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Foothills Properties - Management - Sales - Investments
Foothills Properties - Management - Sales - Investments
Foothills Properties - Management - Sales - Investments

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Description: Foothills Properties has served the Tucson, Arizona area since 1985. We are Tucson rental home specialists providing unfurnished long-term rentals and furnished short-term vacation rentals, as well as executive quality rentals. Executive quality rentals isn't just a slogan to us, it defines our level of service.

We are dedicated to providing excellence in property management and rental properties options. Our properties and services include, but are not limited to:

  • Nearly 600 single family, town home and condo properties under asset management
  • Unfurnished long-term rental homes and townhomes for lease
  • Furnished short-term vacation rentals and corporate rentals
  • Regularly scheduled property inspections
  • Real Estate Licensed property managers
  • Internationally based owner/landlords welcome
  • Tucson Relocation assistance

    Take a moment to visit our informative website above this profile for a full listing of our rental properties and our property management services. Call today and let us know how we can help!
  • Area Served: Tucson, AZ Metro
    Ownership: Locally Owned
    Products: Investment Properties, Rental Properties
    Services: Rental & Leasing, Residential Properties, Commercial Properties, Vacation Homes, Real Estate Leasing
    Specialties: Investment Property Agents


    Foothills Properties - Management - Sales - Investments
    Foothills Properties - Management - Sales - Investments
    Foothills Properties - Management - Sales - Investments
    Foothills Properties - Management - Sales - Investments
    Foothills Properties - Management - Sales - Investments
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    Very satisfied owner

    by Alan , 06/26/2014

    I am not one who normally takes the time to write reviews. I have recently been apprised of several negative reviews posted by disgruntled former tenants and owners of properties managed by Foothills Properties in Tucson, AZ. I feel compelled to write this review and shed some light on my experience with Foothills Properties. My experience with Foothills began in June, 2005 When I purchased a home in Tucson from a friend. Since I do not live in Arizona and therefore was an absentee landlord, I needed a property manager. Someone referred me to Leslie Latham, President of Foothills Properties. Leslie met with me and my wife in our motel room. We had an in depth discussion regarding Foothills' policies and procedures for managing properties. We immeiately felt very comfortable with turning our new home over to Leslie for management. Fast forward to June 2014. We now own five properties in Tucson, all managed by Foothills Properties. Three of these properties were purchased with Leslie's recommendation. She acted as our agent for the transactions. Foothills Properties is neither biased toward tenant nor owner. When the tenant vacates the property at end of lease, the property is inspected by the property manager. In instances where damages or excessive wear and tear has been caused by the tenant, their security daposit is charged and the balance is refunded to them. If the property has experienced normal wear and tear, the tenant receives the bulk of the security deposit. Foothills Properties is very diligent about maintaining the condition of the properties that they manage. They respond quickly to any complaints by either tenant or landlord. Necessary repairs are completed quickly. I am assessed the cost of any repairs unless the damages were caused by tenant negligence or malicious behavior; In this case, the tenant is charged for the cost of repair. Each occurrence is judged on it's own merit. I know since I have experienced my share of repair expenses. All properties are inspected regularly and Foothills Properties suggests maintenance to ensure that properties are kept in perfect condition. The sum of my experience is that I am totally pleased with Foothills Properties as my management company.

    i love foothills properties!

    by amanda , 08/31/2009

    they are VERY professional! they are VERY helpful! they are prompt and accurate! i highly recommend this company to anyone searching for a rental home in tucson!


    by raisetheroof! , 06/17/2011

    I can't imagine why these people have five starts from DexKnows! Perhaps the other reviewer hasn't honestly had much to do with Foothill Properties because if they did, one star would be the top rating. I even hesitate giving Foothill Properties that many stars! We had an awful experience with them and wish we would have known earlier what it would be like renting from them. No returned calls, slow repair times, properties not well maintained. Very frustrating and unprofessional and in the end run, they will keep as much of your security deposit as they can.

