even begun

by Joseph M , 07/03/2013

We just signed for trash service through these retards....supposed to be picked up this past Tuesday.... guess they forgot....been calling the fucktards every hour on the hour

never pick up garbage

by sad , 02/01/2011

Up until last year, had no problems at all. Within the last 8 months had to call them 6 times for them to pick up the garbage at a rental property,which is supposed to be done every week. One time there was so much garbage, we go a letter from the city, to clean it up or get fined. If you pay for the service,it would be nice for them to do it without having to call them over and over. Another thing, they never return your calls,they just go out the next day and pick it up.

cust since march 2011

by Sakatam , 09/25/2012

OK, have to say off the top they did pick extremly bulky items after we moved in to our first real house no rental here. did plan on be a lifer for all the friends we live by use them tooo. but no they dont seem to understand if i pay for a service you better do the service. it be nice if i didnt have to call my trash company every month to pickup my single 21 lbs of trash and bi monthly bulky purge of stuff from the house. even if i call in to report extra pickup they just dont get it!goto bigger comp company and pay 2 more a month and go on with life.

Horrible Service

by Alan H , 06/09/2014

I really don't know why I have put up with such crappy service....... Oh I know cuz I've already paid for it!!!!!! I am filing a complaint with consumer protection.... This company takes your money thennn never picks up my trash..... Third week landlord is giving me problems now what? Pay another company Again?