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Midcontinent Communications-Bismarck ND

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Description: Midcontinent Communications is your one-stop source for local phone service, television cable and wideband Internet service in Bismarck, and the surrounding areas. Midcontinent Communications bundle packages provide you with wideband internet service, business and home digital telephone services and video services. Bundle these programs and save! Midcontinent Communications offers:Digital phone service, Wideband cable internet, Multiple internet speeds and prices to choose from, On-demand TV with HDTV and DVR, Business advertising opportunities available, Bundle and save packages. With Midcontinent Communiations bundle packages, we are able to provide you with the areas best wideband Internet service, business and home digital telephone services and video services: Bundle these programs and save: Phone service: Security. Affordability. Crystal clarity. Home phone service doesn't get any easier than this! Our digital phone service works just like your current phone service. You dial the same way. You use the same phone equipment you always have. But with our crystal clear digital signal, it'll sound like you're standing right next to the person on the other end of the line! Our Digital Phone package is packed full of features. We give you unlimited* long distance - plus eight of our most requested calling features - all for one great price! Caller ID, Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling, Speed Calling, Distinctive Ring, Last Call Return, Call Forwarding, Continuous Redial, Talk all you want - there's no need to watch the clock. No complicated calling plans. And no dropped calls. Midcontinent Digital Phone service gives you much more, for much less. It's the new way to talk. MIDCONET XSTREAM, Built for the way we live online. But today's online experience is about more than speed. It's about the power and capacity to run every streaming, blogging, downloading, surfing, gaming, chatting, working, playing, connected device in the house. All at the same time. MidcoNet Xstream Wideband delivers...it's everyone in your entire family online at once, doing the most intense online activities, no problem. Plus, MidcoNet Xstream Wideband weeds out Spam and viruses, gives you more email accounts and even more web space than ever. More and more of your life is lived online. Don't rely on the same old Internet to get there...you need MidcoNet Xstream Wideband! Video: Whatever and however you love to watch, It's On. With Midcontinent, you've got hundreds of channels to choose from. Commercial-free Digital Music. On Demand. Premium Sports and Movies. And the most popular networks in HD. But we're more than just a pretty picture. Our interactive features and advanced technology transform your TV into a turbo-charged entertainment experience. Search, select, and personalize your favorite channels and shows with our Interactive Program Guide. Use our Parental Controls to lock content you don't want the kids peeking at. And live life on your schedule - not a network's - with our DVR. Entertainment you love. Trend-setting technology. And a friendly voice at the other end of the phone. That's the way we like to do things at Midcontinent.

For more information and service areas, go to our website or call.et service.
Payment Methods: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Debit Cards, Personal Checks
Products: Dedicated Lines, ISDN, Modems, Unlimited Space, Servers, Cable Modems
Services: Internet Maintenance, Technical Support, Internet Installation, Broadband, Internet Repair, Business Internet, Internet Access, High Speed Internet Access, DSL Service, Marketing, Installation Services, Call Centers, Wiring, Maintenance & Repair, Television Installation
Specialties: Business Internet, Local Phone Service, Long Distance Phone Service


Midcontinent Communications-Bismarck ND
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Midcontinent is the worst internet service I have ever had.

by Transplanted Hoosier , 10/04/2014

Midcontinent has the worst internet service I have ever had.I moved here from Indiana several months ago, where we had a choice between Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon FiOS.Comcast was a waste, but the other two were very good service. Verizon offered a 25 meg FiOS up and down. It was fast, solid, reliable.The internet offered in Bismarck, ND, through Midcontinent, is just terrible. Hard lag spikes, slow general speeds, frequent internet hiccups and disconnects.I haven't seen service this bad since the early days of modem use.They have tested our line and router multiple times this year, changed out our router three times, and always give the same response - "Probably defective equipment. You should be ok, now."The problem is in the area somewhere. Either they have oversold the service area and it's bottlenecking, or they are trying to run high speed service through 20 year old service lines in the city.Either way, they sit on their arses and do nothing to track it down and solve the issue.I'd give them negative stars in this review, if I could.They should be embarrassed and ashamed to offer such terrible, falsely represented service.

worst customer service

by Melissa M , 08/28/2014

We have been fighting this company for a week, our order has been cancelled, messed up, and now we have to wait an additional week and a half to get service. The installation guy made promises that the customer service will not uphold. I wish there was another option in this area. RUDE, WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER

Everything is terrible

by Kristen W , 07/03/2013

I am writing this review on my phone because I can't use my computer. My phones wifi does not work so I am using my data plan up to get online. Multiple times in the last year (it used to be up to three times a week) my Internet would stop working. We get free cable through my Apartment complex with midcontinent and I've only ever had one problem with that. But I pay 55 dollars a month solely for Internet that doesn't work. You cannot rely on midcontinent. They will screw you out of your money. I am in online classes that I am constantly scrambling to complete because my Internet wont work. On top of that, it takes them hours to fix things so you have no Internet all day. Plus when you call customer service they are rude. I asked about getting a reduced rate from my 55 dollars a month. They said I didn't pay that much. I then looked at my statement again and surely enough it was 55. They suck. Everything about them.

