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Description: Hammersmith Management Inc. has been serving the Denver Metro area for over 20 years and specializes in the management of homeowner associations. Since our founding we have been a leader in the management of planned communities and condominiums.

"Hammersmith Management is dedicated to being the leader in serving Community Associations, distinguishing itself through education, communication, commitment and contribution of ethical and excellent services."

Our services include:

- Association Governance Services
- Business and Financial Services
- Community Building Services
- Developer / Builder Services
- Lifestyle Services
- Online Services
- Property Management Services

From professional business, governance, and community management services to leading Internet services that put our management office on-line for our associations, we offer a complete and unparalleled solution for our clients.

"Our philosophy is simple: we believe in quality, service, performance and integrity."

Incorporated in 1981, Hammersmith Management was born out of the need to provide comprehensive, customized and flexible services for homeowner association property management. The company's accomplished and highly educated leaders, property managers, accountants and experienced support staff are all committed service providers focused solely on meeting the needs of all two-hundred plus associations we manage.
Ownership: Locally Owned
Brands: Commercial
Certification and Affiliations: Accredited Association
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Hammersmith is Terrible!!!!

by OC , 08/01/2016

Rat Problem!!! From my understanding, the pest control company says that Hammersmith has not been very responsive, taking too much time to put together work orders, etc. Other residents I've spoken to say the same thing, that this problem was already getting out of hand several months ago, and Hammersmith did little. Their approach to the problem seems to have been mostly rug-sweeping for the past 11 months. That's not going to solve the problem. It's only because of pressure by residents that they have (seemingly begrudgingly) upped their efforts. Hammersmith isn't communicating with the residents either; I finally got my hands on the email Karen sent out on the problem (most residents and owners I spoke to never got a copy of this email), and it points to the residents to blame, primarily for leaving large items in the dumpster areas. TVs and couches are not the problem; it's overflowing dumpsters for much of the time I have lived here (more then two years), and this has only just recently changed with more trash pickups. I venture to say that is the largest component of how this problem got out of control, and that is 100 percent a management issue. People are not aware. People are not getting emails from Hammersmith. They need to put a notice on everyone's door, making them aware of the problem and telling everyone what they need to do as far as trash, clutter, etc. Granted, we won't get 100 percent cooperation, but I bet we would get more if people knew the details of the situation. Karen McClain, CMCA, AMS Association Business Manager Karen is STILL belligerent in her emails. She's VERY defensive and I think I know why. She can't cover her arse fast enough on this one. Karen's email about sofas and TVs at the dumpster are a joke; that certainly is unsightly, but it isn't bringing in rats. I do have an email from Karen. But it looks like it was all BS! Karen is an utter waste of time! worse than the last lady that we finally got rid of!! Hammersmith is a joke!!!!!!!!

Good luck if U use them

by D.Dykes , 07/27/2015

Unreliable, inconsistant, no feedback, expensive, self promoting, egotistical, great story tellers, they have beautiful offices in expensive areas, they constantly move people around (OR... the employees quit or can't handle the workload/headaches! On a 0-10 score, they almost reach -7.

Running into the same problems as others

by CDTSOwner , 05/26/2015

Our HOA board joined forces with Hammersmith to provide property management services for Cinnimon Down the Street in Denver, CO. They are very unresponsive to my complaints about a leaking roof. The roofs at Cinnimon are flat and have not been properly maintained. BUYER BEWARE because there is NO sense of urgency from the Cinnimon Board nor Hammersmith to repair them or even maintain them. I'm looking at possibly having to have a lawyer help me out here.

Where is the account service Crista Baker!

by Tim Rosevear , 01/12/2015

We have been trying since November to get an accounting error changed. Crista is away from her desk. Crista is training. Crista is on vacation. Does she even work there? Does anyone work there? Trying to get this fixed is harder than buying insurance on the exchange. Today we were told to drive to Greenwood Village, from Strasburg, CO where we live to see if we can track down Crista. You have got to be kidding! That is a 100 mile round trip. CAN'T SHE BE TRAINED ON HOW TO OPERATE A TELEPHONE AND RETURN CALLS?


by Lou knows , 01/12/2015

Hammersmith will not send out warnings and then fine you if you complain to them.

Horrible first impression

by New Neighbor , 10/21/2014

We are set to close this Thursday but may not just because of this management company. Called about a workorder out on our condo we are purchasing and they knew "nothing about it". Then they said it hadn't even been approved even tho they have taken the door frame apart with winter coming and don't care either. When I said we may not close they responded with I need to take that up with our realtors and sellers. Hmmm. I wonder how they would like a brand new orange and green door installed instead in the complex. They don't know who they are messing with. If they don't want to be a good management team and offer good customer service they need to get out of the business.

