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Description: Welcome to Rise BroadbandHigh Speed Internet. formerly Digis.

Rise Broadband High Speed Internet is an internet access provider in Idaho Falls, Idaho. From sales to service and everything in between, we've got you covered.

Rise Broadband High Speed Internet offers the most complete options for internet access in Idaho. We have wireless broadband, DSL, fiber optic, and dial-up access. We always have the latest technologies to keep you speeding along in the digital world. We can also set up small networks for your company to keep you and all of your employees on the same page.

Rise Broadband High Speed Internet offers a wide range of services, including

* Computer Sales
* Hardware Repair
* Software Updates
* Internet Access
* Small Network Installation
* Back-Up Solutions
* Technical Support

We offer our clients full technical support. You have so much to think about while successfully running your business. You don't have time for your computers or your network to let you down when you need them. Rise Broadband High Speed Internet will always be there to help you through even the worst network crashes, and we'll get you back on track in no time.

If you're looking to upgrade you system, we have a wide range of computer hardware and software to make your office faster and more modern. We offer a one-year warranty on all of our products, and we will be happy to inspect and repair any equipment. Rise BroadbandHigh Speed Internet always repairs your equipment ourselves, and because we keep the service local, you get quick results.

Call Ris Broadband High Speed Internet today for an estimate!

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Payment Methods: American Express, Cash, Debit Cards, Discover, Mastercard, Personal Checks, Visa
Area Served: Blackfoot, ID Metro;Idaho Falls, ID Metro;Jackson Hole, WY Metro;Malad City;Malad, ID Metro;Pocatello;Pocatello, ID Metro;Soda Springs, ID Metro
Ownership: Locally Owned
Brands: Linux, Unix, Microsoft Windows
Languages Spoken: spanish
Products: Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks, Computer Peripherals & Accessories, Virtual Private Networks, Wireless Networks, Computer Supplies, Industrial Networks, Business Computers
Services: Installation, Domain Name Registration, Technical Support, Business Services, Broadband, Dial Up, Web Site Hosting, Computer Cabling, Set-Up, Virus Removal, Network Security, Interactive Advertising, Business Internet, Commercial Networks, Computer Hardware Repair, Computer Installation, Computer Repair, Internet Installation, Internet Maintenance, Internet Repair, Network Administration
Specialties: Business Internet


Rise Broadband
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by Ryan Sweet , 02/26/2015

I haven't had any problems with my Digis internet. I can run Netflix on my T.V. and playstation at the same time, no problem.

Terrible service - never answer the phone - emails dont go- internet is off and on all the time.

by Idaho , 02/02/2015

Terrible service - never answer the phone - emails dont go- internet is off and on all the time.

Horrible provider and customer service!

by Justin Fullmer , 01/11/2015

Started out with Big Dog who was great, they sold out to Digis since then service has consistently got worse. When I call tech support for having speeds averaging .48 mpbs they stated to many users in my household, so I locked everyone but 1 computer off... Guess what speed stayed the same called Digis back and then they said to many people in the area were using internet and they couldn't do anything about that. The had plans to upgrade their towers and capacity but didn't know for sure when that might happen until then I would just have to live with poor speeds. They wouldn't even send a tech out to check things out! Seems to me that they could care less about existing customers and only want new ones.... I switched providers and have great service, funny thing is part of the problem could have been fixed by sending a tech out. I highly recommend staying away from Digis, they want your money but are not willing to provide the services the promise!!!

if no stars were possible i'd pick it!

by Nancy , 01/08/2015

A month of trouble - no one returns calls or emails and no tech support when it goes down - i.e. weekends

Extremely Unreliable Service

by NeverAgain , 01/08/2015

Really hate to leave such a poor review, but this company was a complete joke. Due to a poor contract choice of our HOA we were stuck with this company for a couple years, we wouldn't have lasted a month with them if it was our choice. The only reliable thing about Digis' service was that it was so unreliable, Digis' service literally went out on a weekly basis (wish I was exaggerating). But the worst part was having to call the company to report the outages, every time we called it was at least a 10 minute wait all to get a "promised" call back at odd times of the day, or "magically" just minutes after the internet issues were resolved. On a few occasions when we called, they told us we weren't their customers according to their records, and once they even turned off our service completely all because of a "typo" on their end, yet they still had no issues taking automatic payments from our bank account, typo or not. They didn't seem too concerned about keeping us as customers as they never really apologized. On another occasion we called and they blamed our brand new modem for the internet issues not their service... after we brought in a tech whom was not affiliated with Digis, the problem was in fact their service not our modem. Just before we moved I had to make my weekly Digis call and after a couple hours on the phone they decided to send out a technician to see why our service was so horrible. The tech came and was in and out of our home for over two hours before he told us, "Well, your service is all over the place, and I don't know why, just call us when its really bad again." and he left us with that. We finally moved and got a reliable provider (CableOne) and after two months with them we have not had a single problem. But just today two months after closing our account with Digis they sent us a service bill for service through the end of this month! These people sent us an email saying they closed our account over a month ago, confirmation number and all! So once again we had the opportunity today to call them in order to close our account AGAIN, it was the typical 2 hours on the phone waiting for someone to answer, and that conversation was a headache too. I'm sorry, but I just can't recommend this service to anyone, not until they get some serious kinks worked out of their internet service and customer service.