Terrible Company. Only reason they are still in business is because of their Monopoly

by Paul , 03/12/2013

Worst Customer Service ever! Just plain rude to talk to. To them the customer is never right and never wins. I will never use them again or recommend them. Even worse than Best Buy, which i thought i would never say!

Can't get service

by Not Happy , 01/25/2013

I contacted Midcontinent to ask about service in my area, I live about 3 miles outside of town. The reponse I recieved after the second time I contacted them was simply we don't service outside of your town. I really wanted to change to midcontinent as I am not happy with my current service and have been a customer in the past and hadn't had any issues. Well screw midcontinent, I don't want to deal with a rude company that really is over priced.

Not to happy

by not to happy , 05/08/2012

I suggest you compare shop a lot before going with midcon.We had USCable and midcon bought them out. I have had multiple days (not just once or twice) with this company with no tv and cable. Then when they do get it something has gone wrong with the dvr box and they have to replace that. . . . Now my bill just went up from 136 for the last few months to 151 or 156, I don't remember for sure but with the jump in price and interrupted service I'm really not to happy with this company. I do believe some local businesses had trouble doing business also because of the internet going down. IT DOES HAPPEN but to often here and a $15 price jump.Review all you options before going to midcontinent.NO, I am not a happy customer and not just this month either.I am looking into other options.

Internet sucks

by yousuck , 05/07/2012

I've now had Midcontinent for nine months, and I've had nothing but awful experiences with them. I've had to call their support line for them to reset and rename my internet about once a month, as my internet decides to just stop working randomly. For the past two weeks my internet has been going out literally every two minutes. Then fixing itself a few minutes later. I called today, and then rebooted the modem and I reset the router, and now as I'm typing this review, the internet has already gone out once.The cable is also terrible. While watching USA, Oxygen, truTV, ESPN and Lifetime, the channels I watch most frequently, the picture and sound decide that they don't want to work, so I end up missing part of the show/game when it freezes or just goes mute.I've had three remotes that have all not worked. The volume buttons haven't worked on any of them, nor the channel up button, only the channel down button or the keypad. The TV also doesn't turn on/off by the remote, I have to get up and do it every time.Midcontinent screws you over in the pricing too. They are outrageously priced for their poor services, and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. I hope anyone reading this review will decide to give elsewhere their business.


by 8472ofborg , 04/21/2012

I have the high speed internet/cable/phone service they provide in the area. It is $100 a month on a 2 year contract. The internet is spotty at best, the cable sound cuts in and out (nothing like missing the punch line to every joke...) and the picture will literally freeze from time to time, but the phone is good. Still, after the two years are up they make you bend over and take it HARD. Month after the 2 year contract ends everything combined goes up to almost $300 and I can't get a new contract because I am an "existing customer". So, because I paid them for two years they tell me to go F myself. Real great customer service (sarcasm). That and every time the internet/phone/cable cuts out it takes hours for them to restore service. Every time the power goes out it takes DAYS for them to reset the service and they refuse to adjust the monthly rate for loss of service. And, worst of all, if they cut off your service because of a "billing error" (has happened 3 times now where I pay the bill, get my service cut off, "oh, sorry, payment was received, your service should be back now.") they treat you like dirt then take a day or two to get it up and running again. Purely the worst service in every way...EVER. To bad in Bruce they have a monopoly and they sure know it!

Can you say monopoly, terrible TV & internet service & a Republican state(SD) F*** you over pricing.

by 99percent , 03/11/2012

This company knows they have a monopoly and screw the F*** out of you in pricing. South Dakota Republican state where you get screwed for everything. Why are republican states so f***ing stupid, oh that's right no money for education, no money for health care. How is that minimum wage job going with no benefits? I've lived in a number of states and SD is by far the worst (yes I will be leaving soon).Midco u suck.

Great setup in Watertown, SD

by Kel , 01/20/2012

Internet service was requested Wednesday morning; Brett arrived at 8:00 Friday morning to put my computer online. Bitter cold morning (8 degrees) and 1" of new-fallen snow didn't deter the install. Less than one hour later I was able to write this review.Fees are reasonable; now Midcontinent- Watertown has to "walk the talk." It is quickly "out of the blocks" and "on the right track."

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