Faith Tabernacle

1010 Burke Dr
Junction City, KS 66441

39.017147 -96.84755

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by InfiniteTruthVSFaithTabernacle , 10/30/2013

I visited this church about 3 times & know that a man's lifestyle is preached better than "his" words. God's word and the Holy Ghost in you will keep you from infidelity and molestation. These men were not loyal to God nor their wives! The sad part is, no one cared about the under aged boys and young ladies enough to defend them by calling the authorities. I'm sure many members knew what was going on and stood idle and said nothing, even when their daughters and sons were being raped!!! Doesn't the Word say, "A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behavour, given to hospitality, apt to teach..." in I Timothy 3:2? Now, were these men called by God or not? This is what I heard these men and their affiliates in FT preach. THEY said that if any man violate what I Timothy 3:2 says, he was "NOT" called by God. So, is there a different interpretation of this scripture because you so love these men instead of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is the Word?! Therefore, why didn't someone recognize that their behavior were contrary to the scriptures which "they" have even said, disqualifies a man according to the Word of God and call the authorities? Until authorities start locking members up for not calling authorities, these crimes against the innocent will continue. We are created in the image of our almighty God!!! Is God a molester or an adulterer? GOD FORBID!!!

This church is nothing but a cult.

by Kids be aware , 08/29/2012

This place is nothing but a cult. The hours that are dedicated to this place are nothing I have ever seen before. Yes I believe in faith and the lord but ths is beyond anything I have ever seen.


by FT is the Devil's work , 08/07/2012

The horrible spelling and grammar in most of these reviews reveal that this church is populated by morons.


by SEXY GODDESS , 08/05/2012

How do you all feel about the church now? with all that has happened in the past week! Faithful pastor huh?

Word of God is awesome

by Kenntnis , 06/13/2012

The Bible is sharper than any two edged sword. This place has anointing and is a place of rest

@Seattle Lili

by Child of God , 05/01/2012

Kind of hard to hide behind your "hatred of homosexuality" when one is constantly using the word F.A.G. You are obviously ignorant of any sort of truth. People don't like our church because they are told that they way they are living is not right. So instead of changing their ways it is easier to blast the church as if their opinions is going to change the way that God feels. Pastor Young didn't write the Bible, he preaches and teaches it. Pastor is going to judge you, but God is. So go ahead and blast away all that you want but in the end it isn't going to change the truth. Pastor Young is not afraid of no in online or in person. He knows he is in the Will of God and he isn't concerned with being politically correct...he is going to stay biblically correct. I thank God for His church. I'm just trying to be saved. I advised you do the same.


by Seattle LiliAKAWhore ofBabylon , 04/03/2012

You guys need to be educated. So sad. Obviously affiliated with the same brainless sociopathic narcisitic Westboro. There's nothing to really say, but if you are looking for a welcome church, WOW, they sleep with everyone but if you get caught, WOW! They are in the closet homosexuals who hide behind their hatred of homosexuality by using and reusing the term "FAG" over and over. They love throwing stones


by DONT SETTLE FOR THE REST!!!!! , 03/22/2012


continuance by Eric Curry

by ERIC CURRY , 01/23/2012

i think is is funny how he is pulling bible on my mom saying since were not in that church and his wife and i commited Adultery together it wa mutual and then when she tells him she told him i raped her they go to the PD and try to press charges on me 6 months after the fact haha she only told justin that that way she thought it would not be her fault it was all mine but yet when she was in my house she kept coming on to me and we both did the deed and she now is acting like its all my fault haha funny to me i think but yea justin pulled scripture on my mom saying she should cut me off and my kids her grand babies off as well cuz i slept with his wife now they are both in the church for that reason of her having sex wit me thats the only reason to me there not there for the right reasons but they manipulate people and now have everyone on there side but this is the truth n she saying i have no rights to this child guess what nicole 50/50 girly and if it is mine i will be in her life


by REDANZV , 11/06/2011

Now listen, I and many young people like me in the '70's built Faith Tabernacle. We walked the streets selling peanut brittle no matter the weather. We gave tithes and offerings although we were young military families and had very little. Yes God has Blessed. Don't threaten me with hell you don't have a hell to put me in you are a mere man. I will speak the truth and that includes your man of (god). You are worshiping a man to get some popularity in your church.Let me tell you again after your weak rambling about things you know nothing about; Westberg was not a man of God. He preached one day that he had many more people that left the church than stayed. He kept a roster of names. Look around for it. God did not save you or anybody else to be a fool so don't be foolish.

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