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Sherwood, OR 97140

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Rip off

by tyharp21 , 12/06/2012

RIP OFF i gave him a blade 450 ar7200 reciever and a dx6i with some other small parts. just to fix my trex 450 pro and he replaced the esc with a faulty one told me my batterys were bad and didnt give them back. and put cheap ten dollar yellow and black blades on it when its a dfc. I heard bad things about them but now i know. ex tweeker that doesnt care about anybody but himself. He used to supposibly give me discounts of ten percent but then i found out he is three times more expensive then tammys ya make me feel real special but dont know your getting ripped off.

Awesome store with the best customer service

by Jack , 10/21/2012

I purchased my first helicopter, a blade CX2, here. Before I had even left the store I felt like I really knew how to fly it because the owner helped me so much. He spent about an hour with me as I learned the basics. I have been back in numerous times to get parts fixed and he is always extremely helpful. He has also spent several more hours with me, teaching me how to fly better. Overall I wonderful store that I would highly recommend to all.


by unhappy customer , 07/14/2012

This guy that owns the "store" was completely rude and insulting to my husband! He wouldn't even look at the product we had. He has the worst customer service I have every seen. I would never go back there neither will my friends or family. This guy calls himself christian, yah right! He should not be in business he sucks!

Knowledgeable and Great To Deal With

by Mark - Tualatin , 12/21/2011

I just went in to browse and they were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They are super friendly and I would suggest shopping here.

Was taught to fly my rc helicopter

by thescoop , 06/13/2011

I bought a cx2 RC helicopter from this guy. He taught me how to fly it before I left the store, which I really needed. I've been back 3 times to have it repaired. They only charged me for the parts & all of his knowledge & labor were free. I'm glad I bought it there because no other hobby store will do this.I am having so much fun with my helicopter now!

Good experience

by NewPilot , 05/10/2011

I visited this shop when my kid was at a birthday party at Safari Sams. I went in not expecting to buy anything and he let me play around with a small helicopter and even gave me a demonstration of his big $2,000 one.I was hooked. Now I am practicing and having a blast with a $50 helicopter I bought -- he said he would fix it for free for as long as I owned it. So far, so good.If you go in there wanting to buy an expensive helicopter and have no experience, he will turn you away. He wants people to get the basics and not waste money. Very happy with my purchase and with the experience.

This guy is getting a bad rap!

by Brian M. , 04/10/2011

The owner of this shop is an interesting guy. His main goal is to help people enjoy the hobbie of RC helicopters and thats it! Any toy that leaves the ground is subject to crashing. Mostly due to the pilots experence. So if you walk in and purchase a toy and don't know how to fly it, who's fault is that. YOURS!!! So give this guy a break, because he does care about his customers. I admit he has a different approach to doing business than any other hobbie shops I've delt with over the years. Mostly because he seems to be more interested in a happy customer than just making money. Go figure. Dealing with the public sucks! Most people are stupid, stupid, stupid. Just read these bad reviews and remember there are two sides to every story. I will probably continue to shop with this man even thou it's a hike to get there, but I like the service and the help Tracy gives for free. If you are interested in learning to fly, just buy a heli or plane from him, he teaches you for free.

Rude, Awful, Terrible and BAD!!!

by SteveWhip , 03/15/2011

This guy is truly a rude SOB. Has no sense of customer service and has a terrible attitude. God forbid you ask about pricing...might as well just shoot yourself as it would be less painless then having to deal with this creep.It's hobby shop owners like this that make people want to forget about their hobby all together...find some other place to go and forget this place even exists.

phone conversation

by screen name , 03/06/2011

Let's just say he is VERY rude. He didn't get what he wanted on the phone so he hung up on me. When I caled him back he did it agin. Go into the store and find out for your self why he only has one star rattings for five reviews.....


by very upset , 02/16/2011

I tried to return a remote control helicopter that I got from my wife as a gift. It looked like it had been used and was way over priced. I would have been happy to give him a restocking fee but the owner flipped out on me before I even got a chance to say that. He got very upset and told me this isn't F-ing Target or Wal-Mart. I told him that I hadn't even takin it out of the box. He said he didn't give a F and to get the F out of his store. I asked a couple of guys that were in the store if they would still buy something from this guy after the way he was talking to me and he came out of his store threw his cell phone down and wanted to fight me. I would have loved to knocked this guys teeth down his throat but I think that's what he wanted. I walked away. This bald headed poor excuse of a human being acted just like a Spoiled Child. He would not last a day at a real job so he has to rip people off. His store hours say on Sunday he comes in after church. Christians don't act this way

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