Terrible, unreliable, completely unhelpful tech support

by Alice , 07/21/2014

Where to start . . .We had Microserve and were switched to Digis when Digis purchased Microserve. Now we are being charged for 5 MBPS service and only receive 1.5. Tech support says I have to speak to Billing. Billing says I have to speak to Tech and nobody will either reduce my bill or give me the service I am paying for. Every single day, when the sun shines on their antenna, my internet goes down, and it stays down until the antenna cools off at the end of the day. Tech support claims they have never seen this happen before, which I highly doubt, based on the reviews I've seen. I've had techs out at various times and the internet is always working when they leave, but goes down again shortly afterward. It takes a week to get a tech out here to begin with, then they arrive later than scheduled without calling. Digis is a total disaster.

Bad Prices, Horrible Customer Service

by Charlie , 10/10/2013

After a long time of asking Microserv to fix problems with speed issues and connectivity problems, I finally dumped them and went with another company. I now get 5 times the speed for 10.00 less per month. I can have several laptops going and use Netflix without buffering problems. I no longer have to have a ugly dish on my roof and best change of all, I can actually get what I am paying for. Whomever owns this company needs to see how they are loosing customers. Apparently they do not care, they are getting enough money duping people who are paying for service that they are not receiving As I turned in my equipment and told them to turn off the service, they wanted me to pay for the next months service. When I told them I should be getting money back for the last 6 months of reduced speed, all of a sudden Microserv decided they would not charge me. These guys are crooks and should be investigated for fraudulent activity. Find another reputable service.

Changing Companies/Worst Customer Service

by Fed UP , 10/04/2013

Anyone considering using this company I strongly urge you to look at the below listed comments and complaints filed with the BBB. Worst customer service ever, if you talk with a supervisor do not expect that anything will be fixed or corrected. Company has gone through numerous ownership changes and worst yet, they fail to fix continued problems with speed. We are not talking small numbers we are talking paying for high speed and getting dial up speed. Techs use every excuse and after having them come out repeatedly they now say they can only get .02 out of a 1.0 meg speed. Equipment they provide is used and crappy. They refuse to downgrade the fees when they cannot provide what is in the contract. Time to file claims with the courts and make them abide by a written contract. After all if I tried to get out of my service contract they would sue me, now the shoe is on the other foot. Stay away from these guys, totally incompetent. Nothing more frustrating the a company that will not fix THEIR problem.

Worst Service/Fails to Provide Agreed upon Speeds/Horrible Customer Service

by Duped , 09/28/2013

Have been with Microserv for 4 years. Upgraded to 1Mg to use Netflix and then started to have trouble with speed. When testing on Microservs site found I was receiving less than 1/2 of what I paid for. Call numerous times, they would send out a tech on occasion, move items, claim equipment problems etc. On the latest call out, tech came out changed antenna and after the supposed fix, speed was 1/10th of what it was supposed to. Call Tania at customer service and her only solution to the problem was to disconnect service. I tested line of sight to the tower with personal equipment found if Techs has done a little work they would have been able to fix the problem without much problem, but it is too easy to just say dump us and not correct a problem. Due to the months of service that were not provided will be filing legal action to recoup the extra fees paid to company each month. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY THEY WILL DRAIN YOUR POCKETBOOK AND GIVE YOU NO SERVICE.

Expensive And SLOW!

by Axcel , 07/26/2013

We started to use Microserv on a 512kbps speed which was the lowest internet wireless they provide but was so slow and so damn expensive, now we changed to 1.5mbps which was still slow!!! and how much do you say it is ? 512kbps cost 29.95$ and now our latest plan costs us 49.95$ and for what ? 1.5 MBPS ?!.. I say we got 10 MBPS for 35$ back where I came from.. just find another ISP that is not as expensive as microserv this people will rip you off, and they will stuck you in a contract of 2 years so dont even try this ISP... just pick anything else that gives the right speed for the right price, microserv isn't worth your hard earned money.. 512kbps - isnt gonna run netflix it will load every 10 minutes1.5mbps - still not enough to even play Xbox Live..we tried to get the "10 meg turbo option" they provide but they said it isnt available in my area because your tower in that area cant handle that.. rubbish, theres like only 50 people in my area and most of them are seniors who doesnt use internet and they cant provide me with their 10 meg turbo option

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