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Microchip ID and Heartworm Testing-No Appt Necessary

Affordable Dog & Cat Vaccination Clinic Since 1975

MON 9:00am - 6:00pm TUE 9:00am - 6:00pm WED 9:00am - 6:00pm THURS 9:00am - 6:00pm FRI 9:00am - 4:00pm SAT 9:00am - 3:00pm SUN closed

Receiving Mon - Sat: 10 AM - 5PMSunday: ClosedAdoption HoursMon - Sat: 10 - 7 PMSunday: 12-4 PMClinicMon -Thurs: 9-6PMFri: 9 AM-Noon and 1 PM-4 PMSat: 9 AM-4PMSunday: Closed

Description: Welcome to Humane Society Of Utah, serving Salt Lake City, UT.

Affordable dog and cat vaccination clinic since 1975.

No appointment necessary for vaccinations. Hours of clinic listed below.

We offer:

*Vaccination (packages)
*Microchip ID $25.00
*Heartworm testing
*No office visit fees

Spay and neuter surgeries: call for an appointment

People relinquish their pets for many reasons; other animals also become accidentally separated from their owners or are abandoned and are brought to the Humane Society as strays. On any given day, we accept as many as 50 animals. If you are unable to care for your pet, don't abandon it, give it to us. The Society does its best to make sure these animals are adopted only by caring and responsible homes.

We accept:

* Amphibians
* Birds
* Cats
* Dogs
* Ferrets
* Rabbits
* Hamsters

Each animal brought to the Society is given a physical examination, nourishing food, fresh water, and a warm, clean, safe, comfortable place to stay. There is a separate grooming room for the shelter animals. Our volunteers frequently help by taking dogs for walks, playing with the cats, and otherwise socializing with the animals.

If you're looking to adopt, we highly encourage it. We offer a complete adoption package for a single low price, which includes the animal's spay or neuter surgery, first vaccinations, a complete physical examination by an independent veterinarian, and a leash for dogs or a carrier for cats. The Humane Society of Utah is dedicated to the elimination of fear, pain, and suffering in all animals.

Give us a call today for an appointment.

The Humane Society encourages adoption of its animals by offering a complete package for a single low price, which includes the animal's spay or neuter surgery, first vaccinations and a complete physical examination by an independent veterinarian.

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Just to let everyone know....

by Volunteer , 07/20/2012

OK, so I volunteer for the HS of U and I just want to let all of you know that "Pariah" is incorrect, the Humane Society of Utah HUMANELY puts animals down. We do not use gas chambers, the West Valley animal shelter does though. Anyways when we euth. we inject it is painless and quick. We try not to put the animals in pain or have to suffer. We try not to euthanize and animal that shouldn't. We really only Euthanize for aggression towards people, sicknesses beyond our care or if they sadly start going cage crazy.Also, What "dog owner" said about her being interrogated, she really shouldn't say. all we do is try to find the best homes for the animals, so we ask a lot of questions, but we ask them nicely. Oh, and we usually don't adopt out dogs to people who are going to leave them outside all day. Lastly, "Dog Owner" It is never out fault if an animal is skinny or filthy. The skinniness could come from the dog not eating because they don't like the shelter environment, stress, or they don't like what we are feeding them. The fact that he was filthy was most likely from the fact that he was JUST neutered so he was unable to have a bath for at least 10 days.Now, "Desertaquarius" The fact that we apparently accused you of neglecting the cats is a false statement. Another false statement is that we didn't give you a copy of what you filled out, because there is a yellow page and a white page we would have given you one of them. And lastly, you are accusing use of "Billing" you for your good deeds which is a lie. We wouldn't bill you. We ask for a $25 dollar surrender fee, but we definitely understand if you can't pay that, so we give you an envelope, if you ask. Now the reason we ask for a surrender fee is for the spay and/or neuter, and cost for food and care. Ignore the 1 starred people they are but lies. Go to the Humane Society of Utah for yourself and find out how nice we treat you and the poor homeless animals. (:

Anything but humane

by Pariah , 03/10/2012

The "Humane" Society of Utah (and elsewhere, for that matter) is anything but "humane". These people solicit donations and support under the guise of finding homes for unfortunate animals, while in reality they put thousands of unwanted pets to death in carbon monoxide chambers, proven to be less than humane. Some animals have to be gassed twice! It is sickening to hear these sadistic opportunists shed crocodile tears over their alleged humane treatment of animals, while they rival the holocaust in achievement.


by Thank you Humane Society , 12/07/2011

We were looking for a small indoor dog. We went to two Humane Society's just a block apart. The staff at this location were friendly, helpful and seemed very sincere about placing their pets in good homes. We came across a 14month old min pin/chihuahua and fell in love with her. She has added so much to our lives. We are greatful to the entire staff at the Humane Society of Murray, UT. for giving us "Tiny" kennel no 213. She has quickly become just another one of the kids.

