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by No Respect for the home team , 12/23/2014

After watching the Cardinal game Sunday I stayed with channel 12 for the post game coverage. I could not believe that a home town station would have the nerve to disrespect the home town fans by showing the visiting team celebrating their win, rubbing it in the face of cardinal fans. I have never seen a home town station do something like that in my life. Not only did you show them celebrating you had to interview them as well, this is something you would never see in cities like NY, Chi, Boston, LA, not even in Seattle. I don't know who signed off on that piece but they owe the people of Phoenix a real apology. The Cardinal fans probably wont get because they won't demand it like they would in other cities, and we wonder why there's no pride in Phoenix like other cities. Unbelievable!!!


by 12SUCKS , 06/26/2013

I like to watch "Dateline" and it only comes on about twice a week. So, the show had just come back from a ton of commercials when BRILLIANTLY channel 12 breaks in and interrupts for about 5 minutes to announce that a jet fighter had to land at an airport ! big deal ?!......and the report droned ON and ON with the same image, it could have been over with in 10 seconds but no. The interruption actually DIDN'T HAVE TO HAPPEN AT ALL. It was not that earth-shaking of a news story. Why break into a TV program for something that is NOT life or death, NOT major news at all ? In fact of scared me, I thought oh no, what news will this be ? Then I got mad - they couldn't wait for their stupid news show to come on to tell people about that ? WHAT A LOAD OF B.S.

Traffic reports

by Traffic report , 05/01/2013

A number of us that live in SE Gilbert use the morning traffic reports by Emma as our guide to the surrounding area. PLEASE stop referring to the 202 as such, and specify it is either the San Tan Freeway or the Red Mountain portion! Other than that it has great coverage.

PORN in the middle of the NEWS?!

by Debbie , 08/31/2011

DO NOT WATCH Channel 12 News! I am still in shock, but last night, on August 30, 2011, they aired PORN right in the middle of their newscast. Start saying a NM officer had sex on-duty- then all the sudden, there's a PICTURE of it, right on the screen! & they keep it there for a long time! And they're supposed to be a family news station? I don't think so! What were they thinking? So be warned, if you have good values, I'd stick to a different news station- you never know what this one's gonna throw in in the middle of the news while you sit there watching... I still can't believe they did that! They lost us as viewers


by sassynac , 08/05/2011

I was extremely disappointed in your newscast last night. Mark Curtis was standing up there saying that it has been years since Wall Street dropped so much. In actuality, it has been three years. I appreciated how channel 5 reported it way more than your newscast. I think you are losing listeners and your EVB stuff is dumb. Let's just be normal and not exaggerate the story.

grandpantents rights.and CPS

by Shirley Farabee , 06/06/2011

I have a great grand doughter here in kingman az. 2 of them, taken away from their mother. one went to her g mom in calif. thats ok. but they are trying to adouped the other out to strangers, when i'm perferly able to raise her. She knows me. they ,cps gives me all kinds of excess why i'm not right, they are wrong. I can not aford a lawyer,I wrote the judge, and the att. gen. nothing yet from them, I won't my g.g. doughter or at very least b allow to b a part of her life. their is lots more , would take up to much room. Can you'll help me. thank u Shirley Farabee

Sally Hoffmeyers Tragic passing

by me , 03/09/2011

Where is your journalism people? I never heard who or what caused her death? Was she hit by a car? Did she fall off her bike accidently? You failed to "report" the full story? You resorted to sensational journalistic practices of exploiting the emotions of the family, shame on you! We deserve better reporting, otherwise TMZ should serve as your new journalistic bar.


by Marietta , 12/22/2010

I live in Payson,you are the only channel that comes in as I cannot afford cable.while I appreciate that I get your channel at all,WHAT is with the programming,let me share a rundownwith you.Saturday afew cartoons,OK,later ads,alittle later some of the dumbest game coverage I have ever seen,Sat.night, reruns of what was on thurs,Sun.politicsand football games starting at 11 am of what sports are coming,the day is football until 10:00,and oh please the sports talk afterward.Please help us that do not have cable,look into some varity,what happened to the wonderful Christmas movies and in its place SNL holiday special,vulgar there is no where else for us to look.

Lin Sue Cooney Coverage of Pit Bulls/fighting

by glow , 10/08/2010

I could have missed it, but I don't think so......Why did the producers of the evening news elect to "dump" the distasteful, discusting and visually horrific vision of Pit Bulls tearing at one another _(right into the viewers faces) without a pre-visual warning, which is customary with responsible news organizations? As a pet owner, and regular viewer of your station, I was more than disappointed with your insensitivity to the viewing public. Yes, there is a sad story associated with "some" of the warped owners of this dog breed. But, forcing the visuals, without the pre-cursor warning, to your viewers smacks of sick, sensationalism by your news organization.

Sunday Night Football

by David , 09/26/2010

I was shocked but not surprised seeing the scoreboard of the NY Jets/Miami game in Spanish tonight. Enough is enough. How are the Latinos going to learn English when more and more media sites are in partial Spanish. I've traveled in every Central American country and the media isn't in English but only Spanish.. Futbol Americano? I don't think so. Give us a break. I know the programing decision is not made in Phoenix but pass this along to corporate. Enough is enough!!!

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