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Description: Jones Animal Hospital has meet the health care needs for a variety of animal species since 1952. Many families lead (nontraditional) lives and have adopted (nontraditional) pets. At Jones Animal Hospital, it does not matter if your pet swims, slithers, walks, runs or flies. We will strive to provide your pet with the quality health care you have come to expect for every family member. Appointments are available Monday through Friday.
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I could have lost a family member because of their lack of care.

by Sandy , 08/03/2015

From a personal experience, this clinic almost killed my dog. They misdiagnose my little girl. They didn't perform the proper tests (collecting a simple urine sample), but were willing to test for things that were not needed. They had all my contact information but didn't call me so they could start any type of treatment for my dog. When I called to get a progress report at 11am, I was told she was doing ok and that they were running tests that would take 30 mins. I asked them to call me back. NO CALL WAS GIVEN. At 2pm when I was finally able due to work restraints, I was told my dog was in a bad way and that I should take her to an emergency hospital. So basically all they did was watch as my dog went down hill from the time my husband brought her in at 9am until 5pm. When I talked to the office manager, he only stated that he hadn't looked at my dog's case, but they had had several emergencies that day. Well, apparently treating my dog for her emergency wasn't high on their list. They wouldn't let me have my dog until I paid them almost $500 to run 2 tests (one that was unneeded) and watch as my dog sat in horrible pain. This hospital told me my dog was in Renal failure or kidney failure. I took my dog to the emergency vet hospital where they were disappointed they couldn't do a urine sample which should have been done. They also disagreed with the kidney failure diagnosis by simply reading the result from the other test that JONES animal hospital did do. It was determined my dog had pancreatitis, was in excruciating pain and should be put on pain killers and given fluids. One week and a half later, my dog is on the mend with no help from Jones Animal hospital except for the very lucky request that I move my dog to someone who cared about her care. Please be careful if you choose to go to Jones Animal Hospital. I would suggest you don't. My dog's life could have ended if I had believed what they told me. At least get a second opinion, this company/doctor care is NOT on it's "A game". I would tell you not to waste your money, but what is more important is to not waste your pet's life. This people have the potential to do both.

Manager was VERY unprofessional

by Customer , 10/22/2013

The manager, Paul, was very unprofessional and combative over the phone for no reason. I am completely appalled by his lack of customer service and incompetent behavior.

great care of mt pets!

by Val , 04/22/2011

I have nothing but praise to say re Jones Animal Hospital.To date I have had 3 of my dogs in their care, and they have been consistently treated well.

Never a bad experience

by brownmk , 03/29/2011

I have gone to Jones Animal Hospital off and on through out the last 8 years. I can say I have not had a bad experience with them. 6 years ago my 10 year old pit bull was attached by another dog and had to have stiches all over his body. They saw him right away and stiched him up. THe amount of money was resonable. The staff has never been rude to me at all, however my female dog had chronic ear infections that would just not clear up. I ended up going to another vet and it cleared right away. I do still go to Jones though they are Resonably priced compared to others and I have not had any bad experiences

Terrible uncaring

by Heart broken , 11/21/2010

The vets at this clinic are only in it for the money. They do not care about your pet. The staff is rude, the receptionist is an absolute idiot. She does not even pay any attention to what meds she is giving your pet (I received flea medication for my cat that was actually a large dogs dose, I caught it before I killed my cat with it.) Several months later I was sent home on a Friday with my sick dog and a bag of $50 dog food that was supposed to cure her vomiting. Turns out after spending the weekend at the emergency vet we found out that she had gotten into something that had poisoned her. I lost her because Jones vet did not bother to run any test on her. The emergency vet tested her vomit and found traces of the poison. They told us if we had gotten her in even a day earlier they may have been able to save her. Jones animal hospital should be ashamed for their complete lack of care.

If you love your pet don't take them here

by loo may , 09/12/2010

I have had dogs for over 30 years and have experience with quite a few different vets. Unfortunately I took my little girl to this vet. It was an awful experience.They are obviously receiving major kick backs from Hill Science diet. You will notice that every open area of their office inside and out is covered with Hill's advertising. They are more interested in the money they receive from Hills than the health of your pet. They prescribe an expensive Hills diet for every ailment. When you say that the diet is not helping they just prescribe a different one instead of running any tests that might actually tell them what is going on with your pet. Because of this I lost my baby to a disease that was treatable had they bothered to run a simple blood test instead of giving her another special food.You expect your vet to have your pets interest at heart not just there own pocket book.Since I originally posted this review on another site they have removed a lot of the advertising signs b

medical assistant

by medical assistant , 03/24/2010

I had to bring my cat in the office for the first time after moved here several months ago, i had a wonderfull experience! I found the staff extrermely pleasant anf helpfull and the Dr very concerned for my pets health and well being! thanks a million!

Pet Lover!

by Karen , 10/02/2009

This is a great vet office. I have been going here for years, I have a ZOO at home (birds, ferrets, a rabbit, dogs, cats... and i used to have geckos and turtles) and they have been fantastic! Im sorry these other people have had a bad experience, but I have never had a problem with Dr. Jones or Dr. Whitehead. They have taken care of everything I need, and have been very caring.

Bad Place! Seriously, don't go there.

by D. Rohde-Rolph , 08/19/2009

Very rude, unprofessional; they have attitude problems that could end up costing my boxer-bulldog her life! She needed a pre-op x-ray and they kept making errors that has delayed it 3 days now! Then Paul dons an attitude the size of Saturn, and tries to blame it on everyone except the inept receptionist and himself. He needs to get that chip off his shoulder-- animals lives are at stake!! He needs to join a club to relieve his emotions, not vent on me when he can't run an office competently. And hire some receptionists that are more intelligent!

Don't go there

by DIRK , 07/15/2009

I really don't recommend this clinic.I have had a bad experience there. The assistants are not kind nor responsive.I didn't feel respected as a client.And the vet didn't seem to want to communicate well.A waste of time and money.

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