You Should Be Fighting to Change The Law for Abuse of Animals!

by Change Animal Abuse Law , 06/22/2011

If the Humane Society really wants to help stop abuse of animals they should be fighting to change the law from a Misdemeanor to a Felony! Now people who kill & torture helpless animals get no more than a slap on the wrist & a fine! If the law made it a Felony it would do more stop abuse! A young woman in St. George starved & abused a tiny little dog & will appear in court on Thur 6/23/11 & although there is a protest against her abuse of this helpless little dog she will probably get no more than a slap on the wrist!Other states have made it a Felony but Utah doesn't seem to value their animals enough to pass a law making it a Felony! What kind of state are we if we don't care about the welfare of helpless animals & do something to really prevent abuse?

guy running over dog on purpose

by Kathy in Cedar City , 01/25/2011

Please help fight to get the guy who ran over his neighbors sweet dog the toughest animal cruelty charges possible! He deserves to be behind bars so he can think of how he hurt the owner & animal lovers all throughout Utah.Maybe it could help set an example,we need more of that

The Clinic: Microchipping

by Brenda , 08/11/2010

I love using the Humane Society for microchipping our pups. We show and breed occasionally, and the Humane Society is half the price and very quick. If there are a lot of people in the waiting area, it may take awhile, but once they take the pup in the back room, it is just a couple of minutes. They are very friendly, remember me when we come in, they snuggle the pups and are very pleasant.I don't know anything about the shelter area, but would highly recommend the clinic for all of your canine needs. They are professional and welcoming and have never chastised me at all, for being a professional breeder.

Rude, horrible experience

by Dog owner , 06/28/2010

We went to adopt a dog at the Humane Society and found the workers to be extremely rude. We were hoping that this would be a good experience for our family and our kids, but we were treated terribly, we were interrogated like we were in prison, they were not the least bit helpful, our dog was skinny and filthy. He looked like he'd never been bathed. I could not believe the condition he was in, we wanted to get him out of that place. The workers treated us terribly and made us feel like horrible people for asking about outdoor dog runs, like we were abusers for even considering having our dog outside for the day. I was so angry when I left. The system there needs to be changed, more people would adopt if they weren't made to feel like criminals and treated so rudely.


by co-workers , 06/04/2010

hey i was there on6/4/10 and i dont mean to be rude but i think the way you treat those animals is horible you guys need to hire new works or have a serious talk cause it makes me very unhappy i was there with troop 400 and i walked 2 dogs i walked tommy and jake.jake i have a feeling is hurt or he is lame i was starting to run around and he fell to the ground and wouldnt move.i dont think anything was wromg with jake but i think the person who handled him was horrible what she could have done is lure him in the kennel with treats but instad sh tightened the leash around his neck and forced him in as she was yelling at the poor thing so i hope that you will take my review seriously.

Great price and service for puppy neuter

by yogiforever , 09/15/2009

Wow!! I priced puppy neuters at different Salt Lake County Vets from $140 to $280!! The HS charges of $44 with optional $15 for post surgical pain meds are affordable by most. My puppy was in great shape when I picked him up and much more active than I expected, and his incision has healed nicely. They have a long waiting list but I was able to move up to the cancel list when I brought in proof of immunizations and got a much sooner appointment. Thank you Humane Society!

Rude People Working Intake At The Humane Society in Muray

by Desertaquarius , 08/29/2009

You would think that the intake office at the Humane Society would be friendly with someone trying to save a couple of abandoned cats in desprate need of care. Unfortunately, that is not our experience. We had picked up a few cats from a home where the owner had passed away and where the cats were neglected and living in filth. We placed several adds to try and find the cats new homes, but no one wanted them. And we couldnt keep them because I am alergic and our appartments do not allow pets. So, as a last resort we took the animals to the Humane Society in Murray, believing that it would be best for the animals. We were treated like criminals and the people at the intake office were extremely rude and insensitive. They acused us of being neglectfull owners and refused to give us copies of any of the paperwork that they made us fill out. Now we are going to be billed for doing a good deed and trying to get these cats cared for. I am so mad about how we were treated. I will never again

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