Owen Drive Service Center

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2046 Owen Dr
Fayetteville, NC 28306

35.023266 -78.92324

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How do I provide for my family now?

by James , 09/13/2012

I bought a 2001 Buick Lesabre from Maylon Peters, whom I have known since a child. My dad has bought numorous cars from him. I felt comfortable buying from him because I almost considered him family. I spent over $2000 down including a $700 tax and tags fee.(I know 700 right) A month after I bought the car the engine started knocking. He picked the car up super fast and was very nice about the whole situation. During the time he was working on my car we made another business deal, me owning Computer Logics we agreed for me to set him up some cameras for his buisiness. He was to fix the AC on my fiances 2001 Ford Focus. He did fix the AC and it worked for a month. He also replaced the engine in the Buick and in under a month the engine locked up. I wrote a check to him for $250 dollars the day before it locked up. I canceled the check, because after waiting a month for the engine the first time I wasnt about to wait another month and continue to pay the monthly payments without something to drive. So I found out a little earlier that the engine was a junk yard engine they had put in prior to me buying the car. I was pissed. I should have known this! Now as it stands today, because I canceled the check he is going to attempt to repo the car(That I drove a month after paying over 2 grand)because I canceled the check. So keep in mind this will be 3 engines in the car, and my finances AC does not work on the Focus. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THIS MAN! HE CLAIMS TO BE CHRISTIAN BUT I HAVE PERSONALLY HEARD HIM CURSE AND WILL NOT HELP THE NEEDY. I explained to him before I ever bought the car I needed a car to help me work because thats all I do is drive to customers houses and I have three kids to support. Instead I have lost thousands of dollars and am having to borrow my 73 year old grandfathers truck. Oh, I almost forgot... I had to pay for the rebuilt engine the first time I had problems. He claimed he split the bill and my half was over $1000 dollars. That puts the total car value at $7592. Kelly Blue Book Values the car at just under $5000 in perfect condition. The cars tires were all bad and the information data display didnt work properly. So Yes, I GOT SCREWED ROYALLY from JAMES MAYLON PETERS aka Owen Drive Service Center!

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