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R House Child Care

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Description: Welcome to R House Child Care and Preschool with two locations to serve you. R House Child Care & Preschool has been in existence since 1993. It was started as an in home facility, which grew into a mixed age group facility and then into two facilities. While offering a home away from home atmosphere we also offer a state of the art Preschool program written by Rhonda Williamson. We teach the basics by using repetition during our circle time and include a project that corresponds with the weekly theme and/or letter of the week.

We also offer a separate extended learning time to build necessary life skills such as self confidence, open communication, problem solving skills, manners, personal boundaries, acceptance, openness, dealing with conflict, forgiveness, courtesy and respect. Most importantly we never forget the importance of playing, laughing, sharing, caring and fun! R House's learning goal is to progress a child before kindergarten academically to the first grade, so socially and emotionally they can adapt to the atmosphere being ahead mentally.

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best childcare in town is r house

by Jen A , 03/08/2015

I have known this family since I was 11 they are hard workers and a amazing family if you need people you trust take them to this daycare!

Seriously people? R House Rocks!

by Marie-proud past parent , 03/07/2015

I have known the owners, the williamsons for years. They are kind, giving, loving, knowledgeable about children and they give their hearts and souls to the kids they care for and their parents each day. It is so sad that more parents and employees current and past don't take the time to write more reviews. R House was so important to the upbringing of my 3 kids that they are still close friends. My kids wouldn't be who they are today without the primary education they received but more importantly my kids LOvE Steve and Rhonda like family. Does this sound like they were mistreated? People who spend their time with negative comments are generally either parents who got kicked out for inappropriate attitudes or failure to pay tuition or ex-employees that are just that. If they we're let go there's a good explanation for it and if they left they were probably one of those teachers looking for an easy kick back job. R House teachers who do make the cut are outstanding, amazing people.... Just like the Williamson's!!! Take my advice, go talk to them, talk to some of the employees working and judge for yourself. You won't be sorry.


by Kelianne R , 06/18/2014

I've taught in many schools for 15+ years, and still wonder why places like this are up and running. I left after 3 weeks of working there. Not fired, I left. It's not only the aggression in the owner its also the outdated methods she insisted on using... Do not work here. Do not bring your children here.

I would not recommend it

by anonymous , 05/16/2014

I am going to highly warn you about this Child Care. I worked at R House for a couple of months. When I had my interview I was treated very nicely and welcomed warmly. The owner was friendly and inviting. She started me in the one year olds side. As the days went on I begin to realize the warm welcome was no longer there. When the one year olds would misbehave I was told to be harsh with them and practically bully them but I refused to do this so the owner started treating me very badly. I begin to see who she really was and I realized I wasn't the only person she mistreated. Three other coworkers of mine were being bullied by her behind the scenes as well and I even witnessed her screaming cuss words into one of the other teachers faces in front of the children. A few days after that I started seeing more things come up and eventually she was treating the children this way. One day I had a one year old in my class who was misbehaving and decided to throw a fit, so I handled it in a gentle but serious way and was interrupted by the owner. She then took the child and slammed him down on a chair in her office and begin screaming back in his face, she isolated him from the entire group and left him in the office by himself to think about what he had done (As if a one year old can understand that) I could not stand it and I was crying the rest of the day because I felt so much heart break for the kids. This went on for about 3 weeks until finally I decided I could no longer work for a business that would abuse their children and their employees. After giving my notice she turned all of her staff against me and told them they were not aloud to speak to me until I was gone so the next day I texted her and told her I was not going to come back because of the way she had treated me. I then received 15 text messages back from her threatening me and telling me that I was a worthless coward and that my family doesn't even deserve to be alive. I do not recommend this childcare

Do Not Use

by Parent , 01/05/2014

I agree with newmom. I used the service a few years ago. The turnover rate was high and the director was less than professional.

A great Daycare

by concerned parent , 12/28/2013

I must say some of these reviews crack me up.If those negative reviews are true, then why are they still in business for more than 18 years. Its because they are a great daycare that REALLY cares about the kids and staff.I'm sure these people that write these negative comments are just pissed off cause they were fired for not doing there job correctly. I've seen it many times at other daycares all they do is sit on there ass's and give orders from a chair and let the kids run around like animals not even paying attention to the kids safty. And as for some parents, not having a clue how to raise kids, refuseing to take advice, therefore eventually being ask to please find another daycare pisses them off.This is a great daycare so stop by and check it out for yourself.


by Stacy , 03/15/2010

GREAT CHILDCARE by Stacy - 01/28/2010“I have been a client with R House Childcare since 2003. I cannot say enough positive words about the owners, their methods, and their facility management. They take great care in hiring the best staff possible to implement their high standards, advocating the social basics, and preparing them to begin school. The owners (a husband and wife team) are genuinely honest, caring, loving people who have devoted the past 16 years to bringing out the best in their students.” S.Hardy – Meridian, ID

I agree - awful place

by LRF , 09/02/2009

Sounds like nothing has changed I went there for a very short time 5 years ago and when I told the director we were leaving, she chewed me out and left me in tears. I had to call my husband to come with me to get our stuff because I didn't want to face her alone. I would never recommend this place.

Do not use

by newmom , 05/15/2009

The director of the facility is rude and unprofessional, and in my experience was not willing to listen to concerns. The toddlers are in the same room as the infants and the child to teacher ratio is high. We often walked in to find at least one child crying in a swing or at the table for attention while the employees were trying to tend to the other children. In addition, my children frequently came home with dried food and/or mucus on their face and hair. The turn over rate at the facility is also high as the facility has undergone a dramatic change in staff in less than a year. The facility does not have an open drop- off policy and parents are required to inform staff of any changes to the drop off or pick up schedule at least a day in advance. However, poor communication among staff members frequently resulted in the staff/owner not passing this information along which created problems. We were able to find better facilities with lower teacher ratios and a structured tod

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