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Sahara RV
Sahara RV
Sahara RV


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Description: Sahara RV Center is a family owned and operated recreational vehicle service provider offering excellent RV sales and service in Las Vegas, Nevada since 1981. We have a large selection of recreational vehicles, and we're ready to assist you with your RV needs.

Our services include:

  • New sales
  • Used sales
  • Rentals
  • Leasing
  • Parts and Accessories
  • Mobile Repair

    We have a full staff of experienced technicians and the largest parts and accessory store. At Sahara RV Center, we always make sure that you get the best quality recreational vehicles. We take pride in the fact that we not only sell and service the finest recreational vehicles, but we also offer a wide variety of financing options for our customers to take advantage of.

    Our hours vary seasonally, please call for current hours.

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  • Ownership: Locally Owned
    Languages Spoken: spanish

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    Fax: (702) 384-9573

    Alternate Phone: (702) 384-8818

    Toll Free: (800) 748-6494


    Sahara RV
    Sahara RV
    Sahara RV
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    Sahara RV Rocks!

    by Amy H. , 01/15/2016

    I rented a RV for a trip to Las Vegas, the rental department was super helpful and answered all of my questions. They did a complete walk through on the RV so I knew how to operate everything before I left. I loved the RV and did not have any issues with it. I enjoyed my experience so much that I look forward to renting an RV with Sahara RV again soon! A few great things about Sahara RV over the competitors that I learned: Sahara RV offers free mileage up front before they charge (unlike the other companies). I rented for 5 days and got 700 free miles!!! They also provided unlimited FREE generator usage, which apparently some of the companies charge $3-$5 per hour for this!!! I am really glad I went with this company over the other options!!

    Crappy pathetic little dealership

    by Ken , 06/09/2014

    They took my RV for nearly a year to try and sell it.When I went to pick it up, they had never even made the bed to make it presentable. The electronics were stolen out of it. The paint had blistered due their lack of care. The fluids were nearly dry making test drives risky. I could go on and on. They dinged me for thousands of dollars in what I consider questionable repairs. When I took my RV in to consign they treated me like gold. When I finally picked it up because of no results they treated me like dirt. They say they had a break-in and someone stole my electronics, but they will not provide a date it happened or a police report. They continue to ignore my requests for information on when it happened and why they didn't notify me. They never called me about the supposed theft, but after pressing them, they just happened to find of my projector in their own supply room. I've been RVing for nearly 30 years. I've never met a dealer I consider to be as pathetic. NEVER!

    Disasterout Dealership - AVOID SAHARA RV

    by Steph , 11/07/2013

    If you are looking for someone to ruin your vacation, you have come to the right place. We contracted with SAHARA RV to rent an RV for our vacation, giving them a $100 deposit. They were real firm on us signing a cancellation policy which states “A DEPOSIT of $100.00 is required to GUARANTEE YOUR RESERVATION. (Their emphasis). The policy says that you will lose half of your deposit if you cancel 5 days out, lose all of it if you cancel 4 days out. We paid our money to guarantee rental RV. Two days prior to the rental, they call and say that the unit will not be ready on time, 9:00 am, it would be a couple hours late. We told them that even picking the unit up late, we still wanted it. We took a cab from our hotel over to Sahara RV around 1:00. The unit wasn’t ready. They said that it would be around 2:00 or 2:30. They then contacted me to tell me it would be after 3:30, would we like to look at a smaller unit. We looked at the Class C which was really tired and decided to cut out loss and leave. We wasted an entire day trusting that these people were competent. The answer to that is decidedly NO. Neither competent nor capable. Gambling is part of Las Vegas but you shouldn’t have to gamble and loose on your vacation by dealing with SAHARA RV.

    These people are thieves and cheaters. Check out my BBB filing

    by Joe Mannella , 11/08/2012

    These people are thieves and cheaters. Check out my BBB filing

    Scam Artists

    by C.Asari , 11/01/2012

    I wish I could just rate this NO STARS I was the winning bidder of a 1990 37' Allegro off E-Bay on October 17th 2012 from Sahara RV Center in Las Vegas. I flew to Vegas on the 19th to pay for and pick up the RV. I was told by Les Gray(Salesman) and John Riley(Service Manager) that said RV had had a complete tuneup, oil change and servicing. When I arrived at the dealership they had said motor home out back and were "giving it the once over" for my trip back to Ohio. I found out that they were having electrical problems with the generator and electrical sockets inside the motor home. Something told me to cut my losses and fly back home, however after a long talk with John Riley he assured me that the motor home was road worthy and that I had nothing to worry about for my 2100 mile trip home. I don't know what they did but they dummied it so that everything was working. I paid for the motor home and went about leaving for my trip. I got 300 miles out of Vegas(just past Salina, Utah to be exact) and the motor over heated. I pulled over and let it cool down and filled the radiator turned back towards Salina because the next services were over 100 miles away going east. The Motor overheated AGAIN before I even got back to Salina. I pulled into an RV park and took a look at the engine. Two spark plug wires had melted and I just figured it was because the engine overheated. I called Napa autoparts and they delivered plugs, cap, rotor and wires as well as tools to get them all changed. The wires were obviously original wires on the motor home and there were 2 spark plugs that were cracked in half and obviously not been JUST changed as I was told. The generator was again not working unless you jump started it and half the plugs(electrical) were not working again. There was an RV repair facility out front of the camp grounds that inspected the engine and said that I had a blown engine the block was cracked and the heads were warped. I called Sahara RV and told Les Gray about the problem and he directed me to John Riley who in turn said he would talk with the owner about the problem. The Owner said that I was on my own and sorry for my luck. These guys are scamming the public and people should beware of doing business with them. I realize that I bought the RV as-is but to be told that they had just did a complete tune up and servicing of this motor home and that I would have no problems making it home and have years of trouble free use of it was a bold faced lie.


    by Bed Room , 12/18/2011

    Why do thease guyes keep comeing up when I am looking for GOLF CARTS ? Just free ADD. Space LIKE BETTWEEN THERE EARS ?

    Sahara rv, las Vegas

    by Sahara RV , 10/25/2011

    I was totally dissatisfied with the service section of Sahara RV, Las Vegas. They were to replace cables on my Starcraft pop- up camper, they were given four cables to replace , I was told that it would cost 2 to 3 hours labor for replacement of the cables. A week later, yesterday I drove by to see if it was ready, they said it was, I told them no one notified me of it being ready, I said I would pick it up Tuesday. I drove down to pick up my camper to find out they did half the work for what they charged. I talked to the service manager and he didn't want to discuss the situation, so he knocked of $20, thinking I would be satisfied. I will never seek service from them, I recommend that you go elsewhere for serving on any pop- up camper


    by Robert Palmer , 05/20/2011

    I asked them to check my RV genertator to find out why it would not start. I thought it might be the starter. They said they would call me next day. No call. Two days later I called and they said Mr. Wiley said they would call me. After a week I thought that they probably couldn't do the job or could not find the problem. Then I received a call that they had repaired the generator without calling me and wanted $1000.00 for repairs.I would not have had the work done had I been appraised of the cost and I am certain they were well aware of this.I would have paid for the estimate but that was not the case. I believe this to be an extreme ripoff.

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