    Lack of Management

    by Renter1973 , 09/08/2011

    Do I have to even give a star? They don't deserve half of one. We have been renting a very nice home from this rental company for a while. Apparently, they would rather see the property become run down than fix anything. The property manager is a waste of space and salary. Procrastination does not even begin to explain her work ethic. She does not return calls or emails, nor can you ever get her on the phone to discuss specific matters. We are being gouged by utility costs due to her lack of response and care for fixing major issues with the property. If you are looking to use a rental company to rent out your house, owners beware. They will NOT take care of your property!!!! Renters, if you can rent directly from a home owner (Craigslist) - do so. This rental "management" company is worthless!

    Did you ever learn Bullying isn't nice?

    by unhappyrenter , 04/19/2012

    Foothills Property Management & Realty is attempting to threaten and bully their tenants in an attempt to make them pay for maintenance and repairs that are not their responsibility.When I was 8.5 months pregnant we discovered mold in our ceiling after it collapsed due to a leak that we told Foothills Property management about for over a week prior to the collapse. It still took them over 16 days to remediate the mold situation without offering us alternative, safe housing. The roof continued to leak whenever there was rain through January which means there is most likely more mold that could be effecting the health of our infant. In February while I had a one month old our shower broke, it took them 22 days to properly fix the situation. The property manager's solution was to turn off the water line to the house when I was not using it. Meaning that whenever my husband or I needed to flush the toilet, wash our hands, feed our daughter or shower, we had to go out to the front yard turn on the water main and then shut it off when we finished.More recently after multiple attempts to contact our property manager about a rotting fence (multiple emails, calls and conversations over 5 months) today she told us that the fence disrepair is due to my dog and we will be responsible for paying for it. When I called the managing broker for Foothills Property Management, Lou Kahn, he was very aggressive, told me that should I exercise my rights to have someone to repair the fence ( as per as per A.R.S. § 33-1363) he would evict us. His intention was to bully me into submission so that he would not have to approach the owners of the property about the repair. He told me multiple times throughout our conversation that he didn't work for tenants, he worked for the landlord.

    Stay Away!!! Part 2

    by The Lindens , 08/23/2012

    They claim mountain views...whether in the home or in the yard, the only thing I could see is the street and other tract homes (And I'm a pretty tall guy). -They also claim easy access...Magee road is torn up with a construction project that is taking an unnecessarily long time, so there's not easy access to anything right now. -A large back yard? Large compared to an apartment balcony, perhaps (Satellite photos will show I'm telling the truth here). -2.75 bathrooms? Um, no, just 2. And one of them did not have a bathtub. -2 car garage? Well, technically correct, yes. But, either the cars have to be REALLY small, or don't expect to be able to open the doors. An additional concern with this property is the HOA. They are overbearing, and suffer from hallucinations. Here's a true story: The HOA sent a letter claiming the tree needed to be trimmed. OK, so we trimmed the wasn't too bad, just took a few minutes. Then the HOA sent another letter stating the tree still needed to be trimmed. So we went out and attempted to do it again, but there was nothing to trim. So, I'm assuming the HOA or the owner contacted FP to send out a landscaper to appease the HOA. The landscaper came out, looked at the tree, and said there's was nothing more he could do to it as it was adequately trimmed when he got there. Another thing, when we looked at the home before we moved in, there were no landscaping rocks in the back yard. We were told that either a previous tenant or the owner had attempted to plant grass, but it didn't take. Well, after we looked at the house and before we moved in, FP put landscaping rocks in the back yard. Well, the previously planted grass DID take. You ever try to maintain a yard with both grass AND landscaping rocks? No matter what we tried we couldn't kill the grass. They're also asking $1095 a month, which is 10% over median rental price for similar homes in the area. Not worth it. Considering the home and the level of service FP provides, the rent should be less than median, if anything. So, an honest and fair analysis of this property is this...the actual, physical structure of the home is pretty good. The yard, what little there is of it, just sucks. The HOA is irresponsible and/or delusional. And, the level of service of Foothills Properties is unacceptably negligent and unprofessional, no matter what standards you measure it by. I'll sleep in my car before I do any sort of business with Foothills Properties ever again. I strongly recommend staying away from them!