Sucks! This company taking money from your credit card without permission.

by ALex , 10/09/2014

My renters ask Roto-Rooter company to fix the problem and plumber "busted" pipe (Imposible) Company charget my CC without my permission. Hate them! Now I'm fiting to get my money back....long story

Excellent customer service

by Mary Price , 10/04/2013

Looking at the other reviews, I am wondering if we are talking about the same Hammersmith. I called today about a problem with a townhome in Quail Crossing, Longmont. Spoke to Cindy Copher. She was friendly, professional pro-active. She followed up with renter, and scheduled a repair...all within a few hours. Then she notified me of the outcome. Worth 5 stars at this point.

Lazy and clueless employees

by Honestresponse , 07/01/2013

GOOD LUCK finding out WHO runs this place. Backwards,lazy incompetent employees. They have HIGH HOA fees--still no complaints because my lawn is taken care of and they repair the common areas I share with my neighbors . However, when it comes to a response good luck with that. 2 years ago, they were repairing concrete by everyone's garage,& workers hit a main water line. There was flooding and destruction throughout my home, My bedroom, bathroom was a complete disaster. My neighbor was also affected. They did get a contractor in to repair and replace all the damage a.s.a.p. Was a 3 month process. I thought it was all done. WRONG! I receive notification that they are "checking the water lines"more maintenance etc . They need access to your water line ( basically, checking inside your unit) that's all well and great. When they made this mistake in the first place years ago, they completely sealed up the wall where the water main is and so they would have to cut open and repair the wall again. They requested access to do this AGAIN. I repeated myself at least 5 times ,to management, to the contractors, to everyone trying to do this again. I had to call up to the "management'' with no response! yet they kept sending the contractors out to "check the water lines because they want to make sure no to repeat the mistake they made years ago when workers hit the water main and cause flooding and damage to some units ''(sound familiar?) I refused to let them in my house and they FINALLY got that I was the original reason they wanted to check the water line..( Duh). My most recent gripe, the fact of the matter that I wanted to rent the clubhouse for a private party. I read on the website (which is outdated and incorrect) that you need certain amounts for rental, damage etc. I contacted these idiots WEEKS in advance to my date requested.Didn't respond to me till a week away the request date. ( tates on website, management must be cleared, money received no later than 7 days before event etc )Now how is that adhering to your OWN polices and procedures when on that day, you tell me you've received my money (the incorrect amount) &they don't have the date in which I was asking for in their system? Then they turn around and tell me that they did receive my checks , but sent them back, because I made them out for the incorrect amount ( I got from their website,again incorrect ) . Pain in the rear. Then they tell me regarding my deposit there are strict rules about using the facility. I understand, you can't trash the place, destroy property etc etc. I was told ( and understood) the woman NOREEN KELLY , told me I had SEVERAL days to return the clubhouse key-because the entire month of June and the entire month of July there were NO OTHER PARTIES or reservations, and there was no such hurry to return the key to them. I absolutely don't need to keep the key to the clubhouse. I had my party on a Saturday night. Now, according to the rules I read on the website, and the contract I signed in person with NOREEN KELLY, I was understanding, I CAN NOT stay longer than 10 pm on Saturday , the day I am renting the clubhouse. I also understood I was responsible for cleaning and leaving the clubhouse in the condition I found it in: clean. I also understood, I was able to return the key MONDAY as to return it in person to someone -as they are not in their office SUNDAY. PLEASE WHAT A JOKE> I return to clean the clubhouse ( paper plates and left over drinks) What a shock the place was already cleaned! Trash taken out already. I call NOREEN KELLY, and I need to return the key IMMEDIATELY and she doesn't know who cleaned the clubhouse but I needed to return the key and have it cleaned by 10 pm the day I rented it! Talk about a bunch of Horse s**t. I WILL NEVER EVER rent their clubhouse and I recommend anyone who owns or attempts to purchase a property using their HOA be well aware of the bogus management they are --Caution before you do anything with them.

Buyers Beware

by Associations Beware , 11/09/2012

If you are checking online to see if Hammersmith is a good buy, don't rely on the BBB's rating. They must have found a way to dupe the system. You won't find integrity with Hammersmith, but incompetence abounds. They pretend to be top in the industry, but customer service is not their strong suit, not with the members or the Boards they serve. They will bend over backwards with words of wisdom to get you to sign on, then when you give them notice to move on (and you will...) then they will stop at nothing to provide you with hell before you leave. Associations beware!

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