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Description: Royal Highlander is affordable quality living located in north Peoria.

Pre-owned new models for sale.

Lots available for rent.

Convenient north side location.

Friendly neighborhood - near restaurants, schools, shopping, hospital. Second location Tuck Away Manor.

Spacious sites.

Family community. Mobile home sales & rentals. Double & single spaces. Paved patios/ front yards. Two and three bedroom units. Pre-owned mobile homes and sales. Laundry facilities & street lighting. Double wides - sale/ rent. Paved street system. Landscaped sites/ yards.

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by Hate this place , 10/22/2014

This mobile home park has become a joke! It use to be nice. Now its just ghetto looking! Whoever runs this place needs to be replaced asap. She is doing a horrible job. They have started charging us for water usage but we never see a bill for it. They just tack whatever they want onto your rent. So every month its a surprise. Its all over the place. One month its around 30.00 the next its 100.00 and they always say you have a leak somewhere. You pay someone to find a leak and there is none. Then the next month the bill is down to normal. Something sounds a bit fishy there. We are gong to sell our nice place at the end of our lease and they will pull it out of this dump. I do wish this park would get its act together and obey the laws. Stop ripping people off. Fix things. Make people clean up thier yards. I am in contact with a lawyer about this odd water bill issue. Its not legal they have to give you a bill showing your usage! Can we say lawsuit coming your way. And good luck trying to rent those dumps out.


by A upset moblie home owner , 02/28/2014

We have lived here 9 years and never had to pay a water bill. Well we do now and our bills are all over the place. We pay a water company down in Clearwater, Fla. I don't have a clue why but there is really something wrong there I would think. Our bill has been 38.00 then 40.00 and then in Feb it was 19.00 which I thought that was low and a bit odd. And now they sent us a bill due in March for over 200.00. Seriously!?! I called and they said they have had many complaints and are looking into some problems. I think everyone that may have complained about Judy will be wishing she were back because I do think the new owners are on the shady side. They are not fixing things keeping this park maintained. Notice the speed bumps have been not repaired since last winter. The empty lots do not get mowed very often. The sidewalks are a mess! We can not afford to live here and hope to leave as soon as possible. This place is going down hill fast. They let people leave trash, furniture, ect.....all over thier yards. The playground is a joke! I just am really upset over this new water bill thing that makes no sence at all. Its really bad if your water bill is higher than your Ameren bill this winter! My wish is that they just sold this place and bought everyone out!

Royal Highlander

by Home Owner , 01/28/2014

We have lived at the highlander for more than 5 years and the reviews that I have read are pretty accurate but I hear that Judy will be leaving at the end of jan 2014 she really needs to retire. As far as the ad states that this is affordable living well they obviously do not live here as of last year they started making us pay our own water and every month since then our water bill has been at least 75.00 dollars for city water I'm not sure how they get away with this but they do, my neighbor got hers this month and it was 265.00 for one month of water I have never heard of a home that pays this much for water as we have owned several homes in the city and I dont ever remember a water bill over 60.00 and that is usually every two months. When this problem was addressed with Judy my neighbor was told basically it was not her problem if she didnt like it dont pay it and get shut off. This is a disabled woman and her son no compassion from the manager.She also told her that her bill would be alot higher if she was to have her pipes broke. The new owners have started this water bill and they dictate how much that you owe, I believe that this is why there is so many different amounts, another neighbor of mine with a family of three recieved her bill and it was 42.00 and she has left her water run all winter so that is a hell of a difference between the two? Think twice before relocating here for affordability it just will not happen I pay more here than I did in our home on the hill....


by Cara L , 01/28/2014

I called to find out how to reach the corporate office and she REFUSED to give me the number. She is a very shady person. Charging a family of 3 over $200 for water a family of 2 over $100 and another family of 3 $40. Doesnt sound very honest to me. I highly recommend to keep looking for a place to live before moving here...


by der , 02/28/2013

My mom was going to rent a trailer here after selling her house. My mother paid the $750 deposit (which is way too much for a trailer anyway). The person buying my mother's house backed out at the last minute and when my mom tried to get her deposit back so she could pay her house payment, Judy told her it wasn't her problem. Judy also went on to say that she should keep the money because she could have rented the property several times over the course of the six days that she had the deposit. I called her two weeks later and the trailer was still available for rent. These are blatant signs of a shady landlord.


by john , 01/30/2013

The leasing manager Judy is not a very good person. I have paid my lot rent on time never late. the office is never opened, she is never around and never returns phone calls. Only when she needs something you have to be right on it. I have sold my trailer to a nice couple and she made it miserable on the buyer and me. she is not a good person and she makes up the rules and does not follow the leasing guidlines. She also tried to make me sign a new lease when my old lease was still in force and said she would charge me 400.00 if i did nt siign it. Last I heard america was a democracy not a didtatorship. the hell with her

problems with the things are done by mangment

by never will , 10/31/2012

I have never lived there but have family that does and when i go see them the manager Judy tells me i cant be there and tells me I have to show her my lease stating that i dont there hell with her i have never lived there and never will and she can not legally make me show he no lease it has nothing to do with her


by Kitty , 07/14/2011

I've lived here for a year and have never had any problem. My land lady Judy is very prompt into fixing anything that needs fixing. The only reason people have a problem is because they most likely have been late on rent more than once....she took a chance by letting me rent here and its been awesome living here. Lovely neighboordhood right on a bus line and right near a call center and food

do not move here

by annomous , 05/25/2011

this place is a nice place to live but the manager judy is horrible to her tenants there is a single mother of two living here and her car broke down so she was late on the rent because she had to get her car fixed so instead of being considerate and allow her to pay it late she gave her a five day evection notice and basicly said it wasnt her problem so if your thinking of living in a mobile home park please do not pick this one me and my wife if we were not stuck in a lease we would be out of here

Judy - Owner

by sixx , 11/04/2009

Before even 30 days went by the owner of this place informed me that if i didnt have the title in my name my rent was going up by 100 dollars. After that a small leak formed in the house and i was charged a 50 dollar excess water fee by the owner.... im still not sure if either of these were legal to do or not.

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