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Sage Meadows Apartments has 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms available.If you are looking for an apartment that is beautiful and affordable, you have found the place. Our apartments offer several amenities such as dishwasher, disposal, range,refrigerator, washer, dryer connections ans much much more. Our apartments are located in a safe and secure area. We understand how important your family is. We also have a play ground area for children. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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Reviews of Sage Meadows Apartments

4 Ginger McGhee by Dianne Clark (Greene) - 07/13/2014

I lived in Sage Meadows when it first opened and Ginger was there then. No she is not someone who feels the need to make friends with the tenants but she is very personable and makes sure things get done when needed. I was so happy with my time there that when I return to the tri cites I hope to be allowed to move back in. I'd rather have an efficient landlord than an incapable friend.And for those who may be wondering...yes there were times when she had to slip me a note or two but I complied and all was well.

1 Ginger McGhee Still There by Truth Teller - 07/09/2014

Unfortunately Ginger McGhee is still "managing" these apartments. Myself and several friends have been PATIENTLY waiting for her to leave. We want to live in these apartments because of their location only, close to work at Bristol Regional Medical Center and the complex. Too bad that the company who owns this is still letting this overbearing liar still manage their property. Professionals like me and my friends will NOT live in a place full of "Management Drama" regardless of how nice they ONCE were. They are at least 10 years old now, so it isn't like finding a treasure in a rut. Whoever owns this place needs to wake up and replace this old hateful biddy.

1 happy! by :p happy! - 05/04/2013

wanted to say im glad my parents are out of sage meadows! they got them a place somewhere else and is sooooo much happier!!! i dont kno who would want to live under ginger!!!!!!!! NOT ME

1 Ginger IS horrible by Sick of Them - 05/03/2013

I ALSO live at Sage Meadows and I am leaving as soon as my lease ends. This Ginger McGhee who is the manager at Sage Meadows is a backstabbing liar. She knows before she takes peoples money that she is not going to let them rent. She tells everyones business. She is a hateful gossip and she needs to be fired. She denies good people because of what bad people have done to them. Her and the company uses poor credit as an excuse. What she did to the one guy Rob-Bristol was totally unprofessional and uncalled for. I know him and he is a very nice person. He couldn't help that his nephews crazy ex-girlfriend made false 911 calls on him. He gave her most of his food, paid to wash her clothes and this is how she paid him back. He was trying to help her for helping his nephew. He just found out that someone stole his Identity and bought a Home and a Car in 2008. He had fair credit for someone on disability other than that. Ginger never gave him a chance. She knew before she took his 34.00 that she wasn't going to rent to him. THAT is just MEAN! If these ruthless people want to accept money to help poor people have a decent home then they should be FAIR! Ginger, you are an UNFAIR PERSON!

5 HAPPY RENTER by stevielc - 05/01/2013

I live at sage maeadows and have lived here since the opening,I think all of this talk is from people who have been evicted because I LIVE here and I don't have any problems with the manager(GINGER).Yes she inspects the property every month but that is for everybody's benefit.If one person is a pig it can effect the whole bldg.If it wasn't for Ginger and Jeff this place would be horrible.The people on here need to grow up!!!!

1 Ginger is Horrible by Wake Up Bristol - 05/01/2013

I have friends living in Sage Meadows Apartments in Bristol TN and they are leaving as soon as their lease is up. Everything that people are saying about her is true. She is a FAKE to the FACE. She is hateful, clickish, nosey, acts like she needs to be in everyone's business all the time. She uses the monthly inspections just to be nosey. It is awful funny how this "MARK" person all of a sudden writes the MOST POSITIVE REVIEW after a ton of honest reviews. AND if it was such a wonderful place to live why does he say "it WAS a really nice place to live"? Ginger probably wrote the review to save her sorry self. Or it was a relative or friend. I would not put that past her. She is NON MANAGEMENT MATERIAL and has made life miserable for a lot of people.

5 Nice apartment by Mark - 04/29/2013

It was a really nice place to live, had good maintenance and very friendly staff! Lived in several apartments, but these were the best. Like new, and were very nice and reasonably priced.

1 Sad Management by Truth Teller - 04/23/2013

The owners of this place need to be Officially Notified about Ginger. She made me feel very uncomfortable and acted like she didn't want to rent to me. She kept saying that she would call me back and never did. For an apartment complex that states they are Low Income Housing Tax Credits Apartments they sure do make things difficult for people with low income and Ginger makes you fee like a lower class citizen by Automatically assuming that you are trouble or trash just because you are receiving help for your living expenses. The apartment complex in very nice looking but Management puts a big wedge into the application process and from what I am reading the living environment after you move in.

1 DO NOT DO IT. by :/ - 10/26/2012

I would not suggest moving into these apartments. Nice? yes. But not worth dealing with the drama queen Ginger and her little gang of friends. She will be nice for the first few months and then try to get you out of there. I have known many of people whom feel the same way. I used to live there and the best move that I ever made was getting away from that place.

3 trouble makers by J - 02/10/2012

I want to laugh at the trouble maker comment. If you want to be taken seriously please learn to write. Ginger your comment could have been a little more proffessional.

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