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Description: Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, located in Las Vegas, NV, is world famous. In addition to starring on History Channel's "Pawn Stars," we have been featured on national television, the Travel Channel and ABC. We're honest, generous pawn dealers who are open all day, every day. We also provide cash loans from $1 to $1 million.

If it's valuable, we'll buy or loan it. We're especially fond of jewelry, gold, silver, and diamonds. We also pay top prices and instant cash for:

  • TVs
  • DVDs
  • Cameras
  • Antiques
  • Motorcycles.

    Lay-a-ways and auto title loans are available, also.

    All types of electronics, jewelry, and gaming systems can be found or exchanged at Gold & Silver Pawn Shop! We've been a dependable staple of Vegas since 1981.

    Call us or come in today to learn more!
  • Ownership: Locally Owned
    Brands: Cartier, Phillippe Charriol, Rolex, Tag Heuer, Patek Phillipe
    Languages Spoken: Spanish, English
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    by sudarshan , 02/05/2015

    Rick I am big fan of ur Show in History Tv

    your show is Awesome

    by karthi ji , 01/21/2015

    Hi..Rick..Iam big fan of ur Show in History Tv & keep going.

    Ax Chumlee

    by feathers , 01/20/2015

    I use to love the show but as they let Chumlee get away with his stupid behavior I have lost my respect for Rick completely. I no longer watch the show because I can not stand Chumlee's behavior and how stupid he acts or really is. It is sad how they are letting their show go down hill because of him. I say this after reading so many reviews saying the same thing. Rick get smart cause he really makes you look bad.

    luve it or leav it

    by So structured , 01/19/2015

    I watch the show for entertainment, but I do wish they would clear up Chumlee;s relationship and status. And the heavy silver bracelet Rick wears? I'd love to see a closeup - think I want one.

    Exavid Fan

    by Diana , 01/18/2015

    I do like the show . except for chum Lee he cheats and steals , lies ,black mails other employee's all which would cause him to be arrested and put in jail which at the very least should cost him his job .. heck you fired the Girl for being late but Not chum? wow she should sue you for discrimination at the very least. I have to say I don't watch as much as I used to . Only be cause Chum Lee Gives you a bad Rep . I would have given you a 5 star if you only had stopped Chum Lee from Stealing , lying , blackmailing other employee's . the one episode that came close to dealing with chum was when Rick and big Hose took his truck like he had been doing for years. Chum Is losing you viewers and Ex avid Fan Diana


    by DAVID RICHARDSON , 12/19/2014


    dishonesty abounds here

    by Mike W , 11/09/2014

    What is wrong with you people? Why in the hell does a dishonest fuckoff like scumley chumley work there? YOU ALL MUST BE JUST AS DISHONEST. anyone who wasnt would have fired him long ago.I would never do business there for moral reasons plus I would expect to get cheated by people who employ dishonest scuzballs like scumley chumley. You allow him to lie to you, cheat on the time clock, sleep on the job, hide from you, play at work like its a daycare, call in fake sick to play video games, get your manager/son Cory to lie and cheat you. What a horrible den of thieves. Birds of a feather flock would not tolerate this behavior if you didn't find it acceptable. You probably do the same type of dishonesty with your customers.

    Show is totally staged

    by force23 , 01/24/2014

    I used to like the show quite a lot, but now it's becoming more and more staged with the fake arguments, the fake pranks, the fake sales, etc. If Chum were as dumb as he is protrayed, he wouldn't be working there. Corey is so full of himself, he is to the point of being unwatchable. Rick is okay, but he doesn't have to shown as being grumpy and an a-hole on every episode. The old man couldn't be more fake if they tried. The show doesn't even try and be realistic any longer which is a shame because it used to be very entertaining and educational. Also, don't believe that every customer is a real customer. They bring in museum pieces just to make the show interesting. I mean really, who is going to bring a one of a kind item to a pawn shop? Please!


    by RichAquilina , 03/15/2013

    Here is a cut and paste right from their website: "We also pay top prices and instant cash for TVs, DVDs...." I have over 150 DVD's that I'd like to sell but when I asked them how much was their top price ... the reply I got was that they do not buy DVD's. Don't say you pay top prices for something you don't buy. That just makes you look dumb.

    Mary Ford's Guitar

    by Gary , 11/19/2012

    Hi Rick, I'm an old Rockin' N Roller from the 50's, 60's and 70's. I played in rock bands. I just have a question on Mary Ford's Guitar, and that is should'nt that be in the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. Some how it does'nt seem right that it's in a pawn shop. Not that i'm a shame of your pawn shop. But I think the history of Les Paul and Mary Ford would be better served in the Hall Of Fame better than there. Just courious, I'm not trying to be little you business, but I just can't get it out of my head that guitar is there and not where it should be.Thanks, and Good ShowGary

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