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We will pay you cash for your vehicle - running or not!

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616 Central Ave
Osseo, MN 55369

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Description for JML Motors

Located in Osseo, Minnesota, JML Motors specializes in buying and selling used vehicles. We will pay you cash on the spot for cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, and ATVs. We buy vehicles running or not and in any condition. We will tow away junk vehicles from anywhere in the metro area. Fully licensed, bonded, and insured, JML Motors makes selling your vehicle easy and hassle-free!

We offer:

• Cash on the spot for used vehicles
• Junk car removal
• Vehicles for sale $3000 and under
• Cash for boats and motorcycles
• Help with vehicle lockouts

In addition to buying used cars, we also have a showroom in Savage that has a nice selection of used vehicles for $3000 or less. From cars and trucks to motorcycles and boats, we have whatever you're looking for.

We take trade-ins and can get you going in a vehicle quickly. Whether you're looking to buy or sell a used vehicle, JML motors looks forward to working with you!

For more information give us a call today!

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Reviews of JML Motors

1 Shady operation by phils mom - 03/13/2015

Purchased a car 3 months ago, no title yet. These guys are extremely unprofessional. Dirty shop/office, they don't answer the phone or do anything honestly. Typical used car scum bags stealing people's money.

5 wonderful experience by ron menahga - 02/17/2015

i just wanted to thank you again for the awesome sales experience we had when we were frantically looking for a good used Toyota Camry. you guys are great and i must recommend you to anyone who is looking for an honest down to earth used car sales company! thanks again for your upright dealing and thorough actions to complete the deal and take care of your customers. i will recommend you to anyone, and since my purchase i have talked to a few others who also are happy with there purchase. you get a great home town feeling and realize how sincerely you wish to deal with your customers! keep up the great work aand ill see you next time

1 Don't go to these losers by Ms. Parker - 01/20/2015

Horrible place to buy a car. I repeat DO NOT purchase any cars from these losers

1 Do Not BUY From These Guys by Mike - 01/15/2015

Bought a car from them and returned it the next day. Under the 23 day contract law i can cancel and get my money back. Jeremy has refused to do so. Now I have an attorney involved and will sue them if need be.They sell as an individual but the paperwork says dealer. They are a dealer and are supposed to follow the State dealer laws. he doesn't think he has to.Stay far far away.

4 wonderful place to buy a car by Mike Deziel - 10/24/2014

Hi my name is Jim.I have bought several cars in a couple tracks from these guys for my business they have all worked out great for me I highly recommend this place I promise you you will not be disappointed.

5 wonderful service by Funn Gurlz B - 10/24/2014

I bought at 2000 dodge caravan and love it

1 acura by Buyer Beware-Money for lies - 03/02/2014

Buyer Beware, I was sold a truck under false advertisement paid 3000.00 for the truck which was advertised as having cd player, AM/FM radio,cassette player and navigation system which kept flashing I was told the reason being was the battery had been disconnected at some point and because of the anti theft feature all I needed was to put the code in the system ( which was found in the owner's manual) and that would resolve the issue so I fell for it, now two days later I call the salesman to let him know the navigation system was not working it kept reading "ERROR" and the salesman advised me to purchase another for $500.00 at a junk yard and his friend would install it.

1 False Advertising by Reverend - 02/24/2014

These guys are dishonest...stay far away. They are giving false information all over craigslist, posing as owners rather than dealers, and creating multiple ads for the same car with different locations, years, mileage, etc. It's may be able to lie your way to one quick sale, but in the car business wouldn't you rather want people to come back and buy again or refer you to someone else?

1 JML Motors Are the true car salesmen misleading unfair lair and so on and so on by One more bad car saleman lie - 01/15/2014

My experience with buying a car from JML Motors: Poorly managed, unfair, and unprofessional. It began in November of 2013, but has yet to be resolved as of mid-January 2014 at the time I write this review.Upon buying the car I had the car checked out by a mechanic quite literally just up and across the street. After performing a pre-purchase inspection, he told me the car would need to have a new water pump and the rear shocks should be replaced within 3 months. The car was over 8 years old, and I understood that some maintenance may have needed to be completed and done to it to ensure reliable performance. With the understanding that I would be nipping a future problem in the bud, and feeling confident that this was the extent of the defects and the car had no further issues, I purchased the vehicle and sent it over to have the suggested repairs performed. After paying $700 for the water pump repairs, I came back several days later and drove it home, only to turn right around and drive back to the same shop across the street from JML; the vehicle was overheating as it did prior previously – the same issue that tipped my hand to have it fixed. I asked the mechanic to look at the vehicle againMechanic called to follow up a few days later, informing me that he had fixed a variety of small leaks in the cooling system and fluid lines, and said that it was ready to be picked up and taken home, this time with a bill of repair for $680. However, this would not be the end of the issues with the vehicle because despite the work completed following a full inspection the real underlying issue causing the cooling problems and inconsistent performance was …..Failing head gaskets.Since head gaskets, like a transmission failure, represent a catastrophic repair usually exceeding $2000 cost to repair or replace, he advised me that this would exceed the majority of value in the vehicle to fix (I paid $2900 for this Cadillac 2 weeks prior) and that it was not very economically prudent to invest this amount in the vehicle – effectively, he was informing me the car was “totaled”. Further, he still wanted the additional $680 in “various leak repairs” before he would release my now salvage-worthy vehicle. I should also point out I had just spent $700 toward repairing.I repeatedly called JML motors to discuss these issues with the salesman who had sold me the vehicle, I learned from another salesman that they had been well aware that the car had “overheating issues” – but thisknowledge had not been mentioned to me at all during the purchase of the vehicle, nor the fact that they had inspected the vehicle by Jake, the salesman involved in my specific purchase, I was able to convince another staff member to cross the street and confirm I was accurate in describing the situation as having “Purchased a vehicle for $1800, spent $700 in immediate repairs, was due to pay another $680 in repairs as of the present moment, and would require another $2000 at a minimum to fix the ultimate cause of the issue – AND I HAD YET TO PUT MORE THAN 75 MILES ON THE ODOMETER, Jake, my salesman, punctually took my phone call for the first time 8 days after I had last spoken with the mechanic and begun leaving message. In the meantime, I’d spoken to the local police department, a tort lawyer, and a handful of other mechanics. The consensus amongst all was that I had been taken for my money and that all involved lacked professionalism or ethical standards that their peers would expect – and we’re talking about their peers: Used Car Salesman. The police, additionally, informed me that this dealership had been under an open investigation for some time for “selling junk vehicles and defrauding it’s customers”.ll receive fair and reasonable remuneration, or anything at all for that matter, is after a judgment is issued in a Hennepin County Courtroom. I don’t recommend buying a car from these guys.

4 Great Deals Great Service by susan thomas - 08/18/2013

bought a car from chris he was very nice and helpful i got a great deal

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