Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church

The distance is worth the difference.

DexKnows Rating: 2.5 stars (5)

60 Quentin Rd
Hawthorn Woods, IL 60047

42.212166 -88.05821

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Description: A Christ-centered Church-A person, Jesus Christ, not a program, is the foremost. "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved. A Bible Believing Church-We stand for the historic fundamentals of Biblical Christianity. We Believe the Holy Scriptures of the Old Testament and New Testaments to be the verbaly inspired word of God, the final authority for faith and life. An Independent Church-We are self-governing and therefore have no synod, conference, presbytery or other form form of human organization exercising control over the local congregation. An Evangelistic Church-We Maintain steadily expanding program of missions, seeking to bring all to the Savior. A Fellowshipping Church-Christian love, harmony, and unity are found in all our activities.
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Cult with leadership kept in family , abused members and split families

by Recovering x member , 08/05/2014

Stay away ! Untold hundreds of familes split by brainwashing and extreme punishment judgement physical spiritual abuse . The inky staff members are henchmen for the shudder dynasty . Anyone who questions he leadership on spiritual grounds is blacklisted . They have lost a majority of their youth and turned countless people away from Christianisty by abusing the pulpit for powers and material gain .


by Former Member , 11/22/2013

This "church" is nothing more than a cult. There is extreme abuse of authority and members are not allowed to do anything without pastoral permission. It is run in true cult form with a hierarchy of family members and the inner circle of the obedient, blind followers. The church is a self-licking ice cream cone, with members attending it's sub-par schools to graduate with unaccredited certificates. The only jobs available to them upon graduation are below minimum wage jobs within the church. They get away with this abuse because those who choose to leave are called heretics and the worst of sinners. Families are torn apart because of this widespread abuse of authority. I pray for those trapped inside this cult and that those in power answer for their crimes. My greatest concern is the souls of those inside. Many have turned away from God after seeing such abhorrent behavior at Quentin Road. Do not go into this building. I only put one star as Zero Stars was unavailable. As the Bible says, FLEE!

Great church

by Fishman , 03/25/2012

If care anything about peoples eternal destiny then this is the church for you. Although far from perfect, as he will say, Dr Scudder preaches the Gospel and that is what matters the most to him. And he instills that in us.

Place of fear, mind-control, and condemnation

by anonymousplease , 09/27/2011

At the outset the church seems wonderful. The people all greet you with big smiles and welcoming words. Their children's programs seem excellent, and for the first few months it may seem like heaven on earth. That's until they get their claws into you. After years there I realized the place was so full of control and judgment. They don't want you to have any contact with "worldly outsiders, " go to movies, local plays, public school, certain stores or eateries etc. Half of the people are brain-washed, and don't know how to think for themselves. They have a set of rules coded in their brains and if you divert from that they panic. They can't decide if something's okay unless the pastor approves it for them. They are known to split up families. I myself am a victim of this. I dare not go into further detail because of the family I still have there. All I can say is STAY AWAY!!

Church Memeber

by Bob , 07/16/2010

I've been attending this church for over 15 years and even till this day it is continuing to change my life. It's a loving church that teaches truth and has a heart to reach the world. The preaching is excellent, and the people are genuine.

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