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by Disappointed , 05/10/2014

I had the old aluminum windows in my home replaced by Moyes Glass a few years ago. Just recently, I started noticing the bigger dining room and front room windows having problems opening and closing. I decided to get bids, and even got a bid from Moyes Glass. I chose Moyes Glass to fix the problems, since they originally installed the windows, and because they said they would only charge for materials. I was an idiot for chosing them too and I remembered that Moyes Glass installed one big window, and broke not only the window sill tile, but damaged the wall as well. I thought they would be responsible for replacing the tile and fixing the wall, but not according to them. I had to pay extra to have the tile replaced and I ended up having to fix my own wall. They did do a good job shimming the two big windows so they would open and close better and fixed the latches so they could be locked. But, even then, they used the same latch for both the left and right sides, which put one latch on each window up-side down. The caulk job was a total nightmare. I found out that the caulk they used in the original installation, was some nasty concoction that they formulated, that they later admitted was not good, because it dried up and cracked and didn't remain pliable, changing color from white to a nasty yellow. The caulk job was so bad, that when it rained, water ran behind the windows and down the inside of the walls, to the extent that it even ran down my concrete walls in the basement. The others who bid, even commented on how bad the caulk job was. I really thought, especially after admitting that their caulk job was bad, that Moyes Glass would at least redo the caulking. All they did however, was run a little caulk on the inside here and there over the old caulk. Moyes Glass didn't even caulk the outside at all. When I asked about it, their response was: "Oh, that's going to cost you more!" And, what they quoted was more than all the other bids! Are you kidding me? I didn't name names, but every bidder, and I got about six bids, said that whoever installed these windows, "sure did a sh#%y job!" They said that most of the windows were not measured correctly, and noticed that Moyes Glass had made some kind of weird outer trim to make the two bigger windows fit. Also, some of the smaller windows for the basement were installed at different depths to compensate for the poor measurements. I had wondered why the smaller windows were not installed the same as the original windows. One bidder did ask straight out: "Did Moyes Glass do this install?" I said yup. He responded: "Explains a lot."

Top -notch company

by Lucy , 04/16/2010

I am a realtor who needed a competent company to handle a special situation on a window repair. Landon, was understanding to my situation and went out of his way to help me resolve the problem.I chose Moyes because they have been in business for over 50 years and obviously have built their business on providing top-notch customer service. I was treated with kindness and quality service from the moment they picked up the phone. I will recommend this company to all my clients.