    Stay away!! they will bully you and fine you for everything - the meanest company ever

    by tucson5689 , 02/02/2013

    Please, do yourself and your family a favor and DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY. This company will be real nice to you BEFORE you sign the lease then once you sign get ready to experience one of the worst landlord experiences you will ever go through. This company loves to bully. They will charge you fee's for every little thing- for example they charge YOU $25 for every time they send you a letter. It does not matter if you are good tenants. They will not leave you or your family alone by doing "house checks" all the time. When something needs repaired like your AC then you better be prepared to sit and sweat in 100 degree summer weather for the next 4 or 5 days because it is not a priority to them to spend the money and fix YOUR AC. I could go on and on about how miserable they will make you and your family feel so just Trust me when I say do not rent from this company run away far and fast and don't look back go somewhere else and rent from a different company you will thank me later for it.

    Property Owners - Find Someone Else

    by unhappy owner , 04/30/2013

    Foothills requires constant follow up and even then, quite often, they don't follow up. Over the years, they've become merely a rent collection and bill paying service. As an owner, my impression was that they were too tenant focused but I see tenants think they are too owner focused. Overall, they only care about themselves. Sandi requires constant follow up - and she probably won't do the work even with 10 emails and calls about the same issue. Her boss Leslie Latham just ignores emails and calls about issues. Run - don't walk - RUN away and find another company to manage your property.


    by tenant , 08/10/2011

    I cannot believe the positive reviews some phantom tenant posted here! Foothills Properties is the absolute worst management company I have ever experienced. You will hear from them before you sign the lease. When that is done: NO MORE RETURN CALLS FOR YOU, BUDDY!!!!I cannot say ANYTHING good about this company and would only recommend it to people I truly despise.

    Propert Owner - Don't use them

    by Property Owner , 06/03/2013

    I should have done my homework BEFORE I got into a contract with them. I have had rental property. before, but this company has been the worst I have ever had. Talk about bullying? They charge the owner $75 every 6 months to go and "inspect" the property. Right. I said I wanted to opt out of that and the owner called and told me I would be sorry and that it would be the biggest mistake I ever made. They charge a $100 a year maintenance fee on top of the 10% management fee a month PLUS if the home is vacant, you are charged $75 each month it is vacant. What? Where is the motivation to find a tenant if they are getting paid for it to be empty. The rent received is not put into the owners accounts until nearly the 15th when my payment is due. When I did go in to spek to my manager when I was I town from out- of-state, she was rude and I felt treated like I was a bother. They are to work for the owners. Our homes are to be in their care. Oh yeah. Damage done was pained by maintenance guy to be caused bt wind. Not. Neighbors saw their kids do it. Bottom your homework. Don't use this company. My tenants are vacating so I am changing.

    Response from Business - 2013-06-18 08:56:05
    I was disappointed to read Denise H characterization of Foothills Properties. It is erroneous, and the facts stated are inaccurate. I discussed each item when she first hired us; all are in our Standard of Practice, Landlord Fee Schedule and Contract for Management which she signed. The $75 fee for the Periodic Systems Check along and other inspections is designed to allow Foothills to be in the rental every 6 months, identify maintenance issues and provide owners with a condition report. The management fee of 10% has not increased in 28 years. The $100 annual admin fee allows us to provide a preventive maintenance program including special rates on spring/fall HVAC service, garage door, roof, irrigation system inspections, and others. These save Owners money long-term. There is no $75 vacant house cost. Owner pays a co-op fee of $75 per month for marketing costs. It ceases when a lease is signed. Our "motivation to find a tenant" – it’s our job and our systems are designed to achieve that. Rent proceeds are distributed mid-month to allow tenant checks to clear the bank. This avoids a returned check causing the owner trust account to be out of balance, a violation of statute. This is of utmost importance to owners given recent industry headlines. Property Managers make decisions based on what is in the best interest of the Owner, while being fair to the Tenants. Charging Tenants for something which could not be proven or personally vouched to by a neighbor could put the Owner in jeopardy in court for reimbursement and penalties. Foothills manages over 650 properties, many have been with us for 10, 15 and even 20 years. We constantly work to improve our systems, keep up with new legislation, the economy, changing cultural issues, etc. We may make errors, but we strive to correct errors and stand behind our service when an error is made. We welcome the opportunity for any owner - current or future - to sit down and discuss our